Thursday – Dubstep remix. 1/12/11. Chicane – Saltwater (Mt. Eden remix)

Thursday’s Child was in a cult.

Check out this video. Done? No you didn’t. Do it now. Really, especially around the 20 second mark. Titties. Bet that worked, no? Damnit just do it.

This is what music was like for the first 30 years of human existence (according to the Scientologists book of Cruise). Thank Travolta that the Mormon gods delivered the holy synthesizer and for the next ten years we the people of the Kaballah regime were treated to music like this. I’ll give you a couple of minutes to check it out.

Fast forward another 12 years of the Jedi following, waiting for the blasphemers Mt. Eden to come and liberate us from our religious fads and slap some reality into us with the most collosal oscillating bass you will ever hear.

The boys (Jesse Cooper & Harley Rayner) from the eponymous suburb in Auckland, NZ have quickly risen to the ranks that only Shapeshifter can be associated with as one of the top EDM acts in the world hailing from middle earth. Having experienced their massive following at Electric Daisy Carnival in Vegas this year, I have to say that whilst all Heavens might be closed to them, they should only look toward the sky, because that is truly their limit.

Today’s remix is more chilled than we expected, a special Mt. Eden bootleg of Chicane‘s Saltwater that takes the Melon from Honeydew and the Cauli from Flower. The haunting Gaelic vocals are more suited for a scene in the Exorcist, preparing you for the upcoming slaughter; The ambient synths are more suited for a scene in Poltergeist, as you sit in a trance staring into the TV; and the percussive dubby breaks are more suited for a scene in Goldilocks, not too heavy, not too light, it’s jussssst right (and then you get fucked up by a bear).



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