Sunday – Funky Lounge remix. 11/12/12. Lenny Kravitz – Black & White America (The Players Union edit)

Sunday’s child had a dream.

What are two things that African American & Jewish people have in common? Think Subway’s Footlong and Wendy’s Baconator (hold the Bacon), it’s their junk, their shvantz one might say, for obviously different reasons, that people constantly seem to talk about (and their sweet ass ‘fros). So when you take the most famous Black Jew, short of a badly tanned Jon Stewart, you have an instant recipe for some sweet streamlined lovin.

Along with Lenny Kravitz’ diminishing dreads, so go his hits. Don’t expect any gold singles for the 2011 album ‘Black & White America’, but like a Mojito/Chilli/Sorbet concoction, it is a refreshingly experimental album that blends soul, funk and rock with an important message about how far the USA has come since the Civil Rights era. The eponymous title track is a true to life story about Kravitz’ upbringing in which he was born to a white Jewish man and an African American woman in the 60’s. Check out the music video for a charming chronological photo album of his story.

Just when you think this track couldn’t become any more Negrophiliac (what Kravitz nearly called this album), The Players Union come along with an intent to impregnate all the ladies in the front row, with a beautifully well done edit that wouldn’t be out of place in a Shaft movie. Melting soft soothing synths over the original’s classy funk bassline make it enough to kvell over, but then they add some oisgeshtrozelt sax & Kravitz’s mensch-worthy vocals, making this track a must have for every five-star Manhattan cocktail lounge, or even better, your own lounge room as you set the mood to shtup with your shayner maidel.

Free download on Soundcloud page


Sunday – Lounge Remix. 20/11/11. Bob Marley – What Goes Around Comes Around (Alex Natale remix)

Sunday’s Child was neverending.

What goeth around and what cometh around one doth query?


It’s a day for calm, a day for serenity, a day to drink a bucket load of water and sit somewhat close to the bathroom.

In respect of the holy reggae culture, i’ll be letting the music do the talking in order to do the bare minimum work today.

Alex Natale remixed this track in 1996 for a special lounge tribute album to the legendary walking insect habitat, and its still soothing today.

Relax with a cool glass of red stripe and prepare for what will come around today and hopefully not come around tomorrow.

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