Newest Alinement Mix – Progress Report + Ministry Minimix video

You may have noticed the lack of recent posts for which I apologize. I have been working in a new job and trying to release my newest mix for some upcoming gigs. The blog hopes to resume sometime this week with a bevy of great new and old remixes for your entertainment.

For now those, please take a listen to my latest mix, Progress Report filled with the biggest tracks over the previous year. You can download the mix for free and listen whenever, its great for when you need a burst of happy energy.

I have also released a video minimix to audition for Ministry of Sound Sessionz next month. it is the first 15 mins plus some funky dance clips mixed in for a little visual distraction from my ‘studio’ set up. Now that this is released, I can get onto the blog this weekend.

Track Listing

1. 0:00 – Muppet Show Theme
2. 0:14 – D-Mad – She Gave Happiness (Arty remix)
3. 4:17 – Deadmau5 – Raise Your Weapon
4. 5:47 – Mark Knight vs. Faithless – Downpipe vs. God Is A DJ (Sick Elektrik mashup)
5. 6:17 – Sebastian Ingrosso, Alesso – Calling (Original Instrumental mix)
6. 7:32 – Pendulum – The Island (Steve Angello, AN21 & Max Vangeli remix)
7. 8:47 – Peter Gelderblom – Waiting 4 (Manuel De La Mare remix)
8. 11:17 – Moguai – Oyster (Micheal Woods remix)
9. 13:17 – Empire Of The Sun – Walking On A Dream (Kaskade remix)
10. 17:39 – Sander van Doorn – Reach Out (Original mix)
11. 21:26 – Kylie Minogue – All The Lovers (Michael Woods Club mix)
12. 25:11 – Sander van Doorn – Love Is Darkness ft. Carol Lee (Original mix)
13. 26:56 – Sander van Doorn – Love Is Darkness ft. Carol Lee (Manuel De La Mare remix)
14. 29:56 – Kaskade with Rebecca & Fiona – Turn It Down (Le Castle Vania remix)
15. 35:04 – Alex Kenji, Starkillers, Nadia Ali – Pressure (Alesso remix)
16. 35:34 – Gotye ft. Kimbra – Somebody That I Used To Know (Fabian Gray & Emanuele remix)
17. 38:03 – Gotye ft. Kimbra – Somebody That I Used To Know (Unknown Artist remix – please let me know if this is yours)
17. 42:40 – Example – Midnight Run (Funkagenda remix)
18. 47:29 – Green Velvet – Flash (Nicky Romero remix)
19. 48:55 – Age of Love – Age of Love (Manuel De La Mare remix)
20. 51:07 – Sak Noel – Loca People (What The Fuck) (Original mix)
21. 52:14 – Avicii – Levels (Tocadisco bootleg remix)
22. 55:41 – John Dahlback – Back To The Dancefloor (Samples only)
23. 56:14 – Daniel Portman – Tremulator (Original mix)
24. 60:09 – Muppet Critique from Statler & Waldorf


Sunday – Deep House remix. 12/02/12. Whitney Houston – Judgement Day (Core via Soul remix)

Sunday’s child will always love you,

What can be said? It is with sadness that I feature a song from one of the most beautiful voices ever released upon this earth. Where pop stars nowadays put more effort into their singing than Sharapova on a backhand, Whitney Houston and her stunning mezza-soprano voice resounded effortlessly.

Whitney Houston is the most awarded female artist of all time, having amassed over 400 in her long career. It is with heartfelt irony that she passes on the eve of the biggest musical ceremony, the 54th Grammy Awards, to which she was dutifully honored throughout the procession.

Today I am listening to my favourite song by the New Jersey diva, My Love Is Your Love, for there is no more perfect song for the romantic occasion of Valentines day this week. Thank you Ms. Houston.

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On one hand you have the 415 awards, the 170 million albums sold, 7 consecutive #1 hits, hugely influential in the direction of modern Soul & R&B, and then on the other hand you have the dysfunctional relationship with Bobby Brown, multiple drug and alcohol addictions, eating disorders and worst of all she helped to make Keven Kostner more famous than he ever should have been.

So where does she go on Judgement Day? Lam Spread and Marc Miles have provided the question that only she can answer. Taking echoed lines from My Love is Your Love, this Deep House track is accompanied with uptempo latin percussion and soft synths that repeat throughout. It surely doesn’t sound much like the original, but based on the surrounding events of the past day, there couldn’t be a more fitting remix to pay tribute to Whitney Houston. It feels like she is speaking to you from above, making you surmise your own mortality.

No download link provided.

