Monday – Indie Dance remix. 13/02/12. Skrillex – Scary Monsters & Nice Sprites (Dualist Bootleg remix)

Monday’s child won 3 Grammys, …the fuck?

Sonny Moore went from unknown emopunk to international stuperstar (a stupid star) Skrillex by the end of 2010 with his first big single Scary Monster & Nice Sprites. Like the 8th year freshman who finally won the state wrestling award (and still looks less gay than Sonny’s haircut), it’s surprising this song was eligible for 2012 awards. One might think that if it were due up for the 2011 Grammy Dance Awards it would have had trouble beating the winners from what are arguably the two best DJ’s alive, Beyonce and La Roux.

Nice Sprites won for Best Dance Album & Best Dance Recording whilst Cinema won Best Remix (of Benny Benassi’s version). BUT and he must feel terrible about this, just so utterly ruined, because he did lose the Best Short Form Music Video. “Bahahahahahahaha, man he sucks! I guess I should leave it a few weeks before we remind him that he lost Best New Artist too. I would just feel terrible if he went on suicide watch“.

Like the Ramones to the Sex Pistols, while the British punk invasion swept the United States, the Ramones were reinventing the energy of Punk towards a more popular base with upbeat rhythms and popular messages. The resulting sound found it’s way back to Britain and helped change the scene forever. The same could be said about today’s artist, the new suizure enducing wub wub made its way across the Atlantic to audiences looking for something different. Like every good progressive genre, Sonny added an almost orchestral element to Dubstep that gave it a very surprising yet likeable sound that brought Dubstep to the mainstream.

Naysayers will say that he is everything that is wrong with EDM, and whilst I’m not a huge fan, the fact he is bringing new fans to our world, makes an awesome Halloween costume, has a sweet audio/visual live show AND the Grammy’s Dance awards were actually represented entirely by DJ’s for once, how can that be bad?

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Check out the real reason why Skrillex won the Grammy, cupstacka!!

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Feels like the animals joined the rhythym section in the build.
Is there such a thing as indie dubstep?
The New Delhi based producer Dualist Inquiry is in touch with his inner Sharma with this mix. With a Van Morrison meets Led Zeppelin style intro, the listener has little clue of the original, it isn’t until heavily synthesized organ like guitar riffs take hold that the shape becomes recognizable. The first two minutes are so pleasurably relaxing with the childlike vocal sample playfully hinting of the daunting drop to come. Where the cupstacking girl had her moment, she is dropped from this remake as there is no need for an Oh My Gosh moment. Is there such a thing as indiewub? There is now, with a very relaxing downtempo dubstep rhythm completely devoid of the happiness of the intro but gratefully not as angry and forceful from what we might expect.

Dropping back and forth between the 70 and 128bpm is like waiting for the electricity to restart for your 5th time on the bumper cars, you never get tired of it, but you appreciate the lulls in between for which to recover. I have never been so surprised by any remix of basically any song since starting this blog, and whether it’s the water in India I don’t know, but whatever Dualist ingested, he has certainly shit gold with this remix.

And hey, to those still pissed at The Grammy’s (which after listening to the remix I don’t know how you can still have anger), just realize that they are starting to look into the world of EDM bit by bit and given time, it will get better. You know what? it could have been a lot worse, at least Guetta didn’t win.

Free download on Dualist’s website


Thursday – Dubstep remix. 26/01/12. Daft Punk – Da Funk (Schoolboy Remix)

Thursday’s child was clouded in a mask of obscurity,

Last week on The Daily Remix Blog you might have seen an Around The World remix and held out the hope that I had finally included a Daft Punk remix, only to find out it was just Arty (oh Arty). See the stipulations of this blog are to find awesome remixes in different genres from the original, and while sometimes the masked Frenchmen are in a genre of their own, it’s hard to do Daft Punk justice considering their importance to the EDM world. Today we might have just found that remix.

I don’t need to talk much about the original as you have all heard it, but do yourself a favour and take a ride back in time and try and remember who! you were when you first followed Charles, the lonely lost lame dog through the streets of New York in Daft Punk’s 1996 acid embossed anthem Da Funk.

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If you are feeling sad for the wee mutt, check out this video below if you want to see the happier ending for a now healthy, in love Charles on the beaches of the best coast.

