Wednesday – Electro House remix. 30/11/11. Martin Solveig & Dragonette ft. Idolling!!! – Big In Japan (Les Bros remix)

Wednesday’s Child was bent on destruction.

What do you do when you release the number one dance track of 2010? You do the same thing again next year!

Frenchman Martin Solvieg and Non-Frenchman Dragonette (she’s Canadian, not the French part though, she probably speaks it though right? Ill have to ask her next time I see her, should I ask in French to test her? I don’t speak French, I guess I better learn, where was I?) teamed up last year to release the simple yet simply brilliant indie dance tune of the decade with Hello, and in between his budding Tennis career, Solveig has found time to meet up with the fire-breathing fox for a coffee and release another catchy dance floor hit.

Big In Japan marks the fourth time that Martina Sorbara and Solveig have colloborated after Boys & Girl’s, Hello & Can’t Stop. It may not be as good as Hello, but we think it is a hell of a lot more fun, especially for the fact that The Daily Remix Blog’s head Writer/DJ Alinement is 6″7 and born in Japan, this might be his new theme song.

You will recognize a similar hook in terms of composition and timing to Hello, however the vocals are a lot more elaborate and will resonate with the majority of clubbers who have all been there done that but wish they could party at the level they know Solveig has. Japanese super group Idolling!!! have added a genuine touch of Japanese Pop, their jail-bait dancing is enough to get every Japanese businessman in trouble.

After realizing there wasn’t much of a career as Oyster Divers, the dutch buddies took on the decks as the Les Bros and soon scissored their way into every girls bubblegum by the bum. Winning a spot on Solveig’s Big In Japan EP with their strong electro house rendition that cuts through you like a wobbly buzz saw. The 8-bit synths are a nice addition too. Whether or not this inspires you to book a trip to Tokyo, I know it will be your excuse for your hangover tomorrow.

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  1. […] praised the lovely Canuck, Dragonette, for her catchy vocals in Martin Solveig’s Big In Japan blog post a while back, but now we get to put the wee lady forefront on our pedestal and imagine how hard it […]

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