Monday – Indie Dance remix. 13/02/12. Skrillex – Scary Monsters & Nice Sprites (Dualist Bootleg remix)

Monday’s child won 3 Grammys, …the fuck?

Sonny Moore went from unknown emopunk to international stuperstar (a stupid star) Skrillex by the end of 2010 with his first big single Scary Monster & Nice Sprites. Like the 8th year freshman who finally won the state wrestling award (and still looks less gay than Sonny’s haircut), it’s surprising this song was eligible for 2012 awards. One might think that if it were due up for the 2011 Grammy Dance Awards it would have had trouble beating the winners from what are arguably the two best DJ’s alive, Beyonce and La Roux.

Nice Sprites won for Best Dance Album & Best Dance Recording whilst Cinema won Best Remix (of Benny Benassi’s version). BUT and he must feel terrible about this, just so utterly ruined, because he did lose the Best Short Form Music Video. “Bahahahahahahaha, man he sucks! I guess I should leave it a few weeks before we remind him that he lost Best New Artist too. I would just feel terrible if he went on suicide watch“.

Like the Ramones to the Sex Pistols, while the British punk invasion swept the United States, the Ramones were reinventing the energy of Punk towards a more popular base with upbeat rhythms and popular messages. The resulting sound found it’s way back to Britain and helped change the scene forever. The same could be said about today’s artist, the new suizure enducing wub wub made its way across the Atlantic to audiences looking for something different. Like every good progressive genre, Sonny added an almost orchestral element to Dubstep that gave it a very surprising yet likeable sound that brought Dubstep to the mainstream.

Naysayers will say that he is everything that is wrong with EDM, and whilst I’m not a huge fan, the fact he is bringing new fans to our world, makes an awesome Halloween costume, has a sweet audio/visual live show AND the Grammy’s Dance awards were actually represented entirely by DJ’s for once, how can that be bad?

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Check out the real reason why Skrillex won the Grammy, cupstacka!!

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Feels like the animals joined the rhythym section in the build.
Is there such a thing as indie dubstep?
The New Delhi based producer Dualist Inquiry is in touch with his inner Sharma with this mix. With a Van Morrison meets Led Zeppelin style intro, the listener has little clue of the original, it isn’t until heavily synthesized organ like guitar riffs take hold that the shape becomes recognizable. The first two minutes are so pleasurably relaxing with the childlike vocal sample playfully hinting of the daunting drop to come. Where the cupstacking girl had her moment, she is dropped from this remake as there is no need for an Oh My Gosh moment. Is there such a thing as indiewub? There is now, with a very relaxing downtempo dubstep rhythm completely devoid of the happiness of the intro but gratefully not as angry and forceful from what we might expect.

Dropping back and forth between the 70 and 128bpm is like waiting for the electricity to restart for your 5th time on the bumper cars, you never get tired of it, but you appreciate the lulls in between for which to recover. I have never been so surprised by any remix of basically any song since starting this blog, and whether it’s the water in India I don’t know, but whatever Dualist ingested, he has certainly shit gold with this remix.

And hey, to those still pissed at The Grammy’s (which after listening to the remix I don’t know how you can still have anger), just realize that they are starting to look into the world of EDM bit by bit and given time, it will get better. You know what? it could have been a lot worse, at least Guetta didn’t win.

Free download on Dualist’s website


Thursday – Drum & Bass remix. 09/02/12. Depeche Mode – Peace (Qualafox Liquid remix)

Thursday’s child was ready to board the train.

To restrain ourselves from continuing down the freakish path we have set the past two days, I took today off to relax and listen to some Depeche Mode, arguably (and you will win this argument every time) the most successful electronic music act of all time. Based on numbers alone they have sold over 100 Million Records and played to over 30 Million people live, also add to the fact that 31 years after formation, they are essentially still the same band, with a familiar sound and a consistent mantra; to deliver thought provoking music that people will enjoy, no matter their age or creed.

Today we are looking at one of the latest singles from their 12th album Sounds Of The Universe. After realizing that they couldn’t sample a whole album from He-Man cartoons, they managed to deliver an emotionally raw atmospheric album that shows they still have a strong creative touch. Dave Gahan also shows a fresh voice, hitting high notes crisper than Chris Martin’s daughter and lower tones perfectly suited to the relaxed electronic composition of ‘hurried fashion’.

Their 4th single from Universe entitled Peace is just what you need right now, even if you don’t know it. Beast Mode turns to Priest Mode in this 2009 release, if Anthony Robbins & Mahatma Ghandi were preachers at your local church, this is what I imagine their choir to be. The video befits the vocals perfectly as we follow the inner turmoil and psyche of an ambiguous female soldier as she struggles to rid her memories and strive for inner peace.

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Bay Area DJ/Producer Qualafox shows his range within the EDM world delivering quality originals and remixes without settling for one Genre or even beat style. It is quite common for artists to release Progressive, House and Tech together, but to also add in Dubstep and Drum & Bass speaks of strong musical knowledge and courage.

Depeche Mode are no strangers to quality remixes having released two remix album’s, one you won’t have heard from them though comes from the higher BPM lore of Drum & Bass. Before you pop that pill and slip on your candy raver unitard, you should know that the uptempo nature does not stop this track from being as relaxing as smoking menthol infused hashish whilst floating above the atmosphere. Gahan’s deep rooted vocals combined with Qualafox’s dark neolithic synths and staple drum track, flow through space smoother than money through the ex-wifes hands, but you don’t care about that anymore as you are now riding the peace train that has stripped you of all your worries. Waiting for Friday couldn’t be any more pleasurable.

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