Saturday – Progressive House remix. 04/02/12. Queen – I Want It All (Daniel Chord remix)

Saturday’s child died from mercury poisoning,

Queen was one of the reasons I wanted to get into music, with such layered diversity across their career of songs, what I loved best was noting that layered diversity within each song, from their ‘Best Song Of All Time’ awarded Bohemian Rhapsody, to their love of Fat Bottomed Girls in Bicycle race. Today we are highlighting their last big single before the unfortunate passing of Farrokh Bulsara, the slight sub-continent boy who Wanted It All and would have been happy with what became as Freddie Mercury.

Through the acceptance of the gay community that inherently followed Queen throughout their career, AIDs became more real than ever after the death of Mercury. It wasn’t til Easy-E was diagnosed did the disease become high profile across both gay and non gay lifestyles. There is no right way for a star musician to die, but there are a lot of wrong ways, at least he didn’t take the Cobain way out with a shotgun, or to overdose like Nowell. He knew it was coming and accepted his fate, it’s sad, but its a cruel disease. Through his passing, the 46664 foundation and the Freddie Mercury Tribute concert have raised millions of dollars towards AID’s research.

I Want It All is one of the last singles recorded by Mercury before his death in 1991 and unfortunately he never got to perform it live, so it’s nice to have this studio rendition on full screen to feel he got what he wanted in life. Check out a sweet Roger Taylor drum solo that no doubt gave inspiration to the later Blue Man Group.

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Where Queen have changed styles more than Elton John’s clothes during the grammys, Daniel Chord has kept true to his style of Progressive House with Big Room drops full of sharp stabbing synths that layer over most of his songs. What does change though is the genres that he remixes from, from the soulful Pop of Adele to the cheesy R&B of Bruno Mars, the eclectic French House of Daft Punk and to the power Rock of Queen, it’s fascinating to hear his spin on these tracks, as no doubt you will want to be spinning them in your sets tonight.

Daniel takes the distinguishable chorus lines that you see at the start of I Want It All and repeats them with perfect timing throughout the track, glitching ever so slightly for added effect. The opening drop is reminiscent of Hardwell and creates a strong tone for the rest of the song. The middle provides some breathing room with a bippy melody full of spacey keys, although it would have been interesting to hear a bit more of Brian May’s guitar virtuosity, but it’s surprisingly not needed with Chords production skill. The vocals take back the room and lead to the main drop of the night that will give the crowd everything they wanted and more from this talented Italian DJ.

Free download on Soundcloud page


Thursday – Breaks remix. 02/02/12. Busta Rhymes – Woo Hah (Cockney Nutjob remix)

Thursday’s child was suffering a brain hemorrhage,

Integral in the 90’s east coast rap scene, Busta Rhymes, the rasta scream (or scrasta) king, provides a somewhat lighter element to the death march of many of the top players, with his larger than life persona & colourful videos, it’s hard to take him seriously. I doubt Tupac would have had the crossover appeal (or desperate need for money) to appear in Tiesto & Diplo’s C’Mon (Catch’ em by Surprise). But then again, im pretty sure Trevor Tahiem Smith, Jr. is glad no one is pouring out a little liquor in tribute to him every Sept 13th.

Woo Hah is to date Busta’s biggest solo single, and still rocks an energetic crowd at 2am in the morning, but then again, so does Achy Breaky Heart if you are in the right (or wrong) clubs. Point being it’s catchy and recognizable, whether you can keep up with the lyrics matters none, as long as you Woo Hah to the Gods every 15 seconds. The rapper, named after a semi-well-known American Football player (seen here), is a gifted colloquialist and reads a thesaurus at an 8th grade level, but he still needed a little help for the title of this song, check out Sugarhill Gang – 8th Wonder and see if you can figure how he got his inspiration.

Believe it or not, Busta suffered a stroke at the end of the recording session whilst trying to deliver extra Woo Hah segments and hence the intelligible JAJA JAAAA JAJA. JAA JAJAAAA JA JA. The producer kept recording and the rest is history, along with his brain (evidence found in the 1998 single titled Iz They Wildin Wit Us?)

Check out the video if you have ever wanted to see what the entire Fubu range looks like through a Fish Eye lens. Actually it’s considered to be one of the better Rap videos of the 1990’s and I love how badass his boys are cruising in a Toyota ‘muthaflipping’ Camry.

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The UK based, Bournemouth starring Cockney Nutjob contacted me a couple of weeks ago asking me to feature his Fine Young Cockney track on this blog, while it is has fantastic production quality, it is prominantly a mashup of Fine Young Cannibals and …. and we only like to highlight remixes here, so we kept in touch and he has delivered this new ‘Ghettofunk’ remix for your Woo-Hahppy pleasure.

The percussion of this track is so laidback it feels like Questlove from The Roots is personally tickling your naughty bits with his afro. By the time you actually feel your balls tingling from the blaring sub bass, Busta’s master ‘stroke’ takes over and you find yourself siezuring along to the catchy bassline and rhythmic lyrics. Going from Hip Hop to breaks is a fairly easy transition, and whilst this is a relatively simple remix, The Cockney Nutjob has produced a great track that will have old school fans enjoying a new beat and new school fans will appreciating an old feel.

Free download on Soundcloud page

Wednesday – Electro House remix. 01/02/12. The Black Ghosts – Anyway You Choose To Give It (Fake Blood remix)

Wednesday’s child was in a giving mood,

Theo Keating and Simon William Lord are the answer to your judgemental aunt’s question, what good can come from meeting someone on the internet? The UK based pair combined in 2006 to create the indie electronic pop band The Black Ghosts after a year of faceless collaboration.

We harken back their inaugural year with their first big single, Anyway You Choose To Give It. Mix together 1 part Royksopp, 1 1/2 parts Two Door Cinema Club, 1/2 part Crookers and 3 parts of the resulting sound when you turn your bass right up. Melt at 350 degrees for 20 minutes and you are left with a fresh energetic pop song that you hear below.

For the video topping, grate up some Tool and whisk in some Weird Science with a pinch of Pedobear and leave to set for 10 minutes. It’s wonderful to have an imagination, or at least a lot of drugs.

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The fu manchu’ed half of The Black Ghosts – Theo Keating is better known by his DJ moniker Fake Blood, making a name for himself with the Disco tribute I Think I Like It, which really requires no thinking at all. But to those who have never left the kitchen, you will have heard his remix of <a href="; title="Miike Snow's Animal” target=”_blank”>Miike Snow’s Animal gracing the airwaves thirteen times a day, and you will find familiar comfort in today’s remix.

Like the Mazeratti Chairman taking the first spin of the 2012 GranTurismo to impress his mistress. Keating was able to the first test drive of Anyway You Choose To Give It and he chose to give it right back as an Electro House specialty desert, with more glitch sprinkled in than Windows Vista and whoomping fidget bass to leave that delicious aftertaste. This flambe of a remix sure has aged well, as 4 years it still sits pretty in my stomach.

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Saturday – Progressive Trance remix. 28/01/12. Greensleeves (Redwire remix)

Saturday’s child survived to tell the tale,

Today will be a fairly