From the indie noise rock of Darlin’ to the Tron Legacy score, Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo have been continually retuning and refining their sound direction to the point where they haven’t released a single or toured in years, yet they still remain relevant in the upper echelon of EDM. French House was defined by their music and the complex audio/visual set ups we see today from the likes of Deadmau5, Skrillex & Richie Hawtin were inspired by their infamous pyramid. The French Government has even honored them with the rank of Chevalier, a modern day Knight.

Along their Journey, through many different sounds, the duo have never attempted Dubstep. To their loyal fans I’m sure they are thankful for that, but upon hearing today’s remix, and the fact that Daft Punk helped create a lot of the complex wobble electro that made Dubstep huge, it seems like it might be a natural fit.

Bangalter once stated in an interview that the original influences for Da Funk were from Hip Hop and Acid House, where the latter was evident, it was hard to envision the former. No more, no more, take a listen to Schoolboy‘s ‘Crushstep’ remix and you will see how appropriate the beat and groove is with some sweet rasta sampling. As if Daft Punk couldn’t get any more robot; the LA based educated kid has brought Decepticons to a Roomba fight and crushed this remix with heavy industrial filters that resonate the original, while delivering a gritty masterful electro sound that elevates Da Funk to another stratosphere.

Free download on Soundcloud page (limit has been reached, but there are directions to other links on page)

Thursday – Drum & Bass remix. 12/01/12. Armin Van Buuren – In And Out Of Love (Invaders Of Nine remix)

Thursday’s child was vulnerable,

What do you do in life when something you believe you want so badly lets you down? Do you let ego take over and throw away your problems, or do you realize that some things are worth fighting for, some things are better dealt with and learnt from. People have their reasons for how they react, whether it be past experiences, what they went through with their parents, or what Justin Timberlake and Ashton Kutcher do in totally awesomely real romantic comedies. Is it that easy to fall in and out of love?

Much like a good song, I think it’s funny as a DJ when you perform and people only react to songs they have heard before, songs they love already. Bitch, you had never heard this song before you heard it the first time? Then it goes the other way and you drop a song that is guaranteed to make them panties wet, only to find everyone is tired of listening to the same crap everywhere they go, people fall out of love with everything (and everyone?).

Today’s track is from the legend that is Armin Van Buuren, the Dutch DJ/Producer that has stayed true to his Trance roots whilst seeing compatriot Tiesto move into the bigger money pool of House and Electro. If you ever see a gig advertised for this man, buy four tickets right now! The money spent is worth just as much as you would pay Ricky Gervais to personally insult you.

Trance is best heard outside the bedroom and his 2008 hit In & Out Of Love is the Anthem of popular club worthy tra… sorry I just had to stop typing for a second to realize what I saw was true, check out the video below to be one of the 111 MILLION people that have viewed it (thats in the sneezing baby panda range!). Sorry where was I.. oh right, This is THE anthem of popular trance, and it seems to be the perfect anthem for how my week is going.

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I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it every time, I bloody love remixes of good dance tunes that are given new life through a different genre. I might have fallen out of love with Buuren’s version over time, but damnit have I fallen in love with this new version.

Pay some attention to these guys, Danny Evo & Mark Sherwood, together they make up the Dragon Dancefloor Destroyers, or as these Welshmen prefer to be called, Invaders Of Nine. These boys have been kind enough to share with us their phenomenal remake of In & Out Of Love. I never knew that Trance could be so well represented in Drum & Bass. This feels like it would if George Bush worked as part of the 2016 Democratic Strategy team. It works, simply enough, it works so well that if you weren’t one of the 111 Million people that I know have listened, you might think this is the original. It reminds me of Kaskade’s earlier forays into the genre with beautiful results.

Sharon den Adel’s ethereal vocals are wrapped around subtle changes in tempo that reflect the songs undertones. You feel yourself drained of emotion and energy with the melancholy of Downtempo anesthesia, only to have it picked back up as you fall in love with the fervent driving percussion melted to happy electro synths. The Invaders have surely invaded my brain this week as they continue the confusion of emotions back and forth between subtle dubstep and excited drum & bass, that reflect not only my emotional state, but how I believe Armin intended the original to be interpreted.

