Tuesday – Tech House. 14/02/12. Happy Valentines Day! DJ Antoine – Every Breath (Clubzound Remix)

Tuesday’s child, in lieu of her boyfriend, cuddled her Lotso teddy bear to sleep every night,

This is the perfect song for my Valentines day. A song about a lover, about passion, heartache and heartbreak. Sting himself even muses about how people mistake this song for a dainty little love song, and whilst it does sound like you would imagine it would at the end of The Vow with Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams running towards each other on the beach in a torrential downpour with her clothes clinging tighter and tighter to that tighter Canadian tight body that is oh so tight… mmmmmmcAdams..

Anyways, to those like me experiencing the ups and downs of a long distance relationship, you might find solace in the words of the song, to yearn and to learn, but more importantly to believe. I love my girlfriend with all my heart, and she will understand the pains of this song for they are very real pains, but in order for hurt to exist you need to know how happy you can be, and I’ve never been so happy than when I’m with her. So Happy Valentines to you my dear and to all readers out there. Enjoy Sting’s most successful song for what it is, a REAL love song.

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For those who are like, fuck that shit mate, I don’t want no depressing as song to represent the love I have for my darling Fatima, then I have an epipen of a decent tech house remix to treat you of that obvious Sting allergy you have. DJ Antoine has robbed the original lyrics of any deeper meaning and with the help of fellow remixer Clubzound; they have added an upbeat melody of progressive keys and electro bips & stabs over a strong delectable tribal Tech bassline. With clever short breakdowns the original is paid homage, but overall this is a completely new sound that is quirky, energetic and fun.

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Tuesday – Tech House remix 2 for 1. 17/01/12. Jefferson Airplane – Somebody To Love (Clubzound remix) (Daniel Verdun & Derkommissar Bootleg mix)

Tuesday’s child was ready to love again,

It’s nice to know that whatever mistakes we make today, our parents and parents before then (p.s. if you are old enough to have experienced Woodstock 69, please leave this blog, I’m not sure how you managed to pass our filters) did them all before. While we are smokin a blunt to James Blunt (for the purposes of this post, please realize that no one has ever smoked weed whilst listening to James Blunt for any other reasons than bad puns), our parents were rollin a doobie on a boat with the Doobie Brothers, and their parents were using a jefferson airplane to grip the last of their joint while flying high with Jefferson Airplane.

As part of the psychedelic San Francisco movement on the late 60’s, Jefferson Airplane’s heavy surrealist electric folk rock were amongst the heavyweights along with Grateful Dead & Janis Joplin. A day in the Golden Gate park could change a persons life forever, and do wonders for the local drug trade.

With a story that would make Gordon Gecko proud, that is if you were an intern and you introduced your stockbroker girlfriend to the boss, only for him to ditch his wife and start seeing your girlfriend, only so he can steal her client base. Great Society often opened for Jefferson Airplane, and when the latter’s female vocalist developed the 9 month disease, Marty Balin stole Grace Slick away from Great Society, and along with her, Great Society’s best song – Somebody To Love.

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Today, we look at an Argentine collaboration just as strong as Messi & Heguain. Firstly a remix from the big man in town, Clubzound, who prepared a surprisingly strong tech house remix for the Miami WMC 2010. A galloping ever-growing tribal tech drum track is layered with subtle use of the Presidential Plane’s keleidoscopic guitar riff and familiar chorus hints that introduce us into the main break ever so smoothly. When the original takes over you are so entranced with the rhythm to notice how anachronistic the hippie folk vocals are, the music will take over you with a bass line bouncier than Ana Carolina Ardohain Dos Santos’ (or Veronica Gamba for the generationally challenged) chichis.

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Secondly, we look at an up & coming producer Daniel Verdun. With the help of pal; Derkommissar, and the blessing of Clubzound, together they have replaced the darker forceful feeling of the 2010 remix with an effervescent excuse to party. I cannot stop moving to this track with its glitched vocals flowing around a drop of high pitched squeaks and stabs that are just so much fun. Jefferson Airplane fans you can have your psychedelics, I want me some stimulants, and this track is more than enough (and from what I’ve heard, it’s still legal, but take caution, it’s very addictive).

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