We are in the golden age of remixes, every day talented individuals are finding music from all works of life, popular, unknown, old and new. To say that imagination is dead is proven wrong by these people as they create a brand new sound to reinvent and reinvigorate the original.

The Daily Remix Blog mantra

We don’t take ourselves seriously, but we do take our music seriously, so if you don’t like what you have read due to innapropriate humour or our use of big words, then I hope you can still appreciate the music. There are too many so called blogs out there that just present the music, we strive to be a fully comprehensive music blog.

This blog is not made for people who take average songs and claim to make them better, we are only interested in how people interpret strong tracks and give them new life.

To find our songs; we use Soundcloud, iTunes, Youtube, Beatport and our own personal collections. We will never use a song that we have found on another persons blog, we respect individual taste and creativity, and whilst others may have blogged about the same songs, we will not have found our songs through your blog. We do accept submissions. The tracks do not have to be new, as long as they are new to someone, that’s all we hope for.

We spend time researching the remixes, and the origins to the remixes, and the origins to the origins of the remixes. We love to highlight the original artists just as much as remixers and as we are finding out new information daily, if you follow our blog, no doubt you will to.

The blog has regular contributions from Alinement, Alex, Ronnie Bass & DJ eNZed. (There are rumours that they are all the same person, but as they don’t like each other very much, you will never see us in the same place, so how can you prove it?)

Every day of the week is represented by a different genre of EDM to keep things fresh and to allow you to easily follow what you like. We update daily!

MondayElectro Pop/Nu Disco/Indie Dance remixes
TuesdayTech House remixes
WednesdayElectro House remixes
ThursdayDrum & Bass/Dubstep remixes
FridayHouse remixes
SaturdayProgressive House remixes
SundayLounge Deep/House remixes

For every leap year, we will present a David Guetta track on the 248th day.

If you would like your remix presented, please send your soundcloud (preferred) or youtube links to alinement.dj@gmail.com


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