Monday – Indie Dance remix. 16/01/12. Foster The People – Don’t Stop (TheFatRat remix)

Monday’s child struck black gold, Texas tea,

Perseverence can be a bitch, some artists can try their entire lives to break the big one, only to find infamy in death. Some don’t even try and they can reach superstardom through an (accidental?) nipslip or screwing the right producers. But what about those in the middle, those with belief that their shit does stink, but someday people are going to love the stink of shit. On that scale, today’s band is about as pungent as it gets.

Mark Foster was a man of many an eclectic musical taste, from baroque to gaelic folk, with a mix of Hip Hop, Indie Electronica and Rock on the side, he felt he had something good, if only he could find direction. A couple of prospective band mates later on, a producer with faith and an upbeat happy melodic song about a psychotic teenage shooter (think Red Dead Redemption meets Candyland) and they packed up their car and moved to Beverly. Hills that is, swimming pools, movie stars.

Like the band that was ‘Rush’ing onto stage and someone yelled “you should name your band Rush
like the band that enjoyed seeing a bulldyke prostitute crush a ‘Steely Dan’ (metal dildo) between her legs,
like the band that was so deaf that every time someone suggested a name, they kept replying “The Who?
like the band that was perpetually unemployed and had to fill out the ‘UB40’ form all too often, bands sometime have weird and wonderful stories behind their name.
Foster The People started out innocuously as Foster & The People, but when misinterpreted too many times, the name took on a deeper nurturing meaning that helped to untwist the knickers of hipsters everywhere.

Today we look at their fourth single; Don’t Stop (Color On The Walls), from their ridiculously popular freshman album Torches. This cheerful indie pop tune takes on an almost lullabyesque feel with such comfortable lyrical rhythm and brilliantly simple guitar riffs that if you closed your eyes you could imagine The Beatles swaying in harmony. Check out the video below for a surprising guest star, the song alone is a real gem, but this video makes it even more ‘precious’.

(blog continued below)

Foster said about Pumped Up Kicks, “It’s a ‘fuck you’ song to the hipsters in a way — but it’s a song the hipsters are going to want to dance to“. Well sometimes you have to cater to your audience, and Don’t Stop certainly can found in every off-off-off-off broadway dive bar from here to whatever dilapidated suburb is next on the urban renovation project. Some people question their sexual, I however have often questioned my hipstuality, because damn do I like the music. It makes me feel a little dirty everytime I notice that the person next to me wearing yellow suspenders and empty frames is enjoying the track just as much as me.

With supportive people such as the LA based Kraut (I’m not sure if that is a racist term, but if it is, it’s cool I drink Becks all the time, so im fully qualified right?) TheFatRat, I think I can mask this passing fade without having to pray the polaroid gods out of me.

This Obese Rodent has definitely fattened up the original with elements of French House that rolls an incandescent wave of relief and pleasure into the ear canal of all those that don’t care if they are part of a movement, they just love music. TheFatRat blends the original so perfectly with strong kicks and subtly glitched fidget electro. Just when you think you couldn’t bop any more after listening to the original, you better keep your neck warm, as with this funky remix that rubs you in all the right ways, you wouldn’t want to pull a muscle.

Free download on Soundcloud page

***Note to all Hipsters*** – Make sure to get in quick, as with 10000 listens and 2000 downloads in 5 days, this song might already be waaaaaay too cool for you.


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