Free download on Soundcloud page

Thursday – Dubstep remix. 12/29/11. Bone Thugs n Harmony – Foe The Love Of $ (Molecule remix)

Thursday child was ruggish,

The ghetto version of the Teletubbies wasn’t as commercially successful as the UK’s experiment to
destroy children’s feeble little brains through psychedelic pseudo-sexual images. Krayzie, Wish, Layzie, Flesh and Bizzy started off as part of a childrens television campaign designed to educate inner city youths on intelligible grammar. When the producers realized they couldn’t understand a word the kids were saying, they were out on the street.

The thug image is an unusual one, on one hand you have Flesh and Bones; who was incarcerated for 12 years on charges of assault with a deadly weapon and parole violations for previous gun related felonies, then you have the alcohol troubled Bizzy Bone; who supposedly assaulted two thugheads whilst on tour. On the Other hand you have Layzie Bone who was too sluggish to do anything thuggish and then you have Wish Bone & Krayzie Bone whose most badass moments included recording singles with Mariah Carey.

How you interpret the first half of Bone Thugs N Harmony is inconsequential, it’s the second half that needs no credentials. These boys sure can sing, more powerful than Martin Luther King, they rap in tune like no other, each one feeding off of their brother. For their discovery we thank Eazy-E, and thank God for no appearances on Glee. Their skill & their sales are no trade-off, take a listen to their theme song for Bernie Madoff.

Resident face-melter Molecule, hailing out of Disneyworld, USA, has ironically brought us a free download of his Love Of $ remix. Problem is, the man needs 100 favourites before he releases the full version (EDIT – He has since told me that he will release it at 50 favourites, so check it out and click on that heart!). When you hear this track, you will see the potential it has to be dropped on your friday night crowd. An energetic drum track under a chill melody flows into the soulful vocals of Jewell and the Bone Thugs. Preparing for the drop reminds me of how jittery I felt after pulling an all nighter studying on 5 red bulls. I was ready for anything and damnit when the LFO sweeps in and the vocals are beatmashed you better be up for some thuggish ruggish industrial electro wub wub.

Maybe if we are nice to Molecule, he might just release the full version of the track for free if we get to 50 favourites, I’ve done my part and we are at 35 as of today, let’s try and make this happen as I want to be spinning this next weekend. Check out his Soundcloud for details.

Wednesday – Electro House remix. 28/12/11. Dan Sena – Song Of Siren Ft. Del The Funky Homosapien & Kylee Swenson (Kids At The Bar remix)

Wednesday’s child was in limbo,

Sometimes the difference between good and evil can be as thin as a mint chocolate wafer in a Monty Python skit. How many times in your life have you had that animated moment (literally) as you moderate the debate between your pretty little angel and your horny little devil.

Can you justify wanting to populate the earth by disrespecting every girl you meet for a light shag or three? What about wanting to provide your family with the means for a happy carefree life by placing down a few hundred on the pokies on the way home from work? Wanting to keep the poor children of Columbia in gainful employment is surely a good enough excuse for that extra line of a hookers ass in your neighbourhood nightclub (not to mention keeping the bar staff and ladies of the night from losing their paycheques). How about wanting to entertain a trove of people each weekend, but in order to do so you must create some wicked Dubstep.

Never before has there been such an accurate visual allegory of what Dubstep represents (see the video below) in relation to the context of Electronic Dance Music. If melodic 4×4 is Heaven, and Techno keeps us alive, I guess that would place Dubstep firmly in the grip of Haides (those unlucky to remain in Limbo have to listen to Guetta Pop). It is enjoyable to be bad once in a while, and the chosen theme for our stay in hell has to be this magnificent Dan Sena release.

Song of Siren starts with a light relaxing piano build joined by the angelic vocals of Kylee Swenson. As the familiar dubby percussion is introduced, the listener is still allured into believing that we aren’t too far from Arcadia, then suddenly our old friend Del The Funky Homosapien rips the ground from beneath your feet, in a fury of dark vocals and wobbly industrial electro synths. Our souls are periodically saved by the vexing siren, but it’s not enough, we are converted, this Dubstep is sick as shit and I want to keep listening.

