Saturday – Progressive House. 26/11/11. Marc MacRowland – The Final Countdown (Original Mix)

Saturday’s Child was elected.

Apart from a rampant and high quality sex trade, what does America, Asia, Europe have in common?

If Cialis is a recipe for successful longetivity, then naming your band after a continent is the answer for brevity. These three groups will live on forever through their first big singles, Horse With No Name, Heat Of The Moment & The Final Countdown. Like Gary Busey’s second career as a Motorcycle instructor, they never did reach the same heights of success again.

Today is an important day in New Zealand because of our General Elections (not to be confused with Cialis’s General Erection Day on Jan 5th). With not a General in sight, we the people, voted in George Bush’s retarded cousin (considering Bush’s level of mental disability is worse than Gary Busey, John Key is actually an improvement, albeit slightly) back into Parliament much to the chagrin of The Daily Remix Blog. It did afford an easy choice of song today though with Europe’s 1986 anthem; The Final Countdown, as we tallied up the disappointing votes today.

Scotty MacDutchman Marc MacRowland honored the one-hit-wonder hair band with a massive build of uplifting progressive house that outdoes the synths of even the original tracks opening. It drops larger than Gary Busey’s teeth & heavier than his poetry. More importantly he has managed to remove the cheese and leave behind impassioned powerful vocals that makes this track number 1 on my list of songs I want to hear in the minutes before Steven Seagal destroys the Earth in 2012.


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  1. As much as there is to blame George (baby) Bush for–he did know how to party before he got sober. (There’s always a silver lining.)

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