Friday – House remix. 03/02/12. Brass Knuckles – Lie To You (WhiteNoize remix)

Friday’s child looked innocent,

Would I Lie To You Baby? is the answer to every question ever posed to Charles & Eddie by their past girlfriends. These two make Bert and Ernie look straight. Whatever their sexuality, I’m sure this song got them a lot of T&A (but most likely A).

Not enough is known about Charles Pettigrew’s life, other than studying yazz vocals with Ron Burgandy (and claiming to be straight). He unfortunately succumbed (don’t you think succamb should be a word?) to cancer in 2001, so we will never know what he may have lied about.

Eddie, however, has a whole lot of WTF’s that need a Would I Lie To You? answer. The one-time Scientologist’s first band was formed with Cliff Burton of Metallica and Mike Bordin of Faith No More (at the age of 12 mind you), he helped produce tracks for 2 Live Crew and The Dust Brothers, not to mention S Club 7! Now he is one half of the Electro duo The Polyamorous Affair with his (female) wife.

We all had a little guilty pleasure in this song in the early 90’s, and I wouldn’t lie to you about the fact I have lent my vocals to this song a few times (alone, in the shower, in the mountains, in fucking tibet). This is one of those songs you ‘accidentally’ put on your one-night-stand iTunes playlist and hope she is drunk enough to love it or too tired to notice.

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Brass Knuckles have smashed their way through the faces of many a club goer with their take on this 1992 R&B classic. The Miami based trio have replaced Charles & Eddie by the less androgynous Chipmunks, whilst still holding true to the original as the riffs melt off Nu-disco electro synths smoother than lamb in a slow cooker. The solid beats are as strong as Charles’s personal trainer and whilst the tempo is raised significantly, it rubs as gentle as Eddie’s handshake. Check out the Brass Knuckles Lie To You EP for two more decent remixes.

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WhiteNoize has beefed up Brass Knuckles remix with a steroidal injection that is worth lying to the federal jury about. With groovy glitched up vocals that speak lies of better days and a darker faster bassline, this remix is one that will be played for years to come. If you are looking for a strong, yet fun and happy remix to give you that extra burst of energy after dropping Bingo Players – Cry (Just A Little) to follow the ironic trend of cheesy 90’s anthems turned insanely awesome dance tracks, this is the remix you want. Would I lie to you? How dare you question me bitch!

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