Wednesday – Electro House remix. 25/01/12. Nirvana – All Apologies (Sound Remedy remix)

Wednesday’s child was buried by fame,

Things people should apologize for.
– Kim Kardashian for making the New Jersey Nets more relevant than they are
– Trey Parker & Matt Stone for making it alright to vote ‘Morman’ and thus we have Mitt Romney
– Jack Harbaugh for teaching his son’s that they win & LOSE together
– George Lucas for ruining __________ (insert any of his films here)
– Jason Segal for making me a muppet of a man
– Newt Gingrich for being a dick (oh and cheating on and leaving his two disease stricken former wives)

We will never hear the apology we desperately seek though, from Kurt Cobain himself, for robbing dedicated fans of years of talent to come (there was a suicide note released here, but no apology). But then again, maybe it’s the man that will never get the apologies from us for driving him to do what he did to escape.

Cobain’s first band Fecal Matter transitioned easily into Skid Row and three other names before they took inspiration in Seattle’s other ‘Venti’ creation, the espresso mass market that allowing all South Vancouverites thier own sip of Nirvana. Like Starbucks, the band came to represent a generation.

Like weed to heroine, the relaxed almost folksy All Apologies is the gateway to the aggressive stylings that makes In Utero a timeless blend of underground mainstream. The second single from their third album became an instant classic bringing together a range of listeners curious to see what Nirvana’s true musical direction was after self-proclaiming their ‘selling out’ with the hugely successful Nevermind.

It’s funny to hear that while All Apologies was made for Kurt’s wife and child, it has nothing to do with the lyrics but rather the mood described as “Peaceful, Happy, Comfort“. Taking heed that the word “Married” is followed by “Buried“, you might think someone asked him who the song was about and he answered “Courtney of course, wait is that camera on? I err mean, yeah it is about my dear Courtney, because its uhh peaceful, hmm, happy and urr comforting, just like she is, look she even bought me this shotgun for our anniversary

Check out the much fawned over acoustic version from MTV’s Unplugged for a beautiful cello addition and a very pensive Dave Grohl.

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After all the remedies that the people of LA subscribe to, thankfully it seems they now have found the right one with the DJ/Producer Sound Remedy. Today we look at his popular remix to All Apologies.

Instantly we are introduced to the familiar sullen guitar riff that speaks a life’s experience through just a few simple notes, a few blippy sounds that make you feel like you are waiting for instructions from Major Tom start filtering in. While this remix never makes you feel like the original was swept away in a tornado, you realize this song isn’t in Kansas anymore. It quickly becomes reminscint of the electro quirks that made Joel Zimmerman a household name in the rodent extermination business with solid beats and tactfully hinting; yet never overbearing; complextro. Patience is rewarded to those who are intrigued and beguiled by the new sound, with a heavier original verse that spoke of the bipolar nature of the song; and Nirvana as a whole.

Cobain once stated “I wanted to be totally Led Zeppelin in a way and then be totally extreme punk rock and then do real wimpy pop songs and then release some savvy dance floor electro“. Ok, those last 8 words might have been a misprint, but were he alive to hear how sweet his music would sound with a few ‘Massive’ synths, I guess we will never know.

Free download on Soundcloud page


Sunday (New Years Day) – Downtempo remix. 1/1/12. Soundgarden – Blow Up The Outside World (Virgin Magnetic Material remix)

Sunday’s child was myanding his own business,

This year could see a lot of bad things, The US may welcome in a Newt for President, the London Olympics may see more attractive weightlifters than gymnasts, the iPad 2S may be released, we may see Tebow in the Superbowl, Sidney Crosby may have to retire way too young, the McRib may not return for a limited time, The EU could completely fall under the weight of growing debt, David Guetta may reign as the worlds #1 DJ (according to DJmag), oh and the world could blow up. However if all of the above comes true, by the time Dec 21st comes along, we will already feel like we have been living the film Melancholia, and thus, it might not be that hard to say goodbye.

Trying to find the right song to ring in the new years? Well check yesterday’s blog for the perfect upbeat track to celebrate another successful year for Calendar producers. Today’s track is meant to be somber, meant to represent everything wrong with the world, and maybe, just maybe, make you feel alright with it all.

Soundgarden released Blow Up The Outside World on their fateful final album Down On The Upside in 1996. Whether Cornell and the boys were singing about things to come 16 years later, or providing an aural allegory to the oral allegations going down inside the White House I don’t know, but this largely experimental single wasn’t a bad song to finish up their decade long career with.

With a fairly relaxed, almost lazy intro with hints of Lennon and reminiscent of a soon to be heard Blur, their is no doubting their metal roots as the song builds with heavy power chords as Cornell’s lullaby vocals transform with ferocious power to complete yet another grunge anthem.

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Israeli Shai Vardi, who produces under the tastefully bragging moniker Virgin Magnetic Material, brings us today’s remix. He claims the name is actually a technical term for shield material that has never been magnetized, however take a few listens to his music and you can easily believe that he is made of the material to attract many an innocent young lady.

In this mellifluous downtempo remix, the seminal intro remains, but where the heavy guitar riffs are expected, deep trippy chords (that wouldn’t be out of place in Mordor had Frodo failed in his quest) have replaced them. Vardi’s sublime production techniques keep a rein on the original changes in tempo, and while you might not think that a good thing if you have lived and loved through the grunge era, just remember how painful it was to survive through Goth, Emo & Screamo. We are ready for a lovely new sound to our garden. The ambiance created by this track is delightfully 2012, where it belongs, as the anthem to our destruction ­čÖé

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! I hope the next 355 days are full of love and peace (and yes I said 355).

Unfortunately Virgin Magnetic Material does not provide purchase or download links, hopefully with a little love and a lot of support we can convince Vardi how nice it would be to drop his creative visions into our daily lives. Check out his page for more brilliant remixes, including one of my homeboys The Flight Of The Conchords – Business time, which if you have checked out my mixes you will know how sweet it fits in a good Electro Set. Alinement – Business Time.

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