Tuesday – Tech House. 14/02/12. Happy Valentines Day! DJ Antoine – Every Breath (Clubzound Remix)

Tuesday’s child, in lieu of her boyfriend, cuddled her Lotso teddy bear to sleep every night,

This is the perfect song for my Valentines day. A song about a lover, about passion, heartache and heartbreak. Sting himself even muses about how people mistake this song for a dainty little love song, and whilst it does sound like you would imagine it would at the end of The Vow with Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams running towards each other on the beach in a torrential downpour with her clothes clinging tighter and tighter to that tighter Canadian tight body that is oh so tight… mmmmmmcAdams..

Anyways, to those like me experiencing the ups and downs of a long distance relationship, you might find solace in the words of the song, to yearn and to learn, but more importantly to believe. I love my girlfriend with all my heart, and she will understand the pains of this song for they are very real pains, but in order for hurt to exist you need to know how happy you can be, and I’ve never been so happy than when I’m with her. So Happy Valentines to you my dear and to all readers out there. Enjoy Sting’s most successful song for what it is, a REAL love song.

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For those who are like, fuck that shit mate, I don’t want no depressing as song to represent the love I have for my darling Fatima, then I have an epipen of a decent tech house remix to treat you of that obvious Sting allergy you have. DJ Antoine has robbed the original lyrics of any deeper meaning and with the help of fellow remixer Clubzound; they have added an upbeat melody of progressive keys and electro bips & stabs over a strong delectable tribal Tech bassline. With clever short breakdowns the original is paid homage, but overall this is a completely new sound that is quirky, energetic and fun.

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Tuesday – Tech House remix. 07/02/12. Ivan Pica – Freak (Vocal Disco [Chic] mix)

Tuesday’s child was exploring his fetishes

What happened to our generation? When did we get afraid of getting our Freak on? Was it the rise of Aids? Did the Conservatives consistent lobbying for prudeness win out? In the days where freakyness is only available at the click of a button, why is all that was awesome in the Disco era, so faux pas in person now. I reckon it’s because no one wants an orgy with people who wont take off their boat shoes & lens-less frames.

So much of today’s music can be traced back to Disco. From the 4×4 of House, to the catchy vocals of Pop. Chic, who most people will only know for two of their songs, were truly instrumental with iconic contributions to the music world.

They discovered young artists like Luther Vandross, produced some of the biggest hits from Sister Sledge, Diana Ross, Blondie, Bowie & Madonna. They inspired delight from the first big rappers The Sugarhill Gang, and helped persuade crowds to chant whenever someone bit the dust in embarrassingly public moments. Heck Daft Punk might never had made it as big around the world without the good times of Chic.

Where Good Times was their most influential hit (the three songs hinted above all were inspired by or sampled from it), by far Le Freak was their most famous. Imagine, New Years Eve 1978, you are invited to the hottest club in the world Studio 54, by one of the most revered celebrities of the time, Grace Jones, and the doorman doesn’t let you in. All these plans for a big new years down the toilet, whats your first instinct? Rage, anger, sadness. So as all good musicians should do when they get an whiff of emotion (or THC), they head back to the studio and let it out through their instruments. Originally Le Freak was intended to be a personal retribution song towards the discourteousness of Studio 54. Where the disco rhythm stayed the same, the initial lyrics of Ahhh Fuck Off evolved into 4 millions sales and one of the biggest hits of the Disco Era.

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Ivan Pica released Freak over a year ago now and I still rock it in my longer sets, it has such an enduring melody that no one can resist. The original chorus vocals build smoothly into a wicked drum fill that befits the powerful techy drop. The bouncy bassline is highlighted by the familiar disco chords that allows the crowd to let their inner freak out. If you are looking for the perfect track to start off your next dancefloor orgy, this is the one and it will be memorable, because I can guarantee you it’s never been so chic.

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Tuesday – Tech House remix. 24/01/12. Arty – Around The World (Tocadisco remix)

Tuesday’s child was running out of airmiles,

That all important snare, it can take a producer a long time to get that perfect high hat, that omnipotent sound every second beat. It seperates House from Trance, so maybe thats why Trance producers stick around, they can spend that time perfecting beautiful energetic mellifluous productions designed to accompany stimulants and feed your soul to the skies, at least thats what I felt when I first saw Arty.

Thank god ‘Arty’ is not in reference to Hipsters and their passion for stick figures with bowler hats. This Ruski has exploded onto the EDM world with a fury only Chernobyl can match. Arty knows how to make a hook strong enough to replace Buster Bluth’s hand should he lose it in a freak loose seal accident. If Daft Punk and the Swedish House Mafia took turns on Nicole Moudaber, then hired Armin Van Buuren as a nanny for the masked love child, this is the kind of music you might expect. Around The World is Arty’s piece de resistance, and quickly became one of the anthems of 2011.

