Sunday – Deep House remix. 12/02/12. Whitney Houston – Judgement Day (Core via Soul remix)

Sunday’s child will always love you,

What can be said? It is with sadness that I feature a song from one of the most beautiful voices ever released upon this earth. Where pop stars nowadays put more effort into their singing than Sharapova on a backhand, Whitney Houston and her stunning mezza-soprano voice resounded effortlessly.

Whitney Houston is the most awarded female artist of all time, having amassed over 400 in her long career. It is with heartfelt irony that she passes on the eve of the biggest musical ceremony, the 54th Grammy Awards, to which she was dutifully honored throughout the procession.

Today I am listening to my favourite song by the New Jersey diva, My Love Is Your Love, for there is no more perfect song for the romantic occasion of Valentines day this week. Thank you Ms. Houston.

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On one hand you have the 415 awards, the 170 million albums sold, 7 consecutive #1 hits, hugely influential in the direction of modern Soul & R&B, and then on the other hand you have the dysfunctional relationship with Bobby Brown, multiple drug and alcohol addictions, eating disorders and worst of all she helped to make Keven Kostner more famous than he ever should have been.

So where does she go on Judgement Day? Lam Spread and Marc Miles have provided the question that only she can answer. Taking echoed lines from My Love is Your Love, this Deep House track is accompanied with uptempo latin percussion and soft synths that repeat throughout. It surely doesn’t sound much like the original, but based on the surrounding events of the past day, there couldn’t be a more fitting remix to pay tribute to Whitney Houston. It feels like she is speaking to you from above, making you surmise your own mortality.

No download link provided.


Sunday – Deep House remix. 05/02/12. Disco Stu & John Monkman – Don’t Have To Be Beautiful (Original [Prince] mix)

Sunday’s child started a revolution,

Saturday night’s it’s Queen, Sunday morning it’s Prince, to those who had a big night, they are probably the same person and you are running for the door, for those who appreciate music (and this blog), you’ll be sticking around for more.

In a world full of musical pseudonyms, it’s actually refreshing to know that the singer we have known as; The Artist Formally Known As Prince, The Symbol, Alexander Nevermind & Joey Coco was actually born Prince Rogers Nelson (named after his fathers stage persona).

Talk about dedication to your craft, the ‘Worlds Sexiest Vegetarian’ is credited with playing all 27 of the featured instruments from his first solo album. He is the first artist to have a #1 single, album and film in the USA concurrently with Purple Rain, Purple Rain & Purple Rain (who will be next Beiber or Gomez?). Prince became the justification for those lovely ‘Explicit Lyrics’ labels your mother loves so much with his disgusting Darling Nikki (The Bitch), and this was around the time of 2 Live Crew no less. It is not as widely known though that he is credited with single handedly knocking down the Birlin wall (a small garden wall outside of Minneapolis), solving a decade long dispute between two farmers, what a guy.

Prince became the ultimate Indian Giver when he gave the funk band Mazarati his short demo ‘Kiss‘ for them to use in their debut album. Upon hearing the band’s complete rework the spoilt little brat realized it’s immense potential and gladly took it back to be rerecorded and released as you know today (he did keep their backing vocals intact though).

If you want to know more about the single and a double dose of past gone by, check the official music video with classic treatment from VH1’s Pop Up Video.

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Today’s remix has been making the run up the Beatport 100 recently making it to #6 which for a Deep House track is something pretty substantial. Disco Stu & John Monkman have made this song so relaxing you will swear you heard it at your last doctors visit, although it probably wasn’t a plastic surgeons office, the whole idea of ‘you don’t have to be beautiful’ doesn’t sell well there.

Calling this a full fledged remix is a bit of a stretch, but it does sample the sharp original guitar riff that makes your hair stand on end. It doesn’t sound like Prince’s falsetto voice was used (unless it is heavily filtered), but it does have a fun 80’s element to it with sonic tom toms and rubber band bassline that rubs you the right way to keep your hair (and your lady) at attention. This track doesn’t have to be beautiful, but it is, so i’ll probably fuck it.

Buy this track at Beatport

PS – John Monkman has got to be a happy man since the Russell Brand/Katy Perry marriage went down the tubes. Maybe now she will have time to listen to his quality remixes to THREE of her songs, check them out on his soundcloud page. And for those looking for Disco Stu, good luck finding him, do you know how many Disco Stu’s there are?

