Saturday – Progressive House remix. 21/01/12. Adele – Someone Like You (Thomas Gold & Mark Mendes mix)

Saturday’s child had found their doppleganger,

Shit happens and you learn from it, for us normal people we just make sure to not date people with visable moles, because they are all cheating dicks; or stay away from people with less than 100 facebook friends in fear of committing social suicide, but for Adele, a two year emotional struggle has resulted in at least three singles and a cool $30 million dollars. If someone offered me to break up with my girlfriend for $30 I’d take it (it’s cool she doesnt read the blog, and if she does, she knows im kidding, it would take at least $100)

Someone Like You is the ‘Return of the Jedi’ to Rolling In The Deep‘s ‘A New Hope’ & Rumour Has It‘s ‘Empire Strikes Back’. The triumphant ending to her embittered heartbreak that she drags through the mud in her earlier singles. There is still pain involved, but it is reminiscent hurt, and it is nothing compared to what Star Wars fans endured upon hearing “Mesa cause one, two-y little bitty axadentes, huh? Yud say boom de gasser, den crashin der bosses heyblibber, den banished.

In yesterday’s post, I neglected to mention that one of George Benson’s favourite moment’s in his musical career was to be part of an 18 piece ensemble. While such grandiose can be visually & aurally stimulating, its heartening to know that so much can be created from just a piano and vocals in Someone Like You. Where a few thousand can purchase you a piano to successfully recreate the songs melody, no amount of money can replicate what Adele has to offer with a humbling contralto voice that leaves Amy Winehouse in her dust (well more likely under her dust right?).

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For the lady that has become remix gold, this is the second time a gold remix has stormed onto the EDM scene. Berlin resident Thomas Gold had earlier stuck his hand in Adele’s honey jar and pulled out a remix hot enough to Set Fire To The Rain. Following on from that nugget, Gold collaborates with Toronto native Mark Mendes to bring us today’s remix of Someone Like You.

Thomas Gold knows how to announce a song, whatever tension you have stored deep down is ready to be unleashed in a fury with a prescient drumroll strong enough to proclaim the end of the world. As the build comes to its crescendo, ready to drop, suddenly the world melts around you with a sullen piano riff and Adele’s brooding vocals. I get the feeling Dan Wilson, the producer of Adele’s 21 album, knew how much more commercial potential they would have if released at the right tempo for remixes.

Someone Like You is bereft of percussion, but as you will hear from this remix, the added drums appear very natural. Where a lot of remixes use the downloop technique (4,2,1,1/2,1/4..) to build into their drops to counter incongruities from the original, here you will find none, as it smoothly flows into the first chorus with confidence. The introductory drumroll is brought back to help us take care of the tension we built from the start as it drops with beautiful strength incorporating uplifting progressive synths and original piano samples. This is a perfect song for the middle of your Saturday night set.

A big thank you to fellow music blog for providing this exclusive Bootleg, as well as a fantastic write up to accompany.

Free download on Soundcloud page


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