Sunday – Deep House remix. 29/01/12. Evermore – Can You Hear Me? (Dcup’s horny mix)

Sunday’s child was antipodal,

International fans will recognize the ethereal piano infused hallmark of Evermore through their songs from hit tv shows The OC and more recently Greys Anatomy. Their earlier songs Lights Surrounding You and It’s Too Late brought them international stardom that only The Naked and Famous (check here for a good N&F remix) have been able to replicate as a successful New Zealand rock band.

While this song sounds like the question that every DJ asks his friends the day after a gig, (hearing fatigue is no joke and its worth checking out this article), Can You Hear Me was Evermore’s last single and their most emotionally charged song to date.

So what does a good man to when his girl is all riled up with emotions spilling out of their pores? He calms her down and finds a way to sex her up, or the other way around. Point being, listen to the original and then follow on to hear the audio metaphor I speak of.

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The name Duncan MacLennan might not register too many hits, but type in Dcup and once you get past all the fun pillows, you will see thousands of hits dedicated to the breakout hit of 2010 with Yolanda Be Cool – We No Speak Americano ( with an awesome tech house remix here).

MacLennan will be no one-hit-wonder, the man has 49 tracks listed on Soundcloud and I can tell you there is more quality than the New York Giants receiving core. It would have been easy to write up his Disco honey dipped Gotye remix, but as we have already blogged about Someone That I Used To Know here, I wanted to dig a little deeper and mention this gem of a Deep House track that is over an year old now.

Obviously being a New Zealander myself, its great to write about talented Kiwi’s, but to see this trans-Tasman love is heartwarming, Dcup has even remixed P-Money’s Say Yeah to seductive quality, so it’s good to know that even though we own the Rugby and Rugby League world cups and beating them in Cricket, there is no angst.

Duncan has gone all Barry White on Evermore and told them that everything is going to be alright (as he lit the candles and turned down the lights, making sure to rustle up the potpourri leaves and burn the incense). His unreleased version of Evermore’s 2009 single is a bit of Nu Disco brilliance rapped up in a blue eyed soulful package and posted to the world (or soundcloud) as a sexified Deep House remix designed for any hot lounge (as long as it ends in the bedroom).. “No baby, I don’t remember what you were upset about either, now just move a little to the rig.. awww yeah that’s it.”

No download specified unfortunately, but leave a comment on his track and maybe he will relent?


Tuesday – Tech House remix. 3/1/12. INXS – New Sensation (Iban Reus Bootleg 2012)

Tuesday’s child had bad fortune.

This is the time of year to do everything in excess, eat in excess, drink in excess, spend money in excess, brag to your friends in excess, make false promises in excess and blubber uncontrollably in excess. Let’s just hope you don’t auto-erotic asphyxiate in excess or you might just be leaving your young daughter (who has names in excess) to celebrate alone next year.

Along the lines of Cobain and Nowell, Michael Hutchence left the music world long before he and his adoring fans were ready. The timeless tunes of In Excess are still belted worldwide with their alternative dance rock tunes that leave us with a sad reminder of talent wasted.

The official police record states suicide as the cause of death, to some of his fans however, it is believed that he may have gone the way of David Carradine with his five finger death punch, and when you listen to some of the lyrics to New Sensation, you may understand why.

Love baby love
It’s written all over your face
There’s nothing better we could do
Than live forever
Well that’s all we’ve got to do…

Gotta hold on you
A new sensation, a new sensation…

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DJ Iban Reus has given something to INXS that not even survivor creator Mark Burnett could do, new-found relevance. Whosoever idea it was to replace Hutchance with a homeless druggie Canadian I’ll never know (well I do, it was Andrew Farriss, but still). It was Burnett who alienated a lot of dedicated fans by making the process into a farcical reality tv show, Rock Star: INXS. JD Fortune had the look and a steamy voice befitting of the bands party image, however the manner in which he was chosen and the fact that the icing sugar he inhaled on his maple syrup pancakes every morning wasn’t exactly sugar, meant that the band never really moved forward in the ways they hoped after the passing of their front-man.

As a legendary pub-rock band that delivered dance hit after hit, this is how I want their new sounds to be; chopped up, sampled, quantized with a strong rhythmic tribal techy bassline and some sweet bongos that honors the best of Andrew Farris’s electrifying guitar hook and Hutchence’s smoldering vocals, all thats missing is Kirk Pengilly’s sax solo. INXS were popular to all the neon-one-piece-toting clubbers in the New Wave era, now with Iban Reus’s adaptation, you can drop this brilliant Tech House remix into your set tonight as a new sensation for your neon-clad-candy-ravers (how little has changed).

Free download on Soundcloud page

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