Wednesday – Electro House remix. 22/02/12. Rihanna ft. Calvin Harris – We Found Love (Thell Bootleg)

Wednesday’s child tried online dating,

Quick let me get this post out before this song gets overplaye… oh shit, im seriously watching cricket right now, New Zealand vs South Africa, and the song is blaring over the loudspeakers (not joking either, this is happening right now). If you need any proof of a song being overplayed, go to any major sporting match, and outside of Darude – Sandstorm (which can never be heard too much), every single song has been played at least 4 times today on every radio station, including talk back.

To get to that level though, it has to be a somewhat decent song right? Well maybe not, but this one actually is. I’ve long since lauded Calvin Harris for being one of the few producers out there that can lend their own voice to their songs. And Rihanna, the Barbados beauty, has always been a favourite of mainstream club DJ’s for her hybrid House-Pop. Put them together and you have a happy household where the only punches thrown are the ones of gleeful drunk patrons in the air every Friday night.

Shit, South Africa won, fuck Calvin Harris, Rihanna you bitch! Who else do I have to blame.. ahhh its all Guetta’s fault, it always it.

Just listen to the damn song for the 5th time today and add your number to the list of 134 million people who have watched the video.

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So now to the real reason we are here today, Thell has released a free bootleg of We Found Love for your enjoyment, and trust me, it’s worth downloading.

A completely new percussive opening builds into the familiar happy chords of the original with Rihanna’s blabbing about falling in love in the back of a Volkswagon (Mallrats‘ fan will get it). This is a great track to play full blast with your little sister around as what appears to drop into the smooth bouncy house beats is completely ripped apart (like your sisters childhood) with stupidly aggressive sawlike electro that has been run through a power blender packed with protein powder and bricks. Drop this on your Wednesday night set to amp the energy in your crowd, speaking of amps, you might want to lower the gains beforehand.

Free download on Soundcloud page


Friday – House remix. 10/02/12. Valero – Sunglasses At Night [Corey Hart]

Friday’s child played for the Brewers,

The man most would associate as a one hit wonder with Sunglasses At Night actually released a higher charting and better selling song Never Surrender a couple of years later. It’s ironic that it became such an important Canadian song, sure the Canucks take pride in never surrendering, but since the great white north is like that awkward kid filming the fight with his RAZR from a safe distance, when would they have ever had the chance to not wave the white flag? It’s like American’s never give up on their dreams, through the amount of artificial food and prescription drugs, what dreams can they have to never give up on?

Without further delving into the Canadian psyche, lets take it back to Corey Hart’s first single, Sunglasses At Night. The iconic New Wave hit is more a political snapshot of a police state than about some douche in your local club, however I don’t give a crap about 1980’s politics, but I do hate with a passion people that wearing sunglasses at night, so the next time you see a prospective douche in your local club wearing shades, follow these steps to determine what you should do –

Step 1: Check if this person may be affected by one of the following afflictions
Blind – Look around for a dog, or a cane, if none present, reach forward with your left thumb towards their mouth until they either stop it or start sucking
Double dipping – If you touch their skin, do they shudder or giggle? If so, then realize that their pupils are more dialated than octomom’s cervix
Migraines – Believable if they are deaf maybe? Try telling them you appreciate their neck gobble.
Puerto Ricans – (Don’t ask)
Abused wives – Just be aware that she has already been told, twice
Twihards – Throw 3.2 lbs of glitter on them and see if they sparkle
Terminators – Again, look around for a dog, if none present, ask them what they think of Christian Bale

Step 2: If they fail step one, query their reasoning. If they reply with either of the following quotes
Because when you’re cool, the sun shines on you 24 hours a day
Because I party til the sun comes up

Step 3: Rip off their sunnies and defacate on their grandmothers grave. No reason is good enough to wear sunglasses at night.

Over the years through careful inner appreciation and self worth did Hart’s song writing measure up to his aging maturity, it can be heard in such songs as Jenny Fey & In Yo.. “Shut the fuck up! do you really think I want to read about Corey Hart’s career? When I hear his name, I think only of drunken Home Runs in Milwaukee, just play the fucking song already and get to the remix..”