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We here at The Daily Remix Blog, we can’t get enough of that High Hat, so in order to represent Arty today, we are looking at the best remix of Around The World. When you listen I can’t help but think you will agree but it’s worth checking out the other versions in the official Around The World EP. Me thinks that Arty realized this remix was too good to be included as part of a package and needs to be sold as a stand alone version, either that or he was jealous that this version sounded better.

Readers of this blog will be familiar with Tocadisco‘s take on Iggy Pop’s – I Wanna Be Your Dog, he is one of the more precise producers out there today. With today’s complextro world, it’s nice to be able to hear each and every input that an artist puts into their production. With the smallest of stabs to the solid kicks and flowing tom toms, this track utilizes the best of the original Around The World hook without overdoing it. If North Korea needs a new anthem of peace and uniformity to march on, this is it. Kudos to Arty and Tocadisco for helping produce such a good tune.

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Tuesday – Tech House remix 2 for 1. 17/01/12. Jefferson Airplane – Somebody To Love (Clubzound remix) (Daniel Verdun & Derkommissar Bootleg mix)

Tuesday’s child was ready to love again,

It’s nice to know that whatever mistakes we make today, our parents and parents before then (p.s. if you are old enough to have experienced Woodstock 69, please leave this blog, I’m not sure how you managed to pass our filters) did them all before. While we are smokin a blunt to James Blunt (for the purposes of this post, please realize that no one has ever smoked weed whilst listening to James Blunt for any other reasons than bad puns), our parents were rollin a doobie on a boat with the Doobie Brothers, and their parents were using a jefferson airplane to grip the last of their joint while flying high with Jefferson Airplane.

As part of the psychedelic San Francisco movement on the late 60’s, Jefferson Airplane’s heavy surrealist electric folk rock were amongst the heavyweights along with Grateful Dead & Janis Joplin. A day in the Golden Gate park could change a persons life forever, and do wonders for the local drug trade.

With a story that would make Gordon Gecko proud, that is if you were an intern and you introduced your stockbroker girlfriend to the boss, only for him to ditch his wife and start seeing your girlfriend, only so he can steal her client base. Great Society often opened for Jefferson Airplane, and when the latter’s female vocalist developed the 9 month disease, Marty Balin stole Grace Slick away from Great Society, and along with her, Great Society’s best song – Somebody To Love.

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Today, we look at an Argentine collaboration just as strong as Messi & Heguain. Firstly a remix from the big man in town, Clubzound, who prepared a surprisingly strong tech house remix for the Miami WMC 2010. A galloping ever-growing tribal tech drum track is layered with subtle use of the Presidential Plane’s keleidoscopic guitar riff and familiar chorus hints that introduce us into the main break ever so smoothly. When the original takes over you are so entranced with the rhythm to notice how anachronistic the hippie folk vocals are, the music will take over you with a bass line bouncier than Ana Carolina Ardohain Dos Santos’ (or Veronica Gamba for the generationally challenged) chichis.

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Secondly, we look at an up & coming producer Daniel Verdun. With the help of pal; Derkommissar, and the blessing of Clubzound, together they have replaced the darker forceful feeling of the 2010 remix with an effervescent excuse to party. I cannot stop moving to this track with its glitched vocals flowing around a drop of high pitched squeaks and stabs that are just so much fun. Jefferson Airplane fans you can have your psychedelics, I want me some stimulants, and this track is more than enough (and from what I’ve heard, it’s still legal, but take caution, it’s very addictive).

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Tuesday – Tech House remix. 10/01/12. Gotye – Somebody That I Used To Know (Bastian Van Shield remix)

Tuesday’s child had deja vu,

The Daily Remix Blog followers will know that I have already written about Rishi‘s remix to Gotye‘s breakout single Somebody That I Used To Know a month back, but if you aren’t aware, I’ll give you 8 minutes to go and check and it out here (2 minutes to read, 4 minutes to listen & 2 minutes to gush about how good it is (the write-up, not the song, although thats pretty good too).

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Where Rishi brought us a beautifully deep soulful remix, Bastian Van Shield has delivered a club ready Christmas present 49 weeks early. The German remix machine has added his nuances to everyone from Michael Jackson, Red Hot Chili Peppers & John “I’ve-composed-every-movie-ever” Williams, and today releases a promotional Tech House bootleg of the highest quality.

The original and Rishi’s remix alike are wonderfully crafted songs, but outside of a chic lounge, there is no room for them in a DJ’s set. Van Shield has produced a dark resonating techy bassline to accentuate the deep chords and Gotye’s haunting vocals. What I love best is the prominence of the original xylophone notes that serve to swell and deepen the listener’s emotions to empathize with the inequitable fable of the ones you loved the most dwindling into complete strangers.