Sunday – Deep House remix. 29/01/12. Evermore – Can You Hear Me? (Dcup’s horny mix)

Sunday’s child was antipodal,

International fans will recognize the ethereal piano infused hallmark of Evermore through their songs from hit tv shows The OC and more recently Greys Anatomy. Their earlier songs Lights Surrounding You and It’s Too Late brought them international stardom that only The Naked and Famous (check here for a good N&F remix) have been able to replicate as a successful New Zealand rock band.

While this song sounds like the question that every DJ asks his friends the day after a gig, (hearing fatigue is no joke and its worth checking out this article), Can You Hear Me was Evermore’s last single and their most emotionally charged song to date.

So what does a good man to when his girl is all riled up with emotions spilling out of their pores? He calms her down and finds a way to sex her up, or the other way around. Point being, listen to the original and then follow on to hear the audio metaphor I speak of.

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The name Duncan MacLennan might not register too many hits, but type in Dcup and once you get past all the fun pillows, you will see thousands of hits dedicated to the breakout hit of 2010 with Yolanda Be Cool – We No Speak Americano ( with an awesome tech house remix here).

MacLennan will be no one-hit-wonder, the man has 49 tracks listed on Soundcloud and I can tell you there is more quality than the New York Giants receiving core. It would have been easy to write up his Disco honey dipped Gotye remix, but as we have already blogged about Someone That I Used To Know here, I wanted to dig a little deeper and mention this gem of a Deep House track that is over an year old now.

Obviously being a New Zealander myself, its great to write about talented Kiwi’s, but to see this trans-Tasman love is heartwarming, Dcup has even remixed P-Money’s Say Yeah to seductive quality, so it’s good to know that even though we own the Rugby and Rugby League world cups and beating them in Cricket, there is no angst.

Duncan has gone all Barry White on Evermore and told them that everything is going to be alright (as he lit the candles and turned down the lights, making sure to rustle up the potpourri leaves and burn the incense). His unreleased version of Evermore’s 2009 single is a bit of Nu Disco brilliance rapped up in a blue eyed soulful package and posted to the world (or soundcloud) as a sexified Deep House remix designed for any hot lounge (as long as it ends in the bedroom).. “No baby, I don’t remember what you were upset about either, now just move a little to the rig.. awww yeah that’s it.”

No download specified unfortunately, but leave a comment on his track and maybe he will relent?

Sunday – Deep House remix 2 for 1. 22/01/12. Sinc, Daniel Sanchez – New Day (Original mix). Nina Simone – Feeling Good (E-Gnat New Dawn remix)

Sunday’s child stopped watching Dr. Phil,

Hello my name is Demitria Guynes, I should have been a Gynacologist, but I was too hot for that, as a compromise I shaved my pubes and married Bruce Willis.

Hello my name is Eleanor Gow, I would have made a fantastic farmer, but I had ‘The Body’ to sell underwear so I cowered from from the Gow and became a model.

Hello my name is Caryn Johnson, I could have been a secretary, but comedy was in my blood, however being the only Black Jew, I didn’t feel I stood out enough.

Hello my name is Andrew Barrymore, I guess I was a dude, but Spielberg expressly wanted a baby sister for Elliot (there is no established proof behind this one, but as it’s a blog, I’m keeping it in).

Hello my name is Eunice Waymon, I was born to be in the Church Choir, but I had a good feeling that I had more to offer the world. So I prepared for a new day, changed my name to Nina Simone, released over 40 albums, took on a large role of the 1960’s civil rights movement and hid from the IRS in Barbados whilst having an affair with their Prime Minister. Good times, good times. (oh and I have already been blogged about here for a sweet tech house remix to Sinnerman).

You don’t need a pseudonym to approach life as a new day, it just takes a change in attitude. You know that bird you hit with your car last week and didn’t stop to check if it was alright? You know that cheeseburger you ordered yesterday when you know it will affect your IBS, but you didn’t give a shit (well you did technically for a couple of hours last night)? What about that hooker that you dined & dashed (is there a more appropriate hooker terminology for that, I feel that there is, please any ladies of the night reading this, let me know) from a month ago, you could have sworn you knew her and then looking at old photo albums you realize that you will never be able to go to a family reunion again. Sure there are a lot of shoulda/coulda/woulda’s in life, but if you wake up in the morning with a new ‘tude, let yourself feel as free as the birds, the trees, the stars.. Look I’m no hippy, just listen to the damn song.