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OK, after careful selective processing, I think I’m over the fact that I might be the only person under 50 that cares what happened to this portrayal of 80’s synth pop godliness, I mean the guy has kids named India, Dante, River & Rain, AND he was nearly Marty McFly, how is that not cool? However, I know I won’t be the alone in loving today’s remix by a talented German producer Valero.

The man knows what people want to hear, apparently in order to be a decent remixer nowadays, you need to give your take on one of these two tracks – Somebody That I Used To Know and Levels. Valero does both! However, he goes a lot further than that with sweet remixes to Salt N Pepa, Aloe Blacc, Adele, Yolada Be Cool & Dcup, Kings Of Leon and Fatboy Slim! He is simply the reason why The Daily Remix Blog needs to change underwear right now with so many exciting tunes to choose from. However we are settling for Sunglasses At Night for now.

There is nothing drunk chicks love more than hearing songs they know from their parents era, even if its portrayed completely differently “heeeeey, I know this song, hold on eiiisha, gimme my purse… NOW.. thank you darling, love you. OMG listen to this song, I wear my Sunglasses at night, and would you look at me now, Im wearing my sunglasses at night, so I can so i can ugh yheah yhhh story goes.. I love this sooooong, but it sounds different, wierd, the pills must be kicking in, sweet! Ummm, like excuse me, can you like umm take a picture of us three wearing sunglasses… AT NIGHT!!! bahahaha, but no seriously, take the picture. Hi im Jessica by the way, LOL, you should buy me a drink.”

Now where was I? Oh, right, Valero’s remix features a bouncy rhythmical house beat with a glowing arpeggio of organ synths that lie beneath upbeat percussion and cleverly sampled vocals. The breakdown takes you back to 1983 with the classic sullen new wave sound and Hart’s ‘I’m trying to look and sound sexy at the same time but end up doing neither‘ voice. A quick drum fill drops back into the happy heart of this remix that brings the collective mood of the room up a few notches, that is until someone whips on their sunglasses and you collectively beat the shit out of them.

No download link provided

Friday – House remix. 03/02/12. Brass Knuckles – Lie To You (WhiteNoize remix)

Friday’s child looked innocent,

Would I Lie To You Baby? is the answer to every question ever posed to Charles & Eddie by their past girlfriends. These two make Bert and Ernie look straight. Whatever their sexuality, I’m sure this song got them a lot of T&A (but most likely A).

Not enough is known about Charles Pettigrew’s life, other than studying yazz vocals with Ron Burgandy (and claiming to be straight). He unfortunately succumbed (don’t you think succamb should be a word?) to cancer in 2001, so we will never know what he may have lied about.

Eddie, however, has a whole lot of WTF’s that need a Would I Lie To You? answer. The one-time Scientologist’s first band was formed with Cliff Burton of Metallica and Mike Bordin of Faith No More (at the age of 12 mind you), he helped produce tracks for 2 Live Crew and The Dust Brothers, not to mention S Club 7! Now he is one half of the Electro duo The Polyamorous Affair with his (female) wife.

We all had a little guilty pleasure in this song in the early 90’s, and I wouldn’t lie to you about the fact I have lent my vocals to this song a few times (alone, in the shower, in the mountains, in fucking tibet). This is one of those songs you ‘accidentally’ put on your one-night-stand iTunes playlist and hope she is drunk enough to love it or too tired to notice.

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Brass Knuckles have smashed their way through the faces of many a club goer with their take on this 1992 R&B classic. The Miami based trio have replaced Charles & Eddie by the less androgynous Chipmunks, whilst still holding true to the original as the riffs melt off Nu-disco electro synths smoother than lamb in a slow cooker. The solid beats are as strong as Charles’s personal trainer and whilst the tempo is raised significantly, it rubs as gentle as Eddie’s handshake. Check out the Brass Knuckles Lie To You EP for two more decent remixes.

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Buy this track at Beatport

WhiteNoize has beefed up Brass Knuckles remix with a steroidal injection that is worth lying to the federal jury about. With groovy glitched up vocals that speak lies of better days and a darker faster bassline, this remix is one that will be played for years to come. If you are looking for a strong, yet fun and happy remix to give you that extra burst of energy after dropping Bingo Players – Cry (Just A Little) to follow the ironic trend of cheesy 90’s anthems turned insanely awesome dance tracks, this is the remix you want. Would I lie to you? How dare you question me bitch!

