Thursday – Dubstep Remix 17/11/11. 2 for 1. Doobie Brothers – Black Water (Love and Light Remix) & The Beatles – Eleanor Rigby (4centers Remixx)

Thursday’s Child was exorcised.

The best way to rid ones demons is to take a ride down memory lane to when times were grand. Lord knows we here at The Daily Remix Blog feel pretty shameful for having blogged about a Missy Elliot remix yesterday. My daily exercise became my daily exorcise trying to find the classiest remix I had in my 15000 odd tracks (well more like 14997 odd tracks, 3 would be considered normal). Whilst my memory doesn’t take me back to the good old days of The Quarrymen, but im pretty sure the soothing skiffle sounds of the sixties were prevalent in everyone’s youth.

Melodic Dubstep is on the rise as people are growing tired of the transformers vs android dinosaurs wub wub that seems to be so easy to produce. To take the original Eleanor Rigby vocals and piano notes and add subtle wobble is enough to make any hater stop and listen, it really is pure genius to remix The Beatles this way. Add yourself to the number of 140000 odd people (yup, all odd) that have listened to this 4Centers (half of the talented producer duo Love & Light) remixed track on Soundcloud. Once you do you will see why I had to look further into their other productions and if you had a blog, you would post this second song too.

If you read back into last friday’s house blog, you will find that i’m an avid Doobie Brothers fan and to hear Patrick Simmons bluegrass vocals echoed onto some sweet southern crunk (what?) is as sweet as dubstep will ever get in my mind. In fact after listening to this I feel it would be good to stop listening to Dubstep ever again, because you will always be chasing the dragon that is Love & Light.

Free Downloads are available through their soundcloud pages.


Friday – House Remix 11/11/11. Matt Caseli, Danny Freakazoid – Long Legs Running 2011 (Graham Sahara & Central Avenue mix)

Friday’s Child was stoned.

I first listened to this track when I was 11 years old, by this time I had already accomplished 11 of the 11 deadly sins and had written 11 books on archealogy. The inner ear has 11 bones (coincidently that is 11 more than your average male penis) that can listen to up to 11 different Asian Karaoke singers at the same time and can determine where each individual is from (The answer being, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, South Korea, USA, Auckland, Taiwan, Japan, North Korea (via pirated skype), Indonesia & Vancouver)

This was the Doobie Brother’s 11th single and it was released and re-released 11 times (due to the intake of their name 11 different ways). The first version was 11 minutes which they thought was too short. The train they are singing about was the number 11 to Chattanooga, and was 11 Carriages long. It has been remixed 11 times (which coincidently is 11 more remixes than the 11th song on Shania Twain’s 1995 album ‘The Woman On Me’ entitled ‘Everyone Needs to Know’ received). in 11 different Genres.

So it should come at no surprise that I chose this song to be the remix represented on this fateful day, friday.

If you can overlook all the weird coincidences and put the track down to quality alone, you will find thats it’s pretty damn awesome. Where others have tried, these guys have succeeded. The original Zurich based remixers Danny Freakazoid (must be of Southern Zurich origin) & Matt Caseli released a great club track regardless, but i’m sure even they would agree that Graham Sahara & Central Avenue added that extra little kick (maybe even a little extra snare too).

It takes the original Doobie’s genius riff and vocal chorus that develops into a sweet tribal tech drop. I liked this track so much I included it in my newest mix. Im sure you will find a place for it in yours too.

Buy at Beatport

Now if all goes to plan, this post should be released at 11/11/11 11.11pm

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