Saturday – Progressive House remix. 11/02/12. Florence & The Machine – What The Water Gave Me (Romeo Blanco remix)

Saturday’s child was drowning,

I’ve got a dig bick
You this read wrong,
You read that wrong too.

Dyslexia can make for some funny tripe, where DJ’s remix other songs electronically, dyslexic people can remix people’s songs vocally, without even trying, the bastard luckys. Like Lyme disease and the Muppet syndrome, Dyslexia at least sounds cool, it can be the basis for a battle rappers name ‘Diss-lexic’ or a DJ’s monikor ‘Disc-lexic’ or that new indie pop new wave hipster teen faux pa band ‘Anorexia Dyslexia and the Forever Bummer Summer’.

What the hell does this have to do with today’s song you ask? (did you really ask that?) Well, another weirdly funky name has been hitting the circuits more than Lyndsey Lohan’s electroshock therapist. Florence and the Machine, based out of foggy London town have exploded internationally since the release of Dog Days Are Over in 2008. Florence (I’m not a grape) Welch was initially diagnosed with Dyslexia (and Dyspraxia and Depression, the unsexy Triple D) which ultimately left her with a fascination of death and doooooom.

Upon hearing the 2011 single What The Water Gave Me from the group’s 2nd studio album Ceremonials, you might think you are being drawn into a poetic hymn of the life giving properties of water, but upon further inspection, you learn that Ms. Welch was inspired, yes inspired by .”all those people who’ve lost their lives in vain attempts to save their loved ones from drowning“.

Check out the video below for stages of the band’s recording from the infamous Abbey Road studios.

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I recently stumbled on to the Belgium producer Romeo Blanco who specializes in the art of seductive Progressive House music, and today’s remix is singlehandedly responsible for a spate of recent pregnancies within the Antwerp club scene.

His remix to What The Water Gave Me opens with dark rumbling bass like the onset of 1000 bulls as they are released through the streets of pamplona. The beasts disappear as it drops into a vacuum of repressed souls as Florence’s anything-but-machinelike vocals take shape with the original’s building bass guitar riff. Happy synths are introduced to make the listener aware of impending ‘plur’ity which doesn’t disappoint with an uplifting energetic drop of intoxicating synths and glitched vocals. The breakdown tick-tocks it’s way back into our consciousness as we enter round 2 for another battle for love with the White Romantic’s emperical Progressive House drop.

If you are experiencing a lull in your set tonight, this tune boasts a 10000 tonne hydraulic engine strong enough to pick up any crowd, and according to it’s warranty, it will never let them down.

Free download on Soundcloud page


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