Monday – Electro Pop Remix 07/11/11. Empire Of The Sun – We Are The People (Jimmy2sox remix)

Monday’s child was Jazzy.

Empire of the Sun have become a Global sensation, and by Global, I mean Australian, as it seems all the good Electro Pop comes out of Australia nowadays. From the likes of Miami Horror, PNAU, The Presets and Sneaky Sound System, if you have seen Empire of the Sun you will know why they their fame has reached more corners of the world. A modern day rock opera with dance inducing ballads and a propensity to love thy neighbour.

We Are The People is one of their biggest hits (who are we kidding, they only have 5 songs, but we dance along to their other stuff until we hear something we recognize, and this one you will) and stand alone ranks amongst the top Electro Pop tunes this decade. However a little known guy named Jimmy2Sox, so little I can only find a myspace page for him, remixed this beauty of a tune with some sweet sweet Jazzy House. A perfect way to start off your week.

Empire of the Sun – We Are The People (Jimmy2sox remix)

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