Monday – Indie Dance remix. 06/02/12. Charlotte Gainsbourg – Paradisco (multiple beatport competition remixes)

Monday’s child had trouble deciding,

Hot on the wave of the Superbowl, more people seem to be talking about the fresh young popstar from the halftime perfomance. No, not Minaj, Not MIA, but Midge, see 53 is apparently the new 55, and it’s the perfect age to be releasing her new single ‘Give Me All Your Luvin‘ about a lady desperate for love but destined to die alone. So if Madonna is a green banana, then Charlotte Gainsbourg is still growing on the vine, because at 40, she is practically the new Willow Smith.

What I wouldn’t give for a decent brain hemorrhage once in a while. Apparently this is the stuff that legends are made of with Serge Gainsbourg’s daughter. The famous French singer/actress suffered a cerebral hemorrhage in 2007 after a waterskiing accident, and started to write the music for her next (and very successful) album IRM, while undergoing an MRI. Her seminal single Heaven Can Wait (one of the top videos of 2009) was inspired by her defiance from death. Once you check out that video, you may notice the famous German beer magnate Beck‘s melancholic performance alongside. Beck (the greatest white rapper ever) tutored and produced the French woman over her last two albums and his laidback funky touch is evident within today’s song, Paradisco.

Beatport Play has been running many a remix competition since it’s inception a few months back. The majority of songs on offer have been well entrenched within the EDM, so it’s wonderful to see a true indie rock tune to give to the masses so they can ‘Indian Give’ their way to remix brilliance.

Today I am going to highlight my favourite remix that I have heard so far, and as there are a lot of strong ones already produced, it’s worth going on youtube or soundcloud and checking out the lot. Being Monday, we are looking for a strong Indie Dance/Nu Disco number and… ah damnit, there are too many good ones out there, so I’ll just have to list the three in no particular order.

The first is a nice medium tempo uplifting nu disco track that jazzes up the original groovy bass line. A lot of emphasis has been released into the main chorus as to let the crowd go a little loose. High adjoining synths are added to create a happy flow into the vocal breaks. Nice little electro stabs and warps are thrown without with well timed vocal glitches. Rex the Triangle has made a nice equilateral remix that equally utilizes the original with a new sound and a new groove.

Free download on Soundcloud page

Francophillipe has done justice to his French heritage with a chilled eiree disco feel (as he puts it) to his remix. It does suit the ethereal qualities of a voice that feels like a mix of Regina Spektor, Lily Allen and Goldenhorse. This Franco must be a talented bass player with the kind of riffs I would expect from a late 90’s Manhattan jazz club. Listening to this relaxing remix will make you feel like you are immersed in water, swaying in gentle rhythm to the menagerie of wonderful sounds.

With an intro that makes you imagine The Rugrats are attending a Franz Ferdinand concert, I have high hopes for this remix. As the lights dim, it feels like New Order has emerged to partner up with a soft yet driving electro tech riff. What I love the most about Lanny May & daWad‘s remix is the brass taken to introduce eccentric and quirky tones with gentle yet arousing sirens, that somehow detract from the vocals, but as a whole really leave a good taste in your ears (as good as ears can taste I guess).


Friday – House Remix 18/11/11. Jorgensen and Jesse Voorn – Loser (original)

Friday’s child was hip.

Few clues your way, try and figure out the artist.
1. He scored the original tracks in Scott Pilgram vs. The World
2. He is named after a German beer that his mother was drinking pre-coitus
3. He’s a loser baybay!

This anti-folk white rapper released this track in 1993 mostly as a big F.U. to the pre-hipster crowds that weren’t paying any attention to him whilst he was on stage, it caught on and ironically became the hit that would make Beck a household (if yours was a pre-hipster household full of top ramen, cheap vodka and bean-bags) name.

It’s hard to touch a genre bending cult classic tune such as Loser, think about the first time you saw Harry Potter and then realized how long you would have to wait till Emma Watson became of legal age, this should it put into perspective how long we have had to wait for a decent remix. Jesse Voorn and Jorgensen have retooled and resampled the original quite brilliantly. The warping blues guitar riff is prevalent in the middle build with it’s pre-hipster anthem vocal that drops into a tactile solid snare drop.

This track is perfect for any size club with its transition from old school cool to new school sweet. Enjoy your weekend folks. Soy un perdedor! Soy un bebé hipster, ¿Por qué no me matas.

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