Wednesday – Electro House remix. 01/02/12. The Black Ghosts – Anyway You Choose To Give It (Fake Blood remix)

Wednesday’s child was in a giving mood,

Theo Keating and Simon William Lord are the answer to your judgemental aunt’s question, what good can come from meeting someone on the internet? The UK based pair combined in 2006 to create the indie electronic pop band The Black Ghosts after a year of faceless collaboration.

We harken back their inaugural year with their first big single, Anyway You Choose To Give It. Mix together 1 part Royksopp, 1 1/2 parts Two Door Cinema Club, 1/2 part Crookers and 3 parts of the resulting sound when you turn your bass right up. Melt at 350 degrees for 20 minutes and you are left with a fresh energetic pop song that you hear below.

For the video topping, grate up some Tool and whisk in some Weird Science with a pinch of Pedobear and leave to set for 10 minutes. It’s wonderful to have an imagination, or at least a lot of drugs.

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The fu manchu’ed half of The Black Ghosts – Theo Keating is better known by his DJ moniker Fake Blood, making a name for himself with the Disco tribute I Think I Like It, which really requires no thinking at all. But to those who have never left the kitchen, you will have heard his remix of <a href="; title="Miike Snow's Animal” target=”_blank”>Miike Snow’s Animal gracing the airwaves thirteen times a day, and you will find familiar comfort in today’s remix.

Like the Mazeratti Chairman taking the first spin of the 2012 GranTurismo to impress his mistress. Keating was able to the first test drive of Anyway You Choose To Give It and he chose to give it right back as an Electro House specialty desert, with more glitch sprinkled in than Windows Vista and whoomping fidget bass to leave that delicious aftertaste. This flambe of a remix sure has aged well, as 4 years it still sits pretty in my stomach.

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Monday – Indie Dance remix. 16/01/12. Foster The People – Don’t Stop (TheFatRat remix)

Monday’s child struck black gold, Texas tea,

Perseverence can be a bitch, some artists can try their entire lives to break the big one, only to find infamy in death. Some don’t even try and they can reach superstardom through an (accidental?) nipslip or screwing the right producers. But what about those in the middle, those with belief that their shit does stink, but someday people are going to love the stink of shit. On that scale, today’s band is about as pungent as it gets.

Mark Foster was a man of many an eclectic musical taste, from baroque to gaelic folk, with a mix of Hip Hop, Indie Electronica and Rock on the side, he felt he had something good, if only he could find direction. A couple of prospective band mates later on, a producer with faith and an upbeat happy melodic song about a psychotic teenage shooter (think Red Dead Redemption meets Candyland) and they packed up their car and moved to Beverly. Hills that is, swimming pools, movie stars.

Like the band that was ‘Rush’ing onto stage and someone yelled “you should name your band Rush
like the band that enjoyed seeing a bulldyke prostitute crush a ‘Steely Dan’ (metal dildo) between her legs,
like the band that was so deaf that every time someone suggested a name, they kept replying “The Who?
like the band that was perpetually unemployed and had to fill out the ‘UB40’ form all too often, bands sometime have weird and wonderful stories behind their name.
Foster The People started out innocuously as Foster & The People, but when misinterpreted too many times, the name took on a deeper nurturing meaning that helped to untwist the knickers of hipsters everywhere.

Today we look at their fourth single; Don’t Stop (Color On The Walls), from their ridiculously popular freshman album Torches. This cheerful indie pop tune takes on an almost lullabyesque feel with such comfortable lyrical rhythm and brilliantly simple guitar riffs that if you closed your eyes you could imagine The Beatles swaying in harmony. Check out the video below for a surprising guest star, the song alone is a real gem, but this video makes it even more ‘precious’.

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Foster said about Pumped Up Kicks, “It’s a ‘fuck you’ song to the hipsters in a way — but it’s a song the hipsters are going to want to dance to“. Well sometimes you have to cater to your audience, and Don’t Stop certainly can found in every off-off-off-off broadway dive bar from here to whatever dilapidated suburb is next on the urban renovation project. Some people question their sexual, I however have often questioned my hipstuality, because damn do I like the music. It makes me feel a little dirty everytime I notice that the person next to me wearing yellow suspenders and empty frames is enjoying the track just as much as me.