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Upon listening to today’s remix of Nina Simone’s – Good Feeling, I can picture this version over practically any stylish gangster film. Close your eyes, press play (good luck doing that with your eyes closed) and then imagine the trailer for Oceans 11, Layer Cake, Snatch, Go, Bambi, In Bruges and others films that all impress a fast paced ostentatious atmosphere of the best things in life; guns, sex & money. Like Mia Wallace waking to find an adrenaline needle in her heart, we all know how the majority of these stories end though; with the realisation of a new day ahead, if they can only leave their old days behind.

Sinc & Daniel Sanchez have delivered this steamy release to accompany our Chianti fueled Sunday afternoons. This Deep House mix is essential listening for anyone with an educated ear who can appreciate the intuitiveness of the selective sampling to modernize the classy Jazz clubs of old, mixed with a hip uptempo percussion that invokes the message behind the original. They certainly have brought about good feelings for a new day, giving new life to the legendary soul soothing Simone.

Buy this track at Beatport

Just when I thought I was done for the day, I came upon this remix by the poetically named E-Gnat (I guess if the poem was about electronic insects). The intro gives the song a feeling about a new day for all mankind (think 2001 – A Space Odyssey opening), with the soulful deep feminine voice of god letting the surviving monkeys know this is the way life will be for all.

I feel like I should be meditating to this remix with it’s beautiful saxophone harmony, filtered vocals & relaxing percussion that sends you into such a trance-like state that you will feel begin to feel like Derek Zoolander, but instead of wanting to kill the Malaysian Prime Minister, you want to show him how grand love can be sandwiched between two Finnish dwarves and a Maori tribesman.

Download this song on Soundcloud page

Sunday – Deep House remix. 15/01/12. Dragonette – I Get Around (Trophy Twins remix)

Sunday’s child has some ‘splaining to do

I’m pretty sure that after watching Jim Carrey in The Yes Man (after you got over the fact the old bastard manages to win our precious young Zoo-ey [yes I know it’s Zo-ey, but Zoo-ey is way cuter]) we all tried our own version of always saying yes.

Did you just let one rip? Yes. Can you pay bail tonight, I feel like bustin up some hookers? Yes. Do you want to call up your cousin and tell her about your teenage fantasies? Yes. Do you want to go all Ben Stiller and i’ll insert a fish hook into your mouth? Yes. There’s a good chance if you have ever watched any good youtube video, this is how it started, not with Carrey, but with Alcohol, and a fucking Samurai Sword.. Check out this video below

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There are worse things to say yes to when you oughta say no. Temptation, especially when combined with stimulants can lead people into a whole lotta trouble. Case in point, Hugh Grant and ‘Holy Shit’ otherwise known as Divine Brown. If you can successfully lead the hottest woman in the world into the waiting arms of Shane ‘who ate all the pies (and apparently now vomited them all up)’ Warne, you must have fucked up! I wonder if Nicole Simpson Brown might have thought to say No when OJ asked if he could carve the Turkey for thanksgiving. Does McCain possibly think that saying Yes to Miss Teen I-Can-See-Russia ruined his chance of Presidency? Could Leno have possibly said no to this third chin extension surgery? I guess we will never know.

Whatever mistakes you made along the way, if you have a chance to learn from and atone for them, please do so, too many people get hurt along the way (think of all the poor stupid Alaskans that everyone seems to suddenly want to make fun of).

A few weeks back we praised the lovely Canuck, Dragonette, for her catchy vocals in Martin Solveig’s Big In Japan. Now we get to put the minute (but definitely not mute) lady forefront on our pedestal and let you imagine how hard it would be to say no to the lusty lungs that belt out such suggestive vocals. I Get Around from her 2008 album Galore was their first big(gish) single, and like Frankie Goes To Hollywood, letting people know when you are about to come is key to a few extra sales.

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From the official EP comes a deliciously decadent deep house remix from UK based Trophy Twins, that delves and digs into our desire for the flesh and then resurfaces asking for more, all the while remaining so dashing, dapper and dressed in nines. What can you do but say yes, even when you’ll likely say doh.

Buy this track on iTunes

I would be amiss if I didn’t include one of my favourite artist’s remix of this funky tune. Midnight Juggarnauts, hailing from Melbourne, the cultural hub of Australia, have brought their electro pop spasmodic nuances to this sultry song that will result in a romper stomper of a Sunday morning.

