Sunday (MERRY CHRISTMAS) – Deep House remix. 25/12/11. Chris Isaak – Wicked Games (Benson! Club remix)

Sunday’s child was born.

Merry Christmas to all!

Isn’t it great when you listen to a sexy track and think how nice it would be for you and your special someone to spend a little alone time, burn some incense, dim the lights and put on the little ditty you just found, and then fuck each other senseless.

Now just think that your parents probably did the same thing and I bet you have not dedicated a single second of your life to think to what song you were likely conceived to, until now. Was it 2 Live Crews – Me So Horny? Was it Billy Ray Cyrus – Achy Breaky Heart, maybe Green Day – Dookie, all good choices. Most likely if you are in your early 20s, it was to Wicked Games by Californian-heart-throb Chris Isaak.

After seeing the film True Romance, I wanted to become an Actor, you got paid millions of dollars to do all these hot & steamy love scenes with beautiful actresses (for reasons unbeknownst to my adult self, as a young teenager I thought Patricia Arquette was attractive). Turns out musicians get to do the same thing, check out this video of Isaak with top model Helena Christiansen, which was rated one of the sexiest videos of all time.

Young hotshot Producer/DJ Benson! hailing from Melbourne, Australia most likely released this amazingly groovy Deep House remix to celebrate his conception, he even dedicates it to Mums & Dads on his soundcloud page. Benson was born a year after the original was released, a coincidence I think not. A clever glitched vocal sample is used as a repetitive hook over the top of Isaak’s Southern Blues vocals. Never losing the sensual vibe of the original, the deep bassline creates a sexy rhythm that may well make you query your decision making abilities over the next 9 months.

Free download on Soundcloud page (check comments for link)


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