For those following over the past few days will know I have been writing emotionally charged pieces about emotionally powerful songs, and this track is no different. Expect a few more like this as I work through my own relationship inequities, music gives me reason, but writing is an outlet. I encourage every music fan to do the same and really listen to the message the artist is trying to convey, the best songs are composed from personal challenges and through their pain, beauty can arise, today’s song is about as beautiful as it can get.


Free download instructions are provided on Bastian Van Shield’s Soundcloud page

Tuesday – Tech House remix. 3/1/12. INXS – New Sensation (Iban Reus Bootleg 2012)

Tuesday’s child had bad fortune.

This is the time of year to do everything in excess, eat in excess, drink in excess, spend money in excess, brag to your friends in excess, make false promises in excess and blubber uncontrollably in excess. Let’s just hope you don’t auto-erotic asphyxiate in excess or you might just be leaving your young daughter (who has names in excess) to celebrate alone next year.

Along the lines of Cobain and Nowell, Michael Hutchence left the music world long before he and his adoring fans were ready. The timeless tunes of In Excess are still belted worldwide with their alternative dance rock tunes that leave us with a sad reminder of talent wasted.

The official police record states suicide as the cause of death, to some of his fans however, it is believed that he may have gone the way of David Carradine with his five finger death punch, and when you listen to some of the lyrics to New Sensation, you may understand why.

Love baby love
It’s written all over your face
There’s nothing better we could do
Than live forever
Well that’s all we’ve got to do…

Gotta hold on you
A new sensation, a new sensation…

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DJ Iban Reus has given something to INXS that not even survivor creator Mark Burnett could do, new-found relevance. Whosoever idea it was to replace Hutchance with a homeless druggie Canadian I’ll never know (well I do, it was Andrew Farriss, but still). It was Burnett who alienated a lot of dedicated fans by making the process into a farcical reality tv show, Rock Star: INXS. JD Fortune had the look and a steamy voice befitting of the bands party image, however the manner in which he was chosen and the fact that the icing sugar he inhaled on his maple syrup pancakes every morning wasn’t exactly sugar, meant that the band never really moved forward in the ways they hoped after the passing of their front-man.

As a legendary pub-rock band that delivered dance hit after hit, this is how I want their new sounds to be; chopped up, sampled, quantized with a strong rhythmic tribal techy bassline and some sweet bongos that honors the best of Andrew Farris’s electrifying guitar hook and Hutchence’s smoldering vocals, all thats missing is Kirk Pengilly’s sax solo. INXS were popular to all the neon-one-piece-toting clubbers in the New Wave era, now with Iban Reus’s adaptation, you can drop this brilliant Tech House remix into your set tonight as a new sensation for your neon-clad-candy-ravers (how little has changed).

Free download on Soundcloud page

Tuesday – Tech House remix. 27/12/11. Counting Crows – Colorblind (Oliver Schories edit)

Tuesday’s child had Deuteranopia,

When women refer to us men as dogs, they aren’t referring to our ‘eat anything/root everyone’ behaviour, they are merely sympathizing with us for what they perceive is a lack of colour in our lives. For them they see the world in all it’s pigmented glory, and thus feel sorry for us. What they don’t seem to realize is that as long as we can differentiate between an amber ale vs. an orange fanta, a brown football vs. the blue sky, pink skin vs. the light brown skin of the areola, then we will be just fine. Seeing that guns are all basically the same colour, I guess it would just be cars and sports uniforms that we inherently care about what colours that we view.

Counting Crows even hint as much, all they care about is that their coffee is black and their eggs are white. Whether they suffer from Anomalous trichromacy (one of the three cone pigments is altered in its spectral sensitivity) like a lot of males (due to women having an extra X chromosome to carry more photopigments in) means diddly squat. All that matters to them is how they can help make the sweat glisten off Ryan Phillippe & Reece Witherspoon’s coital bodies.

Released at the end of last millennium, Colorblind brought a deep sensual elegance to This Desert Life. With nothing more than an amorous piano and Adam Duritz’s soothing vocals, it’s not hard to see why this was chosen for the penultimate scene in Cruel Intentions.

Adding a dark deep techy bassline serves to accentuate the lower notes of the original piano riff, making the highs stand out in a very Robert Miles – Children way. This track isn’t going to rock the peak of many dance floors, but its a great tune to drop after a few hours of sweaty goodness giving the crowd a nice relaxed break. Oliver Schories has released an incredible aurally pleasing remix of Counting Crow’s fairly unheralded gentle masterpiece.

No download or purchase link as of yet, but if you leave comments on his track, he may let us know when and how to get it. EDIT – Track will not be released to the public due to copyright claims, so for the meantime, favourite it on soundcloud and listen to it as you please.

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