Buy this track on Beatport

*NOTE* – For those following the blog the past week, I apologize firstly for being a little slow to catch up, and secondly for any depressing undertones to the song choice and the write-up. When I challenged myself to write around 500 words each day about awesome remixes for a full 365 days of the year, I didn’t take into account personal challenges along the way, and this week has been as tough as it will ever get. Things are sorting themselves out, as they say with a broken heart, time is the only thing that heals, and thank god its getting better otherwise we might be seeing a Cyndi Lauper track next week.

Sunday – Deep House remix. 1/8/12. Lady Antebellum – Need You Now (Rojey James & Ricky Teixeira remix 2011)

Sunday’s child was lonely,

This might sound a little weird, but I’m reminded of Metallica when I listen to today’s remix. How? Well growing up I tried to distance myself from the collective Grunge & Metal scene as I didn’t want to another one of the masses. Then a friend introduced me accidentally to S&M, and as a teenager, who wouldn’t be interested in a little Sadism & Masochism? As it turned out to be Symphony & Metallica, I nearly switched the cd player off, but I gave it a listen, and after No Leaf Clover, I was hooked. Not only did I go through all the back catalogues of Metallica, I did the same for Nirvana & Pearl Jam, and it was then that I knew I wanted to work in music, I loved it all (except country).

So how does this relate to Lady Antebellum you ask? Before I heard this remix (which I found for a video birthday present for my girlfriend), if you had answered who won the 2011 Grammy for Song of the Year, then I would have offered you a tampon for whatever female predicament I thought Antebellum was (two things though, Need You Now was released in 2009 so why did it win in 2011, and I don’t always carry tampons around, just when I watch Transformers sequels, which seems all too often). My point is, I heard today’s remix and as of now, I have made it through two original Lady Antebellum tracks without vomiting, and you know what, it isn’t that bad, although I doubt it will start me off on a Little Big Town and Brad Paisley bender.

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Portuguese producers Rojey James & Ricky Teixeira produced today’s remix that has literally blown my mind (well it must be, as im willingly listening to Lady Antebellum). With an intro smoother than Christiano Ronaldo’s attempts to score (ladies, not goals, nothing is that smooth), a rhythmic injection of sublime bongos and claps is overlayed onto the melancholy piano riff of the original. The tempo is raised in such a gentle fashion that adds and actually adheres to the despondency of Charles Kelley & Hillary Scott’s lonely late night vocals.

For anyone suffering through the pains of a long distance relationship, this track is perfect to listen to on repeat, on repeat, on repeat, on repeat, on repeat, on repeat, on repeat, on repeat, on repeat… A big thank you to these talented producers for making a country pop song not only bearable, but damn classy, and best of all, free to download to everyone who thought they would be selling their souls to play Lady Antebellum in their sets.

Free download on Soundcloud page

Sunday (MERRY CHRISTMAS) – Deep House remix. 25/12/11. Chris Isaak – Wicked Games (Benson! Club remix)

Sunday’s child was born.

Merry Christmas to all!

Isn’t it great when you listen to a sexy track and think how nice it would be for you and your special someone to spend a little alone time, burn some incense, dim the lights and put on the little ditty you just found, and then fuck each other senseless.

Now just think that your parents probably did the same thing and I bet you have not dedicated a single second of your life to think to what song you were likely conceived to, until now. Was it 2 Live Crews – Me So Horny? Was it Billy Ray Cyrus – Achy Breaky Heart, maybe Green Day – Dookie, all good choices. Most likely if you are in your early 20s, it was to Wicked Games by Californian-heart-throb Chris Isaak.

After seeing the film True Romance, I wanted to become an Actor, you got paid millions of dollars to do all these hot & steamy love scenes with beautiful actresses (for reasons unbeknownst to my adult self, as a young teenager I thought Patricia Arquette was attractive). Turns out musicians get to do the same thing, check out this video of Isaak with top model Helena Christiansen, which was rated one of the sexiest videos of all time.

Young hotshot Producer/DJ Benson! hailing from Melbourne, Australia most likely released this amazingly groovy Deep House remix to celebrate his conception, he even dedicates it to Mums & Dads on his soundcloud page. Benson was born a year after the original was released, a coincidence I think not. A clever glitched vocal sample is used as a repetitive hook over the top of Isaak’s Southern Blues vocals. Never losing the sensual vibe of the original, the deep bassline creates a sexy rhythm that may well make you query your decision making abilities over the next 9 months.

Free download on Soundcloud page (check comments for link)

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