Thursday – Drum & Bass remix. 09/02/12. Depeche Mode – Peace (Qualafox Liquid remix)

Thursday’s child was ready to board the train.

To restrain ourselves from continuing down the freakish path we have set the past two days, I took today off to relax and listen to some Depeche Mode, arguably (and you will win this argument every time) the most successful electronic music act of all time. Based on numbers alone they have sold over 100 Million Records and played to over 30 Million people live, also add to the fact that 31 years after formation, they are essentially still the same band, with a familiar sound and a consistent mantra; to deliver thought provoking music that people will enjoy, no matter their age or creed.

Today we are looking at one of the latest singles from their 12th album Sounds Of The Universe. After realizing that they couldn’t sample a whole album from He-Man cartoons, they managed to deliver an emotionally raw atmospheric album that shows they still have a strong creative touch. Dave Gahan also shows a fresh voice, hitting high notes crisper than Chris Martin’s daughter and lower tones perfectly suited to the relaxed electronic composition of ‘hurried fashion’.

Their 4th single from Universe entitled Peace is just what you need right now, even if you don’t know it. Beast Mode turns to Priest Mode in this 2009 release, if Anthony Robbins & Mahatma Ghandi were preachers at your local church, this is what I imagine their choir to be. The video befits the vocals perfectly as we follow the inner turmoil and psyche of an ambiguous female soldier as she struggles to rid her memories and strive for inner peace.

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Bay Area DJ/Producer Qualafox shows his range within the EDM world delivering quality originals and remixes without settling for one Genre or even beat style. It is quite common for artists to release Progressive, House and Tech together, but to also add in Dubstep and Drum & Bass speaks of strong musical knowledge and courage.

Depeche Mode are no strangers to quality remixes having released two remix album’s, one you won’t have heard from them though comes from the higher BPM lore of Drum & Bass. Before you pop that pill and slip on your candy raver unitard, you should know that the uptempo nature does not stop this track from being as relaxing as smoking menthol infused hashish whilst floating above the atmosphere. Gahan’s deep rooted vocals combined with Qualafox’s dark neolithic synths and staple drum track, flow through space smoother than money through the ex-wifes hands, but you don’t care about that anymore as you are now riding the peace train that has stripped you of all your worries. Waiting for Friday couldn’t be any more pleasurable.

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Thursday – Drum & Bass remix. 12/01/12. Armin Van Buuren – In And Out Of Love (Invaders Of Nine remix)

Thursday’s child was vulnerable,

What do you do in life when something you believe you want so badly lets you down? Do you let ego take over and throw away your problems, or do you realize that some things are worth fighting for, some things are better dealt with and learnt from. People have their reasons for how they react, whether it be past experiences, what they went through with their parents, or what Justin Timberlake and Ashton Kutcher do in totally awesomely real romantic comedies. Is it that easy to fall in and out of love?

Much like a good song, I think it’s funny as a DJ when you perform and people only react to songs they have heard before, songs they love already. Bitch, you had never heard this song before you heard it the first time? Then it goes the other way and you drop a song that is guaranteed to make them panties wet, only to find everyone is tired of listening to the same crap everywhere they go, people fall out of love with everything (and everyone?).

Today’s track is from the legend that is Armin Van Buuren, the Dutch DJ/Producer that has stayed true to his Trance roots whilst seeing compatriot Tiesto move into the bigger money pool of House and Electro. If you ever see a gig advertised for this man, buy four tickets right now! The money spent is worth just as much as you would pay Ricky Gervais to personally insult you.

Trance is best heard outside the bedroom and his 2008 hit In & Out Of Love is the Anthem of popular club worthy tra… sorry I just had to stop typing for a second to realize what I saw was true, check out the video below to be one of the 111 MILLION people that have viewed it (thats in the sneezing baby panda range!). Sorry where was I.. oh right, This is THE anthem of popular trance, and it seems to be the perfect anthem for how my week is going.

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I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it every time, I bloody love remixes of good dance tunes that are given new life through a different genre. I might have fallen out of love with Buuren’s version over time, but damnit have I fallen in love with this new version.