Friday – House remix. 10/02/12. Valero – Sunglasses At Night [Corey Hart]

Friday’s child played for the Brewers,

The man most would associate as a one hit wonder with Sunglasses At Night actually released a higher charting and better selling song Never Surrender a couple of years later. It’s ironic that it became such an important Canadian song, sure the Canucks take pride in never surrendering, but since the great white north is like that awkward kid filming the fight with his RAZR from a safe distance, when would they have ever had the chance to not wave the white flag? It’s like American’s never give up on their dreams, through the amount of artificial food and prescription drugs, what dreams can they have to never give up on?

Without further delving into the Canadian psyche, lets take it back to Corey Hart’s first single, Sunglasses At Night. The iconic New Wave hit is more a political snapshot of a police state than about some douche in your local club, however I don’t give a crap about 1980’s politics, but I do hate with a passion people that wearing sunglasses at night, so the next time you see a prospective douche in your local club wearing shades, follow these steps to determine what you should do –

Step 1: Check if this person may be affected by one of the following afflictions
Blind – Look around for a dog, or a cane, if none present, reach forward with your left thumb towards their mouth until they either stop it or start sucking
Double dipping – If you touch their skin, do they shudder or giggle? If so, then realize that their pupils are more dialated than octomom’s cervix
Migraines – Believable if they are deaf maybe? Try telling them you appreciate their neck gobble.
Puerto Ricans – (Don’t ask)
Abused wives – Just be aware that she has already been told, twice
Twihards – Throw 3.2 lbs of glitter on them and see if they sparkle
Terminators – Again, look around for a dog, if none present, ask them what they think of Christian Bale

Step 2: If they fail step one, query their reasoning. If they reply with either of the following quotes
Because when you’re cool, the sun shines on you 24 hours a day
Because I party til the sun comes up

Step 3: Rip off their sunnies and defacate on their grandmothers grave. No reason is good enough to wear sunglasses at night.

Over the years through careful inner appreciation and self worth did Hart’s song writing measure up to his aging maturity, it can be heard in such songs as Jenny Fey & In Yo.. “Shut the fuck up! do you really think I want to read about Corey Hart’s career? When I hear his name, I think only of drunken Home Runs in Milwaukee, just play the fucking song already and get to the remix..”

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OK, after careful selective processing, I think I’m over the fact that I might be the only person under 50 that cares what happened to this portrayal of 80’s synth pop godliness, I mean the guy has kids named India, Dante, River & Rain, AND he was nearly Marty McFly, how is that not cool? However, I know I won’t be the alone in loving today’s remix by a talented German producer Valero.

The man knows what people want to hear, apparently in order to be a decent remixer nowadays, you need to give your take on one of these two tracks – Somebody That I Used To Know and Levels. Valero does both! However, he goes a lot further than that with sweet remixes to Salt N Pepa, Aloe Blacc, Adele, Yolada Be Cool & Dcup, Kings Of Leon and Fatboy Slim! He is simply the reason why The Daily Remix Blog needs to change underwear right now with so many exciting tunes to choose from. However we are settling for Sunglasses At Night for now.

There is nothing drunk chicks love more than hearing songs they know from their parents era, even if its portrayed completely differently “heeeeey, I know this song, hold on eiiisha, gimme my purse… NOW.. thank you darling, love you. OMG listen to this song, I wear my Sunglasses at night, and would you look at me now, Im wearing my sunglasses at night, so I can so i can ugh yheah yhhh story goes.. I love this sooooong, but it sounds different, wierd, the pills must be kicking in, sweet! Ummm, like excuse me, can you like umm take a picture of us three wearing sunglasses… AT NIGHT!!! bahahaha, but no seriously, take the picture. Hi im Jessica by the way, LOL, you should buy me a drink.”

Now where was I? Oh, right, Valero’s remix features a bouncy rhythmical house beat with a glowing arpeggio of organ synths that lie beneath upbeat percussion and cleverly sampled vocals. The breakdown takes you back to 1983 with the classic sullen new wave sound and Hart’s ‘I’m trying to look and sound sexy at the same time but end up doing neither‘ voice. A quick drum fill drops back into the happy heart of this remix that brings the collective mood of the room up a few notches, that is until someone whips on their sunglasses and you collectively beat the shit out of them.

No download link provided

Thursday – Drum & Bass remix. 09/02/12. Depeche Mode – Peace (Qualafox Liquid remix)

Thursday’s child was ready to board the train.

To restrain ourselves from continuing down the freakish path we have set the past two days, I took today off to relax and listen to some Depeche Mode, arguably (and you will win this argument every time) the most successful electronic music act of all time. Based on numbers alone they have sold over 100 Million Records and played to over 30 Million people live, also add to the fact that 31 years after formation, they are essentially still the same band, with a familiar sound and a consistent mantra; to deliver thought provoking music that people will enjoy, no matter their age or creed.

