Sunday – Deep House remix. 1/8/12. Lady Antebellum – Need You Now (Rojey James & Ricky Teixeira remix 2011)

Sunday’s child was lonely,

This might sound a little weird, but I’m reminded of Metallica when I listen to today’s remix. How? Well growing up I tried to distance myself from the collective Grunge & Metal scene as I didn’t want to another one of the masses. Then a friend introduced me accidentally to S&M, and as a teenager, who wouldn’t be interested in a little Sadism & Masochism? As it turned out to be Symphony & Metallica, I nearly switched the cd player off, but I gave it a listen, and after No Leaf Clover, I was hooked. Not only did I go through all the back catalogues of Metallica, I did the same for Nirvana & Pearl Jam, and it was then that I knew I wanted to work in music, I loved it all (except country).

So how does this relate to Lady Antebellum you ask? Before I heard this remix (which I found for a video birthday present for my girlfriend), if you had answered who won the 2011 Grammy for Song of the Year, then I would have offered you a tampon for whatever female predicament I thought Antebellum was (two things though, Need You Now was released in 2009 so why did it win in 2011, and I don’t always carry tampons around, just when I watch Transformers sequels, which seems all too often). My point is, I heard today’s remix and as of now, I have made it through two original Lady Antebellum tracks without vomiting, and you know what, it isn’t that bad, although I doubt it will start me off on a Little Big Town and Brad Paisley bender.

(blog continued below)

Portuguese producers Rojey James & Ricky Teixeira produced today’s remix that has literally blown my mind (well it must be, as im willingly listening to Lady Antebellum). With an intro smoother than Christiano Ronaldo’s attempts to score (ladies, not goals, nothing is that smooth), a rhythmic injection of sublime bongos and claps is overlayed onto the melancholy piano riff of the original. The tempo is raised in such a gentle fashion that adds and actually adheres to the despondency of Charles Kelley & Hillary Scott’s lonely late night vocals.

For anyone suffering through the pains of a long distance relationship, this track is perfect to listen to on repeat, on repeat, on repeat, on repeat, on repeat, on repeat, on repeat, on repeat, on repeat… A big thank you to these talented producers for making a country pop song not only bearable, but damn classy, and best of all, free to download to everyone who thought they would be selling their souls to play Lady Antebellum in their sets.

Free download on Soundcloud page


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