Monday – Turbofunk remix. 09/01/12. Phoenix – If I Ever Feel Better (RESET! bootleg remix)

Monday’s child is trying to recover,

Like Columbus poor directions leading to America, Like Brees bad shoulder falling to New Orleans, Like a dead rodent found in the back of a computer to Joel Zimmerman, there is such a thing as a happy accident, one which just works out so much better than anyone could imagine. If I was to add to that list Laurent Brancowitz leaving Darlin’ you might have to just nod and smile right? Darlin was a short lived French experimental electro pop group in the mid 90’s which fell to the wayside when Brancowitz joined his younger brothers band. The other two members of this fateful band; Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo became the little known gospel folk (I think) band, Daft Punk.

Sure you can say leaving Darlin’ might have been a bad move, but if you fast forward 14 years, you tell me which French band not only received gold album sales in the USA, UK & Australia, placed in Rolling Stone’s top 5 Album & Singles list, performed the holy trinity of American Festivals; Coachella, Bonnaroo & Lollapalooza. Oh and they won the Grammy for best Alternative album. Phoenix hit puberty in full stride with gusto never seen since the days of Jeremy Jackson (Hobie Buchannon) fucking through his teenage years with all the Baywatch actresses.

Phoenix, like Kings of Leon realized that singing in their native tongue was just bad business sense, they knew that performing in English was their ticket to world wide stardom. French, like whatever language they speak in the American deep south, might sound aurally pleasing, but then again so do the prayers of Tibetan Monks, and you don’t see too many teenyboppers ooooohhmmm’ing on the dance floors (they leave that for the bedroom, giggidy). Phoenix has never performed, at least for commercial release, any songs in French, and because of this they were initially rebuked in their home country. While Foreign critics were heaping praise on the fresh new sounds of the eclectic indie pop group, fans were slower to come around.

Philippe Zdar was to Phoenix what ‘Flax Seed Oil’ was to Barry Bonds. The man behind Cassius, produced and mixed Pheonix’s 4th album, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (2009). The fairly arrogant title befits the strength and confidence of the entire album highlighted by the instant classics; 1901 & Liztomania.

Today we go back to a track that really ushered in the epoch of funky chords interspersed with beautiful falsetto vocals that race in and out of rhythm in a style recognizable to the french indie dance scene, but instantly recognizable only as Phoenix. If I Ever Feel Better from their first album United, would not be out of place if it were found 8 years later in Wolfgang, it is no coincidence then that it had Zdar’s steroidal influence on production and with guest keyboarder Thomas Bangalter, this track grew bigger than Bond’s head. Check out the video below for Phoenix performing live with a special guest appearance from Daft Punk, epicness ensues.

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Unlike Tony Danza in Who’s The Boss, there is no debating that these Italians are the boss of the Turbofunk scene, hell they practically created it, as I have found no one quite like them, and frankly I don’t want to. Whilst some DJ’s might throw on a classic Daft Punk track to rev up the energy of the crowd, I chuck on a Reset! Remix for a Rapturous! Reception. These boys should be sponsored by Red Bull with the amount of turbulence they create with their funked up tunes.

The wonderful thing about Reset! is how they take nothing away from the original track, much like a ‘surprise’ guest in a WWE title fight, they wait for the right moment before signaling their entrance, and like the hype machine that wrestling is, the suspense built up from subtle changes of key and tempo with effects to boot drops ever so smoothly into their touch on today’s remix. Having gone through a fairly stressful week, I wondered if I would ever feel better, but after listening to this track, I can honestly say, I do.

Check out their Soundcloud page for details on how to get a free download through their Facebook page. And while you are at it, do yourself a Mammary favour and check out their new uncensored video for Oh Yeah.


Saturday – Progressive House remix 2 for 1. 7/1/11. PNAU – The Truth (Sam La More remix) & (Chris Lake remix)

Saturday’s child lost his lover,

Pnau, that sound you make when shooting your fake finger gun (go ahead try it now, Pnau.. Pnau.. Pnau, & your dead), are an Australian duo made up of Nick Littlemore (of Empire of the Sun fame) & Peter Mayes. With multiple directions from acid tech to indie pop, Pnau have established themselves as a respected leader of the chameleon environment that is the Australian EDM scene. Today we are checking out their emotionally charged indie dance hit.

Everyone has their song, that aural vibe they need to get over heartache & heartbreak. For me this is that song, a song that vindicates, a song that predicates and communicates, a song that authenticates how good love can feel and why it has to feel so bad in return. The Truth is dedicated to those forlorn, to those who need words when they have nothing to speak, to those who need comfort knowing we aren’t alone in our feelings. Damn do I need this song right now.

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Keeping it in the family, the big brother of Nick Littlemore has produced a brilliant progressive house remix of The Truth. Sam La More, a respected producer in his own right has added the perfect uplifting resonance to get over your heartbreak. With a layered chorus of soothing hymns and hearty wooden percussive synths that bring out the best of his lil bro’s crafted vocals, even if you have to cry yourself to sleep, this is the track you want to wake up to.

Download this track on his Soundcloud page

Englishman Chris Lake, the man who knows how to command the main room, has dropped his influence on Pnau’s 2011 track with an energetic meltdown of subtle electro and proggy synths that strips the original of it’s poppy undertones whilst adding a decisive kick (to your groin) big enough to make this a certain festival approved smash.

Where La More’s track helps you get over your pain, Lakes remix gives you the drive to move forward, backwards and a lot of up and down.

