Wednesday – Electro House remix. 28/12/11. Dan Sena – Song Of Siren Ft. Del The Funky Homosapien & Kylee Swenson (Kids At The Bar remix)

Wednesday’s child was in limbo,

Sometimes the difference between good and evil can be as thin as a mint chocolate wafer in a Monty Python skit. How many times in your life have you had that animated moment (literally) as you moderate the debate between your pretty little angel and your horny little devil.

Can you justify wanting to populate the earth by disrespecting every girl you meet for a light shag or three? What about wanting to provide your family with the means for a happy carefree life by placing down a few hundred on the pokies on the way home from work? Wanting to keep the poor children of Columbia in gainful employment is surely a good enough excuse for that extra line of a hookers ass in your neighbourhood nightclub (not to mention keeping the bar staff and ladies of the night from losing their paycheques). How about wanting to entertain a trove of people each weekend, but in order to do so you must create some wicked Dubstep.

Never before has there been such an accurate visual allegory of what Dubstep represents (see the video below) in relation to the context of Electronic Dance Music. If melodic 4×4 is Heaven, and Techno keeps us alive, I guess that would place Dubstep firmly in the grip of Haides (those unlucky to remain in Limbo have to listen to Guetta Pop). It is enjoyable to be bad once in a while, and the chosen theme for our stay in hell has to be this magnificent Dan Sena release.

Song of Siren starts with a light relaxing piano build joined by the angelic vocals of Kylee Swenson. As the familiar dubby percussion is introduced, the listener is still allured into believing that we aren’t too far from Arcadia, then suddenly our old friend Del The Funky Homosapien rips the ground from beneath your feet, in a fury of dark vocals and wobbly industrial electro synths. Our souls are periodically saved by the vexing siren, but it’s not enough, we are converted, this Dubstep is sick as shit and I want to keep listening.

Check out what I consider to be the best music video of 2011. (blog continues below for today’s remix)

Purchase this track at Beatport

For those that aren’t familiar with the Oklahoma City based duo Kids At The Bar, then you probably haven’t had your ears consensually raped on the dance floor. These boys are the master of the bootlegs and have received such a massive following because of their dedication to barnstorming heavy electro. Converting you with the element of surprise, Kids At The Bar use the original so deftly and precisely that you are led to believe that this is how it was first made, then somehow they manage to unleash a drop heavier than Kirstie Alley after thanksgiving.

Matt & Rad take you on a ride in and out of the original so expertly with creative glitches, FX and pitch changes. I’m not necessarily talking about their remix to Song of Siren either, they have found the recipe for success in many of their bootlegs, and best of all they are very selective of the artists they remix, from absolute club-smashers The Bingo Players (I actually saw BP drop the KATB bootleg to Cry Just A Little at this years EDC, again, their unofficial bootleg!) to old school glamrockers Quiet Riot & Indie Dance revelation The Sounds.

It’s because of this remix that I found Dan Sena, and like me, you will be following both Kids at the Bar and Sena til they both end up in Hell.

Free download on Soundcloud page.


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