Tuesday – Tech House Remix 08/11/2011. Oscar Cano & Freddy Marquez – Are You Gonna Go My Way 2010 (Dario Nunez remix)

Tuesday’s child was galloping.

Lenny Kravitz is often looked over when it comes to legendary guitar players, however he has managed to produce memorable guitar hooks over and over again. He is undoubtably the best Jewish African American guitarist in the world, and out of a possible 2 people, that aint bad.

This Tech House remix is a remix of a remix, does that mean it cancels each other out and becomes an original? Well for the purposes of our blog, we can count it. The catchy guitar riff is instantly recognizable and thus repeated over and over and over (well it is house music), but damnit does it work as it builds to a surprisingly heavy galloping bassline. Its 2.30pm and that third coffee hasn’t kicked in yet, listen to this and it will.


Purchase this track on Beatport – http://www.beatport.com/track/are-you-gona-go-my-way-dario-nunez-remix/1826120


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