Monday – Electro Pop Remix. 21/11/11. Yelle – A Cause Des Garcons (STA remix)

Monday’s Child was one of the boys.

Ask your average American (it won’t be that hard to find one) about their knowledge of foreign popstars and it might extend from Adele to Justin Bieber. However If you told them that Gonorrhea was France’s most famous singer, their answers would be something worth ‘clap’ping for.

Western interest in non-English popular music is fairly low, Puerto Rico rapper/reggaeton icon Pitbull’s name may spring up, but the range of Spanish in his top 40 singles starts with a children’s card game (Uno) and finishes at a small Latin American guitar (Cuatro). Whereas The artist formally known as Yelle sings exclusively in French and yet her tracks sell globally. The key (D minor) to her success is the same reason why bubblegum Hip Hop makes millions, it’s as catchy as herpes.

We can take solace in the fact that the 1987 track A Cause Des Garcons had more than a few hours of work going into making it lyrical cocaine. Add another pinch of solace from the fact that the trio currently known as Yelle; liked the tune’s ahead-of-it’s-time message so much so that they added to it an upbeat europop bassline, some happy synths and a sexier vocal track. They then unleashed it upon the discotheques of the world faster than Aids in the 1980’s.

Even if you are trying to kick your habit of so much solace, hopefully you can find a spare vein for the fact the band forever known as Yelle released their remake to be further remade. The DJ that has never been known as STD (why would you think it had?), delivered a secondary unofficial remix that is second to none. I have played STA‘s version in many of my sets and its warbled bassline is so respectfully serious that you would think Howard Kosell has been reincarnated into a synthesizer. It grabs and glitches integral parts of ACDG’s refrain into a new instrument that keeps you merrily bouncing along. If you can keep your hands from doing a Jersey Shore finger dance, you are a better man than I am.

Yelle – A Cause Des Garcons (STA remix)

check out one of the official remixes and video that helped make Tecktonic a popular dance for a week.


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