With supportive people such as the LA based Kraut (I’m not sure if that is a racist term, but if it is, it’s cool I drink Becks all the time, so im fully qualified right?) TheFatRat, I think I can mask this passing fade without having to pray the polaroid gods out of me.

This Obese Rodent has definitely fattened up the original with elements of French House that rolls an incandescent wave of relief and pleasure into the ear canal of all those that don’t care if they are part of a movement, they just love music. TheFatRat blends the original so perfectly with strong kicks and subtly glitched fidget electro. Just when you think you couldn’t bop any more after listening to the original, you better keep your neck warm, as with this funky remix that rubs you in all the right ways, you wouldn’t want to pull a muscle.

Free download on Soundcloud page

***Note to all Hipsters*** – Make sure to get in quick, as with 10000 listens and 2000 downloads in 5 days, this song might already be waaaaaay too cool for you.

Sunday – Deep House remix. 15/01/12. Dragonette – I Get Around (Trophy Twins remix)

Sunday’s child has some ‘splaining to do

I’m pretty sure that after watching Jim Carrey in The Yes Man (after you got over the fact the old bastard manages to win our precious young Zoo-ey [yes I know it’s Zo-ey, but Zoo-ey is way cuter]) we all tried our own version of always saying yes.

Did you just let one rip? Yes. Can you pay bail tonight, I feel like bustin up some hookers? Yes. Do you want to call up your cousin and tell her about your teenage fantasies? Yes. Do you want to go all Ben Stiller and i’ll insert a fish hook into your mouth? Yes. There’s a good chance if you have ever watched any good youtube video, this is how it started, not with Carrey, but with Alcohol, and a fucking Samurai Sword.. Check out this video below

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There are worse things to say yes to when you oughta say no. Temptation, especially when combined with stimulants can lead people into a whole lotta trouble. Case in point, Hugh Grant and ‘Holy Shit’ otherwise known as Divine Brown. If you can successfully lead the hottest woman in the world into the waiting arms of Shane ‘who ate all the pies (and apparently now vomited them all up)’ Warne, you must have fucked up! I wonder if Nicole Simpson Brown might have thought to say No when OJ asked if he could carve the Turkey for thanksgiving. Does McCain possibly think that saying Yes to Miss Teen I-Can-See-Russia ruined his chance of Presidency? Could Leno have possibly said no to this third chin extension surgery? I guess we will never know.

Whatever mistakes you made along the way, if you have a chance to learn from and atone for them, please do so, too many people get hurt along the way (think of all the poor stupid Alaskans that everyone seems to suddenly want to make fun of).

A few weeks back we praised the lovely Canuck, Dragonette, for her catchy vocals in Martin Solveig’s Big In Japan. Now we get to put the minute (but definitely not mute) lady forefront on our pedestal and let you imagine how hard it would be to say no to the lusty lungs that belt out such suggestive vocals. I Get Around from her 2008 album Galore was their first big(gish) single, and like Frankie Goes To Hollywood, letting people know when you are about to come is key to a few extra sales.

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From the official EP comes a deliciously decadent deep house remix from UK based Trophy Twins, that delves and digs into our desire for the flesh and then resurfaces asking for more, all the while remaining so dashing, dapper and dressed in nines. What can you do but say yes, even when you’ll likely say doh.

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I would be amiss if I didn’t include one of my favourite artist’s remix of this funky tune. Midnight Juggarnauts, hailing from Melbourne, the cultural hub of Australia, have brought their electro pop spasmodic nuances to this sultry song that will result in a romper stomper of a Sunday morning.

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*NOTE* – For those following the blog the past week, I apologize firstly for being a little slow to catch up, and secondly for any depressing undertones to the song choice and the write-up. When I challenged myself to write around 500 words each day about awesome remixes for a full 365 days of the year, I didn’t take into account personal challenges along the way, and this week has been as tough as it will ever get. Things are sorting themselves out, as they say with a broken heart, time is the only thing that heals, and thank god its getting better otherwise we might be seeing a Cyndi Lauper track next week.

Friday – House remix. 13/01/12. Ou Est Le Swimming Pool – Dance The Way I Feel (Frankmusic cover) (Emdeeema remix)

Friday’s child was in an interpretive mood,

Wouldn’t the world be a wonderful place if everyone responded to inane questions in dance form? What did you get up to last night? What kind of music do you like? What is your sexual history? Why do you keep itching? and finally the question to turn every psychiatrist’s room into a night club, how do you feel?

