Saturday – Progressive House Remix 12/11/11. Coldplay – Paradise (Fedde Le Grand remix)

Saturday’s Child was Happy

Put your hands up for Detroit, our lovely city.. Now look around, do you see anyone with their hands up? No? Well since the release of that fateful anthem back in 2006 by Fedde Le Grand, the fortunes of the DJ have gone up, whilst the city has gone down the Detroilet.

I highly doubt that Coldplay will absorb a similar curse. Whilst it is popular to pretend not to like them, damnit if we don’t listen to Mr. Paltrow’s amazing vocals and melt just a little inside. Coldplay has produced some beautiful tracks in the past, and whilst Paradise isn’t amongst its best, it’s certainly an uplifting track that makes the listener think (at least whether or not they would be gay for Mr. Paltrow).

Mr. Le G builds this remix up with some edgy electro tones that erupt into a heavy but happy progressive melodic hook. The original chorus lies within the break that gets the listener to lull in a relaxed and satisfied state knowing that what is about to drop will make you want a private appointment with Dr. Conrad Murray because you won’t be getting any sleep tonight.

Coldplay – Paradise (Fedde le Grand Remix)

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