Today we are looking at one of the latest singles from their 12th album Sounds Of The Universe. After realizing that they couldn’t sample a whole album from He-Man cartoons, they managed to deliver an emotionally raw atmospheric album that shows they still have a strong creative touch. Dave Gahan also shows a fresh voice, hitting high notes crisper than Chris Martin’s daughter and lower tones perfectly suited to the relaxed electronic composition of ‘hurried fashion’.

Their 4th single from Universe entitled Peace is just what you need right now, even if you don’t know it. Beast Mode turns to Priest Mode in this 2009 release, if Anthony Robbins & Mahatma Ghandi were preachers at your local church, this is what I imagine their choir to be. The video befits the vocals perfectly as we follow the inner turmoil and psyche of an ambiguous female soldier as she struggles to rid her memories and strive for inner peace.

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Bay Area DJ/Producer Qualafox shows his range within the EDM world delivering quality originals and remixes without settling for one Genre or even beat style. It is quite common for artists to release Progressive, House and Tech together, but to also add in Dubstep and Drum & Bass speaks of strong musical knowledge and courage.

Depeche Mode are no strangers to quality remixes having released two remix album’s, one you won’t have heard from them though comes from the higher BPM lore of Drum & Bass. Before you pop that pill and slip on your candy raver unitard, you should know that the uptempo nature does not stop this track from being as relaxing as smoking menthol infused hashish whilst floating above the atmosphere. Gahan’s deep rooted vocals combined with Qualafox’s dark neolithic synths and staple drum track, flow through space smoother than money through the ex-wifes hands, but you don’t care about that anymore as you are now riding the peace train that has stripped you of all your worries. Waiting for Friday couldn’t be any more pleasurable.

No download link provided

Tuesday – Tech House remix. 07/02/12. Ivan Pica – Freak (Vocal Disco [Chic] mix)

Tuesday’s child was exploring his fetishes

What happened to our generation? When did we get afraid of getting our Freak on? Was it the rise of Aids? Did the Conservatives consistent lobbying for prudeness win out? In the days where freakyness is only available at the click of a button, why is all that was awesome in the Disco era, so faux pas in person now. I reckon it’s because no one wants an orgy with people who wont take off their boat shoes & lens-less frames.

So much of today’s music can be traced back to Disco. From the 4×4 of House, to the catchy vocals of Pop. Chic, who most people will only know for two of their songs, were truly instrumental with iconic contributions to the music world.

They discovered young artists like Luther Vandross, produced some of the biggest hits from Sister Sledge, Diana Ross, Blondie, Bowie & Madonna. They inspired delight from the first big rappers The Sugarhill Gang, and helped persuade crowds to chant whenever someone bit the dust in embarrassingly public moments. Heck Daft Punk might never had made it as big around the world without the good times of Chic.

Where Good Times was their most influential hit (the three songs hinted above all were inspired by or sampled from it), by far Le Freak was their most famous. Imagine, New Years Eve 1978, you are invited to the hottest club in the world Studio 54, by one of the most revered celebrities of the time, Grace Jones, and the doorman doesn’t let you in. All these plans for a big new years down the toilet, whats your first instinct? Rage, anger, sadness. So as all good musicians should do when they get an whiff of emotion (or THC), they head back to the studio and let it out through their instruments. Originally Le Freak was intended to be a personal retribution song towards the discourteousness of Studio 54. Where the disco rhythm stayed the same, the initial lyrics of Ahhh Fuck Off evolved into 4 millions sales and one of the biggest hits of the Disco Era.

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Ivan Pica released Freak over a year ago now and I still rock it in my longer sets, it has such an enduring melody that no one can resist. The original chorus vocals build smoothly into a wicked drum fill that befits the powerful techy drop. The bouncy bassline is highlighted by the familiar disco chords that allows the crowd to let their inner freak out. If you are looking for the perfect track to start off your next dancefloor orgy, this is the one and it will be memorable, because I can guarantee you it’s never been so chic.

Buy this track at Beatport

Sunday – Deep House remix. 05/02/12. Disco Stu & John Monkman – Don’t Have To Be Beautiful (Original [Prince] mix)

Sunday’s child started a revolution,

Saturday night’s it’s Queen, Sunday morning it’s Prince, to those who had a big night, they are probably the same person and you are running for the door, for those who appreciate music (and this blog), you’ll be sticking around for more.

In a world full of musical pseudonyms, it’s actually refreshing to know that the singer we have known as; The Artist Formally Known As Prince, The Symbol, Alexander Nevermind & Joey Coco was actually born Prince Rogers Nelson (named after his fathers stage persona).

