Friday – House remix. 6/1/12. Swanky Tunes vs Hard Rock Sofa (Iggy Pop) – I wanna be your Dog (Tocadisco remix)

Friday’s child was neutered,

The harmonic Iguana and the Curly Larry Moe’s continue on from where we left off yesterday, with another pièce de résistance from the protopunk era of the late 60’s.

Never a huge player in their day, long has the band been regarded as influential. Iggy Pop & The Stooges were regarded more for their live performances than any commercial recording with lead singer James Osterberg’s antics and moves that would put Maroon 5’s latest single to shame. Long before the day’s of the film ‘Road Trip‘, peanut butter and genetalia were as classy an act as you would ever see out of Iggy Pop (compared to cutting himself with shards of glass). The one on-stage meme to come from The Stooges was actually best found off-stage in the groping hands of their adoring (and perverted) fans, as Iggy would dive just as big as the Stooges career did after years of massive heroin abuse .

If it wasn’t for fear of having my testes chopped off, I might associate more with the band’s first single, ‘I Wanna Be Your Dog‘ with lyrics that bemoan of a subserviency for love. The track’s tone is expressed by a memorably raw guitar riff, with distortion so heavy that you would think the amplifier had been force fed a diet of oats and Bob Dylan poems. If it wasn’t for the calm clarity of Iggy Pop’s lazy vocals, you would be sure you had ripped the cones in your speakers.

I Wanna Be Your Dog‘ has official been named a Lengenday Michigan Song, placing it alongside such greats as The Offspring – ‘Why Don’t You Get A Job‘ and Frank Sinatra’s unknown classic ‘I’d rather live in Cleveland‘.

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Today’s remix couldn’t be featured if it wasn’t inspired by an earlier remix of I Wanna Be Your Dog by the talented Ruski’s – Swanky Tunes & Hard Rock Sofa. This masterful electro house track suits the grunge and despair of Ron Asheton’s main guitar hook and amps it to another level with driving synths and a powerful big room drop. Check out their version and then follow below for today’s House remix.

As much as I love good remixes, I love it even more when talented producers can take someone elses sound of someone elses sound and make it their own, it really is the beauty of this era of dance music we live in today. In a collaboration that would make Ronald Reagan proud, German superstar DJ Tocadisco has recently released his remix to the world via Beatport and you are going to want to buy it.

Focusing the track around Iggy Pop’s begging vocals allows the distorted guitar riff a little more subtlety, and thus bringing more emphasis to the distinction between a an energetic build, not to mention a killer drum fill, and a drop so strong to bring out the canine in all of us. This is a perfect transition song between the tease of harder electro and a rhythmic techy house bassline that Tocadisco is famous for.

Purchase this track at Beatport


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  1. […] of this blog will be familiar with Tocadisco‘s take on Iggy Pop’s – I Wanna Be Your Dog, he is one of the more precise producers out there today. With today’s complextro world, […]

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