Free download on Soundcloud page

Friday – House remix. 27/01/12. Luthier – Magnum Opus (Crazibiza [Wild Cherry Funky Music] remix)

Friday’s child couldn’t jump,

Close your eyes and listen to the original song below, open them and prepare to be racist. Or is it reverse racism? Man I don’t know with all the political correctness bullshit today. I tell you what, when someone tells me to Play That Funky Music, White Boy, I want that person to truly expect that I am far too white to do anything resembling funky. This is the musical version of White Men Can’t Jump, I mean I guess now that I think about it, it wouldn’t make that much sense for African American’s to be telling white boys to play funky music, I mean, they owned that shit and all the swag that accompanied it.

Inspiration comes from wonderful places, in actuality, the above really did happen, a table full of black patrons approached the band and teased the band mercifully into millions of dollars because the ‘white boys werent playing any funky music’.

Apparently this song formed the basis for The Rolling Stones mantra, to play funky music til they die, (which is surprising really; that they arent dead yet, it does make you want to take health PSA’s a little less seriously eh?). Wild Cherry disbanded in 1979, but the song has lived on through far too many remakes, it helped Taylor Hicks win American Idol, it helped Adam Lambert lose American Idol, and unfortunately helped Vanilla Ice become way too famous, for without it, a little known B-side track on Vanilla’s version Ice Ice Baby may never have been noticed. Thankfully we have two very talented producers to help take the remake’s taste out of our mouths and repackage the original with some added sugar and spice.

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Luthier, aka Rômulo & Thiago, hail from one of the newer hotbeds of international dance music; Brazil. Their work has been gaining recognition far and wide throughout the Tech House world, so it’s interesting that today’s remix of Wild Cherry’s 1976 single is listed as their ‘Magnum Opus’. Latin for ‘Greatest Work’, this is a title reserved for the height of ones artistic career. Releasing a track this good, it’s not hard to see why they have given it such a grandiose label, but the only problem I have with this is; having listened to their range of work; they were creatively and rhythmically strong years ago with Physical Realities, and still display that nature with better production techniques today in Mr Zepellin (btw another great remix). One could say that the sky is the limit for these two, but with the quality of their music (and the quality of today’s psychotropic drugs) why settle for earth? Luthier has potential for many a Magnum ‘XXL ribbed for her pleasure’ Opus’ and I hope you stick around to label it for them.

Today’s remix of Play That Funky Music starts you off with the original bass guitar riff building with looped vocals giving off a fun yet curious vibe of what’s to come. Sweet tribal percussion drops over rolling sub bass with such deep sensuality that makes you want to reach for another Magnum (you know what I mean). This is one sexy remix and had this been a Tuesday, I might have stopped here with one of the best Tech House remixes I have heard in a long time. But being Friday, it is house night, and we are lucky enough to have Luthier’s track further remixed by the superstar Hungarian DJ duo Crazibiza.

Soundcloud preview below, to listen to full track go to YouTube version here

Buy this track at Beatport

Crazibiza aka Tommyboy & Agebeat, have exploded onto the EDM scene with such vengeance and furious anger that would make Samuel L Jackson give up his tasty Kahuna Burger for a few more minutes of such aural pleasure. Their music bounces off the page larger than Kim Kardashian’s ass and plays sweeter than replays of Snooki getting punched in the face. They have a style, and that style is ‘play every track they make’ so I don’t need to describe today’s remix too much, just press play. I am a white boy, and proud of it, can I dance? Sort of. Can I jump? Well, I used to. Can I play funky music? Now I fucking can!

Soundcloud preview below, to listen to full track go to YouTube version here

Buy this track at Beatport

Friday – Disco House remix. 20/01/12. George Benson – Gimme The Night (Sulli5657 Jammin mix)

Friday’s child had a seat at the main table,

You have had your days, or more likely, they have had you. From the annoying phone habits of the cubicle next to you to the 10 minutes of freedom you have on the bathroom every day, its time you took back the night, and being Friday, its your god given right.