Talk about dedication to your craft, the ‘Worlds Sexiest Vegetarian’ is credited with playing all 27 of the featured instruments from his first solo album. He is the first artist to have a #1 single, album and film in the USA concurrently with Purple Rain, Purple Rain & Purple Rain (who will be next Beiber or Gomez?). Prince became the justification for those lovely ‘Explicit Lyrics’ labels your mother loves so much with his disgusting Darling Nikki (The Bitch), and this was around the time of 2 Live Crew no less. It is not as widely known though that he is credited with single handedly knocking down the Birlin wall (a small garden wall outside of Minneapolis), solving a decade long dispute between two farmers, what a guy.

Prince became the ultimate Indian Giver when he gave the funk band Mazarati his short demo ‘Kiss‘ for them to use in their debut album. Upon hearing the band’s complete rework the spoilt little brat realized it’s immense potential and gladly took it back to be rerecorded and released as you know today (he did keep their backing vocals intact though).

If you want to know more about the single and a double dose of past gone by, check the official music video with classic treatment from VH1’s Pop Up Video.

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Today’s remix has been making the run up the Beatport 100 recently making it to #6 which for a Deep House track is something pretty substantial. Disco Stu & John Monkman have made this song so relaxing you will swear you heard it at your last doctors visit, although it probably wasn’t a plastic surgeons office, the whole idea of ‘you don’t have to be beautiful’ doesn’t sell well there.

Calling this a full fledged remix is a bit of a stretch, but it does sample the sharp original guitar riff that makes your hair stand on end. It doesn’t sound like Prince’s falsetto voice was used (unless it is heavily filtered), but it does have a fun 80’s element to it with sonic tom toms and rubber band bassline that rubs you the right way to keep your hair (and your lady) at attention. This track doesn’t have to be beautiful, but it is, so i’ll probably fuck it.

Buy this track at Beatport

PS – John Monkman has got to be a happy man since the Russell Brand/Katy Perry marriage went down the tubes. Maybe now she will have time to listen to his quality remixes to THREE of her songs, check them out on his soundcloud page. And for those looking for Disco Stu, good luck finding him, do you know how many Disco Stu’s there are?

Thursday – Breaks remix. 02/02/12. Busta Rhymes – Woo Hah (Cockney Nutjob remix)

Thursday’s child was suffering a brain hemorrhage,

Integral in the 90’s east coast rap scene, Busta Rhymes, the rasta scream (or scrasta) king, provides a somewhat lighter element to the death march of many of the top players, with his larger than life persona & colourful videos, it’s hard to take him seriously. I doubt Tupac would have had the crossover appeal (or desperate need for money) to appear in Tiesto & Diplo’s C’Mon (Catch’ em by Surprise). But then again, im pretty sure Trevor Tahiem Smith, Jr. is glad no one is pouring out a little liquor in tribute to him every Sept 13th.

Woo Hah is to date Busta’s biggest solo single, and still rocks an energetic crowd at 2am in the morning, but then again, so does Achy Breaky Heart if you are in the right (or wrong) clubs. Point being it’s catchy and recognizable, whether you can keep up with the lyrics matters none, as long as you Woo Hah to the Gods every 15 seconds. The rapper, named after a semi-well-known American Football player (seen here), is a gifted colloquialist and reads a thesaurus at an 8th grade level, but he still needed a little help for the title of this song, check out Sugarhill Gang – 8th Wonder and see if you can figure how he got his inspiration.

Believe it or not, Busta suffered a stroke at the end of the recording session whilst trying to deliver extra Woo Hah segments and hence the intelligible JAJA JAAAA JAJA. JAA JAJAAAA JA JA. The producer kept recording and the rest is history, along with his brain (evidence found in the 1998 single titled Iz They Wildin Wit Us?)

Check out the video if you have ever wanted to see what the entire Fubu range looks like through a Fish Eye lens. Actually it’s considered to be one of the better Rap videos of the 1990’s and I love how badass his boys are cruising in a Toyota ‘muthaflipping’ Camry.

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The UK based, Bournemouth starring Cockney Nutjob contacted me a couple of weeks ago asking me to feature his Fine Young Cockney track on this blog, while it is has fantastic production quality, it is prominantly a mashup of Fine Young Cannibals and …. and we only like to highlight remixes here, so we kept in touch and he has delivered this new ‘Ghettofunk’ remix for your Woo-Hahppy pleasure.

The percussion of this track is so laidback it feels like Questlove from The Roots is personally tickling your naughty bits with his afro. By the time you actually feel your balls tingling from the blaring sub bass, Busta’s master ‘stroke’ takes over and you find yourself siezuring along to the catchy bassline and rhythmic lyrics. Going from Hip Hop to breaks is a fairly easy transition, and whilst this is a relatively simple remix, The Cockney Nutjob has produced a great track that will have old school fans enjoying a new beat and new school fans will appreciating an old feel.

Free download on Soundcloud page

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