Thursday – Breaks remix. 19/01/12. Ray Charles – Hit the Road (Philly Blunt edit)

Thursday’s child didn’t want to blame it on the ah-a-a-ah-a-alcohol,

Ain’t nothin like a blind man to be cheatin on his girl, Ray Charles was no Jamie Foxx, he didn’t need to blame it on the booze, “Baby, how was I to know it wasn’t you? I can’t see goddamnit! Why do you have to make me feel so shit about it, I already feel terrible, I just had the best sex of my life, and now I realize I ain’t gonna get that from my wife, have pity you seeing-eye-bitch!” At least that’s what I imagine he might have said.

I don’t need to tell you about Charles’ life, the black fox did that very aptly, what he didn’t do (and surprisingly Joaquin Phoenix did do) was replicate the vocals of the legend he was imitating. Foxx (without the stupid autotune), is really a phenomenal singer, he actually pulled the reverse Will Smith and got into acting as a way to end up in the recording studio. Acting was his homage to the man in black (glasses) though, as he dared not take on the gruff complexity behind the humanizing vocals that gave life to soul.

Today’s song is a crossover mix of soul, rock & roll and big band. Not one genre is forefront, nor one audience targeted, this transient appeal makes Hit The Road Jack so likeable. This track became famous of course as a PSA for spousal abuse by the PHOA (Pussy Husbands of America), bitches be kickin, what’d you say?!

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I think we can all agree when i say this, but Philly Blunt is a modern day Ray Charles, without the black, the heroin, the blindness and the ability to sing (I’m sure he can pull rank with the ladies though). Hell I don’t know much about the guy, what I do know, is that he hosts the wicked Bootleg Blog (check out his current 15 days of fury where he will release a new track or mix every day), he’s not from Philadelphia (he’s from Perth, Australia), he probably enjoys the occasional blunt, and the man knows how to make music.

So this whole Ray Charles comparison you speak of? Check this quote by the hardest man in rock music – Billy Joel “I don’t know if Ray was the architect of rock & roll, but he was certainly the first guy to do a lot of things . . . Who the hell ever put so many styles together and made it work?“. Take one listen to his track below and you will begin to see what I mean. The Obtuse Pennsylvanian has mashed together three remixes very cleverly that make this a sweet transition song. Those who follow this blog, know we don’t highlight mashups, but when it’s a mashup of three remixes to the same tune, ummmm yes please.

The bongo intro makes you wonder if you had clicked on a Rusted Root song accidently, but then it flows into a smooth snare filled House beat (129bpm) that questions you with hinting samples, you really don’t know what to expect as the original takes shape from recognizable (yet beefed up) electro chords. As the tempo slows down to transition from The Loose Cannons‘ remix, I’m picturing Chris Tucker having a stroke and what results is a charming relaxed gentile represented by this classy downtempo breaks remix (97bpm) from Tom Drummond. It features a heavy New Jack beat with tactful scratch samples and a warbled whoomping electro synth that follows you like a faithful dog. If you listen closely, En Vogue makes a guest appearance as Philly Blunt takes his foot off the brake allowing Drummond to rear end the Altered Grooves remix (and they like it) that rounds off this sensational collection with an energetic 5×4 breakbeat (130bpm) that will mix back into any house set.

Free download on Soundcloud page

For those who would like to check out the original remixes that Philly Blunt has featured, here are the links below.
Eats Everything – “Hit The Road, Jack (The Loose Cannons Remix)
Tom Drummond – Hit It
Altered Grooves – Hit The Road Jack


Alinement – Barack Obama vs. Mitomi Tokoto – Obama’s Arena (Alinement mashup of Mitomi Tokoto vs. Biggy&Smalls). *MONDAY’S REMIX IN POST BELOW*

Shameless plug time for my recent mashup supported by Biggy&Smalls.

Whether or not you are a fan of Barack Obama, the man speaks well, and none better than his Election Night speech. It was a proud moment for Americans and a lot of people around the world, I know as a New Zealander that I was.

However, it is three years later and the man needs some energy, we all do, so I hope you enjoy this jazzy energized mashup of Mitomi Tokoto – Sax Arena vs. Biggy&Smalls’ – Americana.

If you liked this, please have a listen to my recent mix; Change Is Coming, as it follows on from this mashup.

Change is (still) coming!

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