So once you demand the time off from your respective other (or more likely, politely ask permission), it’s time to go make mistakes, coz when there’s music in the air and there’s lovin everywhere, just make sure to never tell anyone what happened (except your local barista the next morning), and be sure to clean up that lovin, UV lights catch EVERYthing.

Tomorrow, when you pass a busking child, I bet you’ll pretend not to be impressed just to avoid giving them your hard earned cash (that you threw away the previous night), be aware though, that in ten years time, these kids may either be playing at the Big Day Out reunion concert (today was the final BDO in New Zealand), or giving ZJ’s (if you have to ask what a ZJ is, you can’t afford it) to support their crack addictions, your support now could help influence their path.

George Benson’s first paid performance was at the tender age of 7, with nothing but a Ukulele and dogged determination. He dropped off his Ukulele and picked up his act with the help of legendary pioneers Miles Davis and Quincy Jones, with their help he rose to the heights of the R&B scene (I’m talking about when R&B was sexy, with the body of Jazz & the heart of Soul). Pulling a Fresh Prince out of his ass, Jones helped propel Benson to the top of the 1980 Billboard charts with Give Me The Night.

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Sean Sullivan & Cody Nasir aka Sulli & 5657, hailing from the biggest little city on earth, Reno, have upped the stakes and doubled down with their impression of Benson’s Disco era hit. Right off the deck, the first hand they play is a strong one, with an uptempo bongo and high-hat drum track that alerts us to down our Red Bull, and entices you to keep riding your luck. Stuttered electro chords pepper the table as the ante is raised with perfectly quantized vocal samples that are intermittently glitched for added style. The first break gives you a chance to breathe, but there are no bluffs here as it builds back into the chorus with smooth delays and high pass filters, unleashing your inner disco beast as the beat drops. Everyone’s a winner tonight, except hipsters and Jersey Shore fans, they don’t deserve music this good.

Free download on Soundcloud page

Thursday – Breaks remix. 19/01/12. Ray Charles – Hit the Road (Philly Blunt edit)

Thursday’s child didn’t want to blame it on the ah-a-a-ah-a-alcohol,

Ain’t nothin like a blind man to be cheatin on his girl, Ray Charles was no Jamie Foxx, he didn’t need to blame it on the booze, “Baby, how was I to know it wasn’t you? I can’t see goddamnit! Why do you have to make me feel so shit about it, I already feel terrible, I just had the best sex of my life, and now I realize I ain’t gonna get that from my wife, have pity you seeing-eye-bitch!” At least that’s what I imagine he might have said.

I don’t need to tell you about Charles’ life, the black fox did that very aptly, what he didn’t do (and surprisingly Joaquin Phoenix did do) was replicate the vocals of the legend he was imitating. Foxx (without the stupid autotune), is really a phenomenal singer, he actually pulled the reverse Will Smith and got into acting as a way to end up in the recording studio. Acting was his homage to the man in black (glasses) though, as he dared not take on the gruff complexity behind the humanizing vocals that gave life to soul.

Today’s song is a crossover mix of soul, rock & roll and big band. Not one genre is forefront, nor one audience targeted, this transient appeal makes Hit The Road Jack so likeable. This track became famous of course as a PSA for spousal abuse by the PHOA (Pussy Husbands of America), bitches be kickin, what’d you say?!

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I think we can all agree when i say this, but Philly Blunt is a modern day Ray Charles, without the black, the heroin, the blindness and the ability to sing (I’m sure he can pull rank with the ladies though). Hell I don’t know much about the guy, what I do know, is that he hosts the wicked Bootleg Blog (check out his current 15 days of fury where he will release a new track or mix every day), he’s not from Philadelphia (he’s from Perth, Australia), he probably enjoys the occasional blunt, and the man knows how to make music.

So this whole Ray Charles comparison you speak of? Check this quote by the hardest man in rock music – Billy Joel “I don’t know if Ray was the architect of rock & roll, but he was certainly the first guy to do a lot of things . . . Who the hell ever put so many styles together and made it work?“. Take one listen to his track below and you will begin to see what I mean. The Obtuse Pennsylvanian has mashed together three remixes very cleverly that make this a sweet transition song. Those who follow this blog, know we don’t highlight mashups, but when it’s a mashup of three remixes to the same tune, ummmm yes please.

