Tuesday – Tech House remix. 27/12/11. Counting Crows – Colorblind (Oliver Schories edit)

Tuesday’s child had Deuteranopia,

When women refer to us men as dogs, they aren’t referring to our ‘eat anything/root everyone’ behaviour, they are merely sympathizing with us for what they perceive is a lack of colour in our lives. For them they see the world in all it’s pigmented glory, and thus feel sorry for us. What they don’t seem to realize is that as long as we can differentiate between an amber ale vs. an orange fanta, a brown football vs. the blue sky, pink skin vs. the light brown skin of the areola, then we will be just fine. Seeing that guns are all basically the same colour, I guess it would just be cars and sports uniforms that we inherently care about what colours that we view.

Counting Crows even hint as much, all they care about is that their coffee is black and their eggs are white. Whether they suffer from Anomalous trichromacy (one of the three cone pigments is altered in its spectral sensitivity) like a lot of males (due to women having an extra X chromosome to carry more photopigments in) means diddly squat. All that matters to them is how they can help make the sweat glisten off Ryan Phillippe & Reece Witherspoon’s coital bodies.

Released at the end of last millennium, Colorblind brought a deep sensual elegance to This Desert Life. With nothing more than an amorous piano and Adam Duritz’s soothing vocals, it’s not hard to see why this was chosen for the penultimate scene in Cruel Intentions.

Adding a dark deep techy bassline serves to accentuate the lower notes of the original piano riff, making the highs stand out in a very Robert Miles – Children way. This track isn’t going to rock the peak of many dance floors, but its a great tune to drop after a few hours of sweaty goodness giving the crowd a nice relaxed break. Oliver Schories has released an incredible aurally pleasing remix of Counting Crow’s fairly unheralded gentle masterpiece.

No download or purchase link as of yet, but if you leave comments on his track, he may let us know when and how to get it. EDIT – Track will not be released to the public due to copyright claims, so for the meantime, favourite it on soundcloud and listen to it as you please.


Sunday – Deep House 13/11/11. Deep Mind – True (Original mix)

Sunday’s Child was True.

What’s in a name? Alcatraz Opera, Singsong Musical, Folsom 1-Man Show could all be answers to “What American band, named after a prison, released the 1983 romantic New Wave track, True?”. Thankfully these guys (can we call them that?) were formed in Britain and had the taste to name their band ironically, after the injustice suffered in Germany by nine illegally held foreign inmates in the beautifully named Spandau prison. In all honesty, I made that up, one of the members of Spandau Ballet read the name on a London club’s lavatory wall, no jokes.

My point is, a name is everything, people will talk and joke about a band named Spandau Ballet, and that’s the key, you will remember it (just like you will remember the name Alinement right?). Whether or not you remember any of their songs is another story, they had one big track in 1983 and it didn’t need a random name to stand out. You might not remember the title True but as soon as you hear it’s lovey-dovey ambient hook, I bet you will be hearing “bah bup bup baaaaahh, I know this much is true” and wondering whether in fact it had come from your mouth, as well as everyone else’s around you.

I set this challenge today fairly easily. I have been chilling on this lovely sunny Sunday with a glass of wine and my pet ferret listening to this song on repeat, by my count it’s on for the 94th time and I haven’t yet been able to keep my mouth shut. Deep Mind has taken ‘True’s’ seductive charm and added a beautiful deep house bassline. Best of all, they let you do the singing, the vocals are removed which leaves an alluring desire to listen further.

Deep Mind – True (Original Mix)

Buy this track at Beatport

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