Sunday – Deep House remix. 15/01/12. Dragonette – I Get Around (Trophy Twins remix)

Sunday’s child has some ‘splaining to do

I’m pretty sure that after watching Jim Carrey in The Yes Man (after you got over the fact the old bastard manages to win our precious young Zoo-ey [yes I know it’s Zo-ey, but Zoo-ey is way cuter]) we all tried our own version of always saying yes.

Did you just let one rip? Yes. Can you pay bail tonight, I feel like bustin up some hookers? Yes. Do you want to call up your cousin and tell her about your teenage fantasies? Yes. Do you want to go all Ben Stiller and i’ll insert a fish hook into your mouth? Yes. There’s a good chance if you have ever watched any good youtube video, this is how it started, not with Carrey, but with Alcohol, and a fucking Samurai Sword.. Check out this video below

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There are worse things to say yes to when you oughta say no. Temptation, especially when combined with stimulants can lead people into a whole lotta trouble. Case in point, Hugh Grant and ‘Holy Shit’ otherwise known as Divine Brown. If you can successfully lead the hottest woman in the world into the waiting arms of Shane ‘who ate all the pies (and apparently now vomited them all up)’ Warne, you must have fucked up! I wonder if Nicole Simpson Brown might have thought to say No when OJ asked if he could carve the Turkey for thanksgiving. Does McCain possibly think that saying Yes to Miss Teen I-Can-See-Russia ruined his chance of Presidency? Could Leno have possibly said no to this third chin extension surgery? I guess we will never know.

Whatever mistakes you made along the way, if you have a chance to learn from and atone for them, please do so, too many people get hurt along the way (think of all the poor stupid Alaskans that everyone seems to suddenly want to make fun of).

A few weeks back we praised the lovely Canuck, Dragonette, for her catchy vocals in Martin Solveig’s Big In Japan. Now we get to put the minute (but definitely not mute) lady forefront on our pedestal and let you imagine how hard it would be to say no to the lusty lungs that belt out such suggestive vocals. I Get Around from her 2008 album Galore was their first big(gish) single, and like Frankie Goes To Hollywood, letting people know when you are about to come is key to a few extra sales.

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From the official EP comes a deliciously decadent deep house remix from UK based Trophy Twins, that delves and digs into our desire for the flesh and then resurfaces asking for more, all the while remaining so dashing, dapper and dressed in nines. What can you do but say yes, even when you’ll likely say doh.

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I would be amiss if I didn’t include one of my favourite artist’s remix of this funky tune. Midnight Juggarnauts, hailing from Melbourne, the cultural hub of Australia, have brought their electro pop spasmodic nuances to this sultry song that will result in a romper stomper of a Sunday morning.

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*NOTE* – For those following the blog the past week, I apologize firstly for being a little slow to catch up, and secondly for any depressing undertones to the song choice and the write-up. When I challenged myself to write around 500 words each day about awesome remixes for a full 365 days of the year, I didn’t take into account personal challenges along the way, and this week has been as tough as it will ever get. Things are sorting themselves out, as they say with a broken heart, time is the only thing that heals, and thank god its getting better otherwise we might be seeing a Cyndi Lauper track next week.


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