The bongo intro makes you wonder if you had clicked on a Rusted Root song accidently, but then it flows into a smooth snare filled House beat (129bpm) that questions you with hinting samples, you really don’t know what to expect as the original takes shape from recognizable (yet beefed up) electro chords. As the tempo slows down to transition from The Loose Cannons‘ remix, I’m picturing Chris Tucker having a stroke and what results is a charming relaxed gentile represented by this classy downtempo breaks remix (97bpm) from Tom Drummond. It features a heavy New Jack beat with tactful scratch samples and a warbled whoomping electro synth that follows you like a faithful dog. If you listen closely, En Vogue makes a guest appearance as Philly Blunt takes his foot off the brake allowing Drummond to rear end the Altered Grooves remix (and they like it) that rounds off this sensational collection with an energetic 5×4 breakbeat (130bpm) that will mix back into any house set.

Free download on Soundcloud page

For those who would like to check out the original remixes that Philly Blunt has featured, here are the links below.
Eats Everything – “Hit The Road, Jack (The Loose Cannons Remix)
Tom Drummond – Hit It
Altered Grooves – Hit The Road Jack

Friday – House remix. 13/01/12. Ou Est Le Swimming Pool – Dance The Way I Feel (Frankmusic cover) (Emdeeema remix)

Friday’s child was in an interpretive mood,

Wouldn’t the world be a wonderful place if everyone responded to inane questions in dance form? What did you get up to last night? What kind of music do you like? What is your sexual history? Why do you keep itching? and finally the question to turn every psychiatrist’s room into a night club, how do you feel?

Where Is The Swimming Pool? or Ou Est Le Piscine? (which considering what we have all done under the comforts of the tepid communal water, piscine might be a more fitting english name). For fans of this band, im sure they wish that none of this was real, for the bands lead singer to stop breathing in the quite the manner he did was a shock to the music community. Haddon, in a primordial vision, wrote the lyrics to this fateful song that spoke of crashing down on all the people in his way. (read the story of Haddon’s passing here)

When bands like The Baha Men, OMC and Wheatus are known for their one hit wonders, its not for lack of talent that Ou Est Le Swimming Pool joins them. With their only album The Golden Year receiving massive critical acclaim, you can believe whatever plans they had laid out, would have brought them to the upper echelon of successful indie pop.

If I were to Dance The Way I Feel, it would be a sad site of confused malaise that wouldn’t be out of place in the Woody Allen Biopic “Soon Ye Olde Men Be Lovin (Ye Daughters)”. I challenge you, my faithful readers to think about what your dance would look like right now in relation to how you feel, where’s a Tosh.0 video challenge when you need one?

(blog continued below)

With solid beats and catchy synths, the band had set themselves up for airplay beyond the radio, numerous indie clubs had been dropping their single to pretentious Hipster crowds that danced they way they felt by standing around sippin gin (hipsters don’t feel anything, they have no soul). Armand Van Helden, the sauce behind the duck, released his popular floor smashing remix to the happiest of dance floors, ask any London clubber how they feel and they will answer ‘I love the feel of suede on the mooooon’, ahhh drugs are fun.

(blog continued below)
Ou Est Le Swimming Pool – Dance The Way I Feel (Armand Van Helden remix)

Speaking of drugs, Cleveland based producer Emdeeema (whose parents clearly think their son’s moniker has something to do with his love of The Girl from Ipenema as they played a lot of Antonio Carlos Jobim in Bill’s impressionable years) has released his tribute of a tribute from Frankmusic. The song is introduced with haunting bells straight out of an 80’s horror movie that meet youthful lighthearted vocals, taking on a new persona with an added horn section to give a little extra oomph in the second drop. No amphetamines are needed to induce your crowd into dancing the way they feel, with peace, love and unity.

These remixes makes me as happy as the day I took my first emdeeema, that is until I realize that all of this was real, and damnit if we aren’t missing out on the continuation of real talent. It is through the talent of young musicians such as today’s remixer that we entrust to keep beautiful music alive.

Free download on Soundcloud page

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