Check out what I consider to be the best music video of 2011. (blog continues below for today’s remix)

Purchase this track at Beatport

For those that aren’t familiar with the Oklahoma City based duo Kids At The Bar, then you probably haven’t had your ears consensually raped on the dance floor. These boys are the master of the bootlegs and have received such a massive following because of their dedication to barnstorming heavy electro. Converting you with the element of surprise, Kids At The Bar use the original so deftly and precisely that you are led to believe that this is how it was first made, then somehow they manage to unleash a drop heavier than Kirstie Alley after thanksgiving.

Matt & Rad take you on a ride in and out of the original so expertly with creative glitches, FX and pitch changes. I’m not necessarily talking about their remix to Song of Siren either, they have found the recipe for success in many of their bootlegs, and best of all they are very selective of the artists they remix, from absolute club-smashers The Bingo Players (I actually saw BP drop the KATB bootleg to Cry Just A Little at this years EDC, again, their unofficial bootleg!) to old school glamrockers Quiet Riot & Indie Dance revelation The Sounds.

It’s because of this remix that I found Dan Sena, and like me, you will be following both Kids at the Bar and Sena til they both end up in Hell.

Free download on Soundcloud page.

Thursday – Dubstep remix. 15/12/11. Metallica – Seek & Destroy (Bassnectar remix)

Thursdays child loved napster.

It starts with your finger (as every good story should); you click play; next the inner gizmos (im no geeksquad) within your computer transmit the data to your soundcard; which in turns transmits it to audiowaves; your outer ear collects the sound and delivers it to your inner ear; which is then passed from air to liquid, as the soundwaves trigger nerve impulses from stimulated mechanoreceptors (hairs), that are then transported to your cerebral cortex to be processed & recognized in your brain. Finally your grey matter sends an emotional response down your spine that causes your muscles to contract and relax extremely quickly as you feel that wonderful shiver throughout your body.

Try it, click on the original track below and you will see what I mean. 1983 saw Metallica’s first album – Kill Em All and from that, their first big single, GwB’s personal mantra (without much of the seeking) is still the final song at all of their live performances. Just think, without Seek & Destroy; ripped jeans may never have been sold, black T-shirts might only be used in the work place, Mullets may have stopped in the 80’s, GM may never have needed a bailout as they would have failed years ago and racist hate crimes may have gone up as white boys would have less reasons to fight each other.

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Remember that euphoric tingle you just experienced? Now connect your nipples up to a dead car battery (remembering to hook up the negatives to each other), play the song below, wait 15 seconds and try turning your car on. Don’t be too surprised if it starts first time as your shivers have been tranformed into brain melting bodily explosions (of the good kind) that would send enough energy through your body to power a fucking tank. Bassnectar, the current heavyweight champions of Dubstep have pollinated this metal flower and delivered such a bass heavy right hook that will keep no contender standing for long.

Free download on Soundcloud page

Thursday – Dubstep remix. 1/12/11. Chicane – Saltwater (Mt. Eden remix)

Thursday’s Child was in a cult.

Check out this video. Done? No you didn’t. Do it now. Really, especially around the 20 second mark. Titties. Bet that worked, no? Damnit just do it.

This is what music was like for the first 30 years of human existence (according to the Scientologists book of Cruise). Thank Travolta that the Mormon gods delivered the holy synthesizer and for the next ten years we the people of the Kaballah regime were treated to music like this. I’ll give you a couple of minutes to check it out.

Fast forward another 12 years of the Jedi following, waiting for the blasphemers Mt. Eden to come and liberate us from our religious fads and slap some reality into us with the most collosal oscillating bass you will ever hear.

The boys (Jesse Cooper & Harley Rayner) from the eponymous suburb in Auckland, NZ have quickly risen to the ranks that only Shapeshifter can be associated with as one of the top EDM acts in the world hailing from middle earth. Having experienced their massive following at Electric Daisy Carnival in Vegas this year, I have to say that whilst all Heavens might be closed to them, they should only look toward the sky, because that is truly their limit.

Today’s remix is more chilled than we expected, a special Mt. Eden bootleg of Chicane‘s Saltwater that takes the Melon from Honeydew and the Cauli from Flower. The haunting Gaelic vocals are more suited for a scene in the Exorcist, preparing you for the upcoming slaughter; The ambient synths are more suited for a scene in Poltergeist, as you sit in a trance staring into the TV; and the percussive dubby breaks are more suited for a scene in Goldilocks, not too heavy, not too light, it’s jussssst right (and then you get fucked up by a bear).


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