Pay some attention to these guys, Danny Evo & Mark Sherwood, together they make up the Dragon Dancefloor Destroyers, or as these Welshmen prefer to be called, Invaders Of Nine. These boys have been kind enough to share with us their phenomenal remake of In & Out Of Love. I never knew that Trance could be so well represented in Drum & Bass. This feels like it would if George Bush worked as part of the 2016 Democratic Strategy team. It works, simply enough, it works so well that if you weren’t one of the 111 Million people that I know have listened, you might think this is the original. It reminds me of Kaskade’s earlier forays into the genre with beautiful results.

Sharon den Adel’s ethereal vocals are wrapped around subtle changes in tempo that reflect the songs undertones. You feel yourself drained of emotion and energy with the melancholy of Downtempo anesthesia, only to have it picked back up as you fall in love with the fervent driving percussion melted to happy electro synths. The Invaders have surely invaded my brain this week as they continue the confusion of emotions back and forth between subtle dubstep and excited drum & bass, that reflect not only my emotional state, but how I believe Armin intended the original to be interpreted.

Free download on Soundcloud page

Thursday – Drum & Bass remix. 5/1/12. The Ramones – Blitzkrieg bop (Bag-o-Beetz remix)

Thursday’s child was a punk,

Like the best things in life, this will only last a couple of minutes. The Flight Of The Conchords had it right with their ode to the true two minute drill. At a time where if you had a spare 10 minutes in your day, you could lie back and listen to the next great Zeppelin track, but if time were truly money, then for the price of one November Rain guitar solo, you can get Sedated with Sheena whilst Boppin to the Blitzkrieg.

The Ramones were the protopunk band for the ages. The British thought they had punk in full swing, but it wasn’t until Joey and the gang showed what energy the genre should have that the true punks came out of the hair salons. The pseudonymnistic band were a lesson in uniformity with every long haired member reborn a Ramone, and the member of every new Ramone snuggled nice and warm in tight ripped jeans, with a leather jacket to accompany.

As if it wasn’t cool enough to be a drummer today; I’m so glad my little brother taps the cowbell; as the Ramones are the proven scientific case for longevity. Last years Grammy’s saw the band receive a lifetime achievement award, which is fairly ironic considering every member, bar the three drummers; Tommy, Marky & Richie, had a different idea of ‘lifetime’. They were all around for a 1993 episode of the Simpsons which goes to show how long The Ramones were relevant in popular culture (and also shows how goddamn long The Simpsons have been on TV).

There are debates as to the connotations of Blitzkrieg Bop, with Jonny’s fascination with Hitler it could have been a tribute to the Nazi’s lightning war. It has also been hinted that Gang Violence was the bands target, however it may just be about punks having a good old time at a concert. Whatever the reason, I’m pretty sure the band will be satisfied with it representing the theme song for Doogie Howser’s comeback in the film Starship Troopers (where would we be today without Barney?).

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Today’s remix probably isn’t going to climb very high on any dance chart, but then again, the track that is now considered to among the best guitar songs of all time was a commercial disaster. Whats interested is how Bag-O-Beetz, the handyman that he is, has tooled with Johnny’s aggressive chords to replicate the original key in time with warbled wobbly electro. This is a fun Drum & Bass remix for any crowd that will shout along with the crisply produced vocals of Joey Ramone moshing to a drum track more alive than at least two of the surviving punk rock percussionists.

Free download on Soundcloud page.

Thursday – Drum & Bass remix. 22/12/11. Metric – Gold, Guns, Girls (T-Trider remix)

Thursday’s child was g-g-grandiose,

100000 is a nice round number, it makes sense right, it ends in a few zeros and is easy to say. Now divide that by 12 and you have 8333.33, not as nice anymore huh, but it still has uniformity ending in 3’s, so hmmm divide that by 5280 and you now have 1.5782.

If the above makes no sense to you then congratulations, you probably live outside the USA. If you realize what I’m talking about, then you may not know I am pointing out the idiocy of still using a measuring system devised from your average Roman foot. In fact, the ancient empire actually had the smart idea of measuring their mile at 1000 paces, and with a pace equaling 5 feet, a nice round number of 5000 is returned. However as British farmers had concocted a Furlong of 660 ft which was mathematically and scientifically contrived to measure the distance at which their nag (mule) needed a nap. (Stop me when you are starting to realise you are using a stupid outdated system). Property deeds were measured in Furlongs and thus the original mile was bumped up to meet 8 furlongs at 5280 feet.

