Saturday – Progressive House remix. 10/12/12. LMFAO – Party Rock Anthem (Alesso remix)

Saturday’s child was smugglin’ budgies

Conjurin’ up memories of Motown classics is a wonderfully nostalgic exercise for the poor people of Detroilet. Close your eyes and think of Stevie Wonder dancin along to Superstition, now pan around to see the destruction he has left in his wake as impaired vision isn’t really condusive to successful shufflin’ (now magnify a million times and you have current day Detroit). The saddest thin’ being that Steve never saw just how Wonderful he looked in his bright crimson Speedo’s.

Berry Gordon, the legendary founder of Motown Records, paved the way for many of the era’s biggest Soul and R&B stars. It wasn’t his eyes or ears that helped to found one of today’s biggest Hip Hop dance acts, it was in fact his seed that gave life to Redfoo (Stefan Kendal Gordy) & Skyblu (Skyler Husten Gordy). Trey Parker’s slightly darker twin and his nephew, released last year’s smash hit, Party Rock Anthem. While it is only a step or two below ‘I Gotta Feelin’ in the “Biatch, Imma getting paid for life” catagory, at least LMFAO never pretended to be anythin’ they weren’t.

Wigglin’ their way into popular culture, they have brought the Melbourne Shuffle from it’s Hard Dance origins and given faux gangsta hipsters somethin’ more to do in clubs, other than taking Polaroids, sippin’ on PBR’s & pretendin’ not to care.

Hearing this track a bajillion times over the course of a year can wear quite thin (unless of course, after downing a dozen, a white boy slaps the beer box on his head, and shuffles away at your Christmas Party, then it’s still surprisin’ly novel), that’s why tonight I am alertin’ you to a remix by one of the biggest new names in EDM. The Swedish House Mafioso-in-waitin’, Alesso, has added Party Rock’s most memorable attribute to an edgy driving Progressive House beat worthy of any festival. It doesn’t have the shuffle inclination of the original, but with 90000 people around you going nuts as it drops, it’s not like you would have the space anyway.

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