Buy this track at Beatport

Monday – Nu Disco remix. 26/12/11. Architecture in Helsinki – Escapee (The Polish Ambassador remix)

Monday’s child had history,

Seperated by a body of water and thus part of the council of Baltic War states, Finland and Poland have rather storied histories, although rarely shared together. However the few things they have in common are listed below

-They both suck at football with their last football match ending in a 0-0 draw.
-Neither has many worldwide celebrities to speak of; Finland has a bunch of NHL players, a stock of race car drivers, not to mention The Rasmus (remember this track?) and Darude (you will know this track).
-Poland has a slew of UEFA footballers and their two most famous exports for which Americans will be forever eternally grateful for; in Aaron Spelling (because without him, how would we have ever seen the worst boob job ever [and im not talking about Jason Priestley]), and Andre the Giant (because without him, who would have invented the infamous choke slam?).

Of course things were different during the war, Finland became a safe haven for Jews & Refugees alike as they had tactically aligned with the Germans early on as a common enemy of the USSR. While technically not part of the Axis, they were co-belligerent with Germany as they depended on aid and arms. Helsinki remained the only capital city not occupied by the Soviets or Germany in Eastern Europe, and remained largely Democratic.

Poland however was a completely different story, after being completely ravaged by the Germans in 1939, they could only sit helplessly whilst the Soviets took control of more than half of the country. All in all, the Poles lost 1/5 of their entire citizen base during the war, and the majority of the architecture destroyed.

You could say that the Architecture in Helsinki remained intact, and even today it stands as a bastion of intelligent indie pop… wait what?

Ironically based out of Sydney, the ARIA nominated quintet Architecture in Helsinki have gathered a world wide following over the past decade. I have yet to find a Finnish AiH Fan Club, but they have played there to good crowds that were mostly curious over the Band’s name, one listen however and curiosity tends to lead to devotion. The members pride themselves on technical mastery over an array of different instruments and synthesizers, evident in their biggest single to date Heart It Races. Their vibe is comparable to Two Door Cinema Club & Hot Chip with Cameron Bird & Kellie Sutherland providing the majority of vocals that are pitched at many an octave (and a skill-set) above the competition. Their 2011 single Escapee is a sweet indietronica release with an uptempo beat that is amongst the best indie dance tracks released this year.

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Ironically based out of the Bay Area, The Polish Ambassador is rising to the upper echelon of neon coloured producer/djs coming out of the USA. As a fan on his Soundcloud page stated “This is what happens when a dude from the future gets hold of a synthesizer, It’s magical.” The former Ample Mammal brought to life an amazing Electrofunk Nu Disco remix of Escapee that creates such a dreamy feel that if you piped it into Prisons, violence would go down ten fold (although escape attempts might go the reverse). Try dropping this into your set tonight and I guarantee a successful night.

While you are at it, check out his large collection of remixes, the man has spent some serious time and imagination on reinventing new sounds, exactly what we at The Daily Remix Blog cream over.

Free download (along with his other tracks) on his blog

Monday – Indie Dance remix. 05/12/11. Cut Copy – Take Me Over (Flight Facilities remix)

Monday’s Child was flying high.

This is no day to be down. You may be sitting in your itchy chair, answering your phone full of melancholy, saying yes to everyone and hearing no from everybody, feeling like you don’t have a purpose, bored, aching from a big weekend, poor whilst you wait til payday & anxious as you are already behind in your projects only to be told to be excited about new business coming in which to you means more paperwork. SO WHAT!

One listen and all your troubles will melt away, like you wish Edward would, instead of that weird glittery shit.

Ctrl-X Ctrl-C are already a favourite of ours, it’s tempting to obey their name and Ctrl-V all of their originals, they are that good (and better live!). But as this is The Daily Remix Blog, Flight Facilities has done us a favour with a number on Cut Copy’s best single from their ARIA winning/Grammy nominated album; Zonoscope.

The self-proclaimed Trinidad & Tobago (but secretly Sydney) based remixers rumoured to be U-Go-B and Jimmy2sox (who we already are very familiar with from our first ever blog post), make up the duo with whom our Antipodean followers will recognize from their 2010 aeronautical smash hit collaboration with Aeroplane; Crave Paris. Their collective input creates such a harmony of loungy bass guitar and Nu Disco synths, with some tribal bongos and steel drums to complete the upbeat percussion. Combine this to Dan Whitfords’ whimsically lazy vocals that remind us of a more melodic Happy Mondays, it becomes impossible for us not to sing and groove along. Flight Facilities should be able to acquire many an airplane hanger to park their bikes in, with this hit remix.

It’s Monday, be happy damnit!

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Monday – Indie Dance Remix 14/11/11. Hot Chip – Over & Over (Diplo remix)

Monday’s Child was laid back.

In terms of genre’s you couldn’t get much more eclectic than this remixer; half the team behind the dancehall electro kings Major Lazer, Diplo doesn’t like to play any game too hard, instead choosing the artistry and delicacy of the decathlon. The Bryan Clay of producers puts the cool into cool aid, because without his aid, M.I.A. never would have become the best Indian/English vocalist since Freddy Mercury. He has collaborated countless other times, actually countless is understating his range, currently having remixed 61 different artists ranging from Britney Spears to Radiohead, from Kanye West to The Beatles, Diplo is the high priced madame you can’t afford.

In 2006 he added new impetus to the catchy indie dance track ‘Over & Over‘ by the beautifully deranged Hot Chip. Where they produce a slow rolling symphonious number, Diplo added a turbo V8 chock full with Hip Hop lyrics that glide off the tongue.

Smile, it’s only Monday. To turn that smile into a giggle, check out the random fan video too.

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