Friday – House remix. 09/12/11. Tosch ft. Christina – Somewhere Over The Rainbow 2k11 (Sean Finn remix)

Friday’s Child had a frog in their throat.

Your imagery might be of a sexy green amphibian, strumming on a guitar & singing lyrics that perk you up higher than a double shot extra hot soy mocha latte. Originally recorded for The Wizard of Oz, Somewhere Over The Rainbow has had many an artists impression. From Judy Garland to Kermit, this tune has been handed down through the ages like yo daddy’s daddy’s daddy’s spittoon. In 1993, Israel Kamakawiwo’olekemiwakamellefasolatedah combined the lyrics with What A Wonderful World and added a Ukulele melody, it is the imagery of a 3000 lb Hawaiian man, jiggling with every strum, that I like to imagine when I hear this track.

Today we are taking the Tosch-point-O[f] view today with his elevating & melodic big room remake. Kermit has had a relapse of his painkiller addiction and has been replaced by Christina & while she might not look as fine, she sure sound’s a little sexier. This version runs a fine line between Progressive House & Trance, sure they are in the same family, but you can definitely hear the Euro Trance hints emanating from Tosch’s ecstasy happy notes.

“But it’s Friday!! Where’s the damn house music, I have grown accustomed to listening to your regular Genre of the Day. I heard Drum & Bass last night, so it’s got to be Friday, I mean with the amount of PCP I took last night, I guess I could have slept the whole day. Goddamnit, I did not throw away my iPhone yesterday just to be changed days on again!”

Fret no more son, while I like the Tosch version, it isn’t a track that I would write about on it’s own, it wasn’t until I found fellow Deutschebagger Sean Finn and his incredibly bouncy House remix that I knew I had Friday’s track.

Dropping this track tonight may confuse a few clubbers, especially with it’s semi-cheesy poppy vocals, it isn’t until the end of the break, when Finn’s signature glitched vocals drop into the song’s rhythmic bassline, that you will see their brains alerting their synapses to bounce the fuck out. This is a super fun track and definitely worth a few listens. Check out another collaboration between the two with their Occupy Wall Street theme song I Wanna Be A Hippy.

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Friday – House remix. 25/11/11. The Black Project – Off The Wall (Tradelove remix)

Friday’s Child was relieved.

This track was begging to be Friday’s remix with the line “leave that nine-to-five upon the shelf / and just enjoy yourself” does anything more need to be said?

It’s been rumoured that Dr. Conrad Murray’s human guinea pig was a talented young sod, so I did a bit of research and it turns out Jacko has churned out a few chart toppers in his time. Now that his time is over, I thought it apt to find a good remix as they are few and far between.

Tradelove, a staunch looking Italian fella, without the help of propofol (we are assuming), took top disco house producer The Black Project‘s (a fitting name for what happened in Michael Jackson’s life) take on Off The Wall and added his Trade(mark)love of good bouncy modern house. Surprisingly my 13 year old brother stopped playing MW3 to tell me that he really likes what he is hearing, whether or not this is a good thing I’ll let you decide, but we here at The Daily Remix Blog love it! While you are at it, check out his Rock The Casbah remix which I used in my recent mix, it will make you an instant fan too.

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Friday – House Remix 18/11/11. Jorgensen and Jesse Voorn – Loser (original)

Friday’s child was hip.

Few clues your way, try and figure out the artist.
1. He scored the original tracks in Scott Pilgram vs. The World
2. He is named after a German beer that his mother was drinking pre-coitus
3. He’s a loser baybay!

This anti-folk white rapper released this track in 1993 mostly as a big F.U. to the pre-hipster crowds that weren’t paying any attention to him whilst he was on stage, it caught on and ironically became the hit that would make Beck a household (if yours was a pre-hipster household full of top ramen, cheap vodka and bean-bags) name.

It’s hard to touch a genre bending cult classic tune such as Loser, think about the first time you saw Harry Potter and then realized how long you would have to wait till Emma Watson became of legal age, this should it put into perspective how long we have had to wait for a decent remix. Jesse Voorn and Jorgensen have retooled and resampled the original quite brilliantly. The warping blues guitar riff is prevalent in the middle build with it’s pre-hipster anthem vocal that drops into a tactile solid snare drop.

This track is perfect for any size club with its transition from old school cool to new school sweet. Enjoy your weekend folks. Soy un perdedor! Soy un bebé hipster, ¿Por qué no me matas.

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