It is stated that Metric came up with their name as a reference to Canadian-Emily Haines & Brit-James Shaw’s musical precision. But if I had to g-g-guess, I would think it was a dig against the Yanks for their stupidly outdated system compared to the sensible metric system the rest of the world subscribes to. Americans love everything to sound bigger and better, 100 degrees Fahrenheit sounds hotter than 38 degrees celcius, just as 5280 feet sounds bigger than 1600 metres. Said the 14 inch to the 14 cm “At least you can fit in everywhere, and when I finally g-g-get in, I often pass out through lack of blood”.

After toiling through the Indie Pop/New Wave revival scene for six years, Metric released today’s track as part of their 2009 international breakout album Fantasies. The energetic Scarface inspired Gold, Guns, Girls takes you on a ride through the empty streets of New York both visually and aurally. Riffs reminiscent to The White Stripes and the punk days of The Who, g-g-guide you smoothly and speedily to where you never knew you needed to go. The lyrics literally keep you asking for more as you question what is enough? A g-g-good lesson for this time of year, don’t ya think?

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Tiesto knew what promise Emily Haines’ smokey contrato vocals had for the Electronic Dance world. Metric can hold it’s own on the floor with its electropop stylings and energetic drumtrack, but it wasn’t until Tiesto’s 2009 release Knock You Out that we saw how powerful the spunky Canuck sounded. (On the subject of Canadians and Tiesto, did anyone else notice he had g-g-guest appearances on his Kaleidoscope album from Haines, Nelly Furtado & Tegan & Sara?). There have been countless remixes of Metric tracks, but this one today just fits right. It’s not a stretch to make this song fit as Drum & Bass, literally, too much of a tempo change can ruin the original vibe, and this one just sits pretty. Belorussian T-Trider released this rolling wubby bass remix as part of the Metric remix competition, I don’t know if he won, I can’t find it on Beatport, so I assume not (edit he received 5th place voting!). But I can tell you who could win, any ladies reading this, who in the best Howard Stern fashion, turns their subwoofer over and sits astride because this bass rolls soooo smooth, you may just g-g-get all g-g-giddy.

Free download on Soundcloud page

Thursday – Drum & Bass remix. 8/12/11. The White Stripes – Blue Orchid (High Contrast Remix)

Thursday’s Child was deflowered.

So they were married?? Who will be the new role models to all the brothers and sisters growing up in Alabama? After portraying themselves as siblings, Jake White (nee Gillis) and Meg White (nee White), were indeed married from 1996 to 2000.

To see his next wife, all you would need to do is check out Blue Orchid‘s music video, labeled one of the scariest of all time. The super hot model, one might say supermodel, was betrothed during filming and wed shortly after the release of the 2005 hit.

Taking a close look at the lyrics you can see why people thought the song was about his former lover however, see if you can try and guess who.

You’re given a flower
But I guess there’s just no pleasing you
Your lip tastes sour
But you think that it’s just me teasing you

The White Stripes released a 7″ EP with young Welshman Lincoln Barrett adding his Drum & Bass cut of the title track. 2005 was the year High Contrast was making it big in the UK (and thus the world), just take one listen to his remix below and you will understand why. Jack White’s vocals can be jarring at best sometimes, but Barrett has found the soul behind the sound with a steppy drumtrack and a bassline that if you closed your eyes, you would think Jack was down at the Birdland strumming on the Double Bass.

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Thursday – Drum & Bass Remix 10/11/11. The Naked & Famous – Young Blood (Antiform & Audiosmith remix)

Thursday Child was haunting.

To say Drum & Bass in New Zealand is popular is an understatement, to say that watermelons are the greatest thing to happen to cheap alcoholic sporting fans is too. But what will be said in years to come is that The Naked & Famous are amongst the top indie rock bands in the world I believe can never be overstated.

After seeing them in Chicago at Lollapolooza this year, it made this kiwi proud enough to want to make a remix straight away of their hit song, ‘Young Blood’. Luckily for me and luckily for your aural pleasure, it had already been done. A couple of locals Antiform and Audiosmith were handed the reigns of making an official remix (that apparently no one can buy). In true Ricky Bobby fashion, they took a great product & they made it their own, incorporating TNaF’s ambient riffs and haunting vocals, baby jesus couldn’t have made a better remix.

The energy from their upbeat mix will leave you refreshed and wanting more.

The Naked and Famous – Young Blood (Antiform & Audiosmith Remix)

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