Where Is The Swimming Pool? or Ou Est Le Piscine? (which considering what we have all done under the comforts of the tepid communal water, piscine might be a more fitting english name). For fans of this band, im sure they wish that none of this was real, for the bands lead singer to stop breathing in the quite the manner he did was a shock to the music community. Haddon, in a primordial vision, wrote the lyrics to this fateful song that spoke of crashing down on all the people in his way. (read the story of Haddon’s passing here)

When bands like The Baha Men, OMC and Wheatus are known for their one hit wonders, its not for lack of talent that Ou Est Le Swimming Pool joins them. With their only album The Golden Year receiving massive critical acclaim, you can believe whatever plans they had laid out, would have brought them to the upper echelon of successful indie pop.

If I were to Dance The Way I Feel, it would be a sad site of confused malaise that wouldn’t be out of place in the Woody Allen Biopic “Soon Ye Olde Men Be Lovin (Ye Daughters)”. I challenge you, my faithful readers to think about what your dance would look like right now in relation to how you feel, where’s a Tosh.0 video challenge when you need one?

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With solid beats and catchy synths, the band had set themselves up for airplay beyond the radio, numerous indie clubs had been dropping their single to pretentious Hipster crowds that danced they way they felt by standing around sippin gin (hipsters don’t feel anything, they have no soul). Armand Van Helden, the sauce behind the duck, released his popular floor smashing remix to the happiest of dance floors, ask any London clubber how they feel and they will answer ‘I love the feel of suede on the mooooon’, ahhh drugs are fun.

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Ou Est Le Swimming Pool – Dance The Way I Feel (Armand Van Helden remix)

Speaking of drugs, Cleveland based producer Emdeeema (whose parents clearly think their son’s moniker has something to do with his love of The Girl from Ipenema as they played a lot of Antonio Carlos Jobim in Bill’s impressionable years) has released his tribute of a tribute from Frankmusic. The song is introduced with haunting bells straight out of an 80’s horror movie that meet youthful lighthearted vocals, taking on a new persona with an added horn section to give a little extra oomph in the second drop. No amphetamines are needed to induce your crowd into dancing the way they feel, with peace, love and unity.

These remixes makes me as happy as the day I took my first emdeeema, that is until I realize that all of this was real, and damnit if we aren’t missing out on the continuation of real talent. It is through the talent of young musicians such as today’s remixer that we entrust to keep beautiful music alive.

Free download on Soundcloud page

Tuesday – Tech House remix. 10/01/12. Gotye – Somebody That I Used To Know (Bastian Van Shield remix)

Tuesday’s child had deja vu,

The Daily Remix Blog followers will know that I have already written about Rishi‘s remix to Gotye‘s breakout single Somebody That I Used To Know a month back, but if you aren’t aware, I’ll give you 8 minutes to go and check and it out here (2 minutes to read, 4 minutes to listen & 2 minutes to gush about how good it is (the write-up, not the song, although thats pretty good too).

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Where Rishi brought us a beautifully deep soulful remix, Bastian Van Shield has delivered a club ready Christmas present 49 weeks early. The German remix machine has added his nuances to everyone from Michael Jackson, Red Hot Chili Peppers & John “I’ve-composed-every-movie-ever” Williams, and today releases a promotional Tech House bootleg of the highest quality.

The original and Rishi’s remix alike are wonderfully crafted songs, but outside of a chic lounge, there is no room for them in a DJ’s set. Van Shield has produced a dark resonating techy bassline to accentuate the deep chords and Gotye’s haunting vocals. What I love best is the prominence of the original xylophone notes that serve to swell and deepen the listener’s emotions to empathize with the inequitable fable of the ones you loved the most dwindling into complete strangers.

For those following over the past few days will know I have been writing emotionally charged pieces about emotionally powerful songs, and this track is no different. Expect a few more like this as I work through my own relationship inequities, music gives me reason, but writing is an outlet. I encourage every music fan to do the same and really listen to the message the artist is trying to convey, the best songs are composed from personal challenges and through their pain, beauty can arise, today’s song is about as beautiful as it can get.

Free download instructions are provided on Bastian Van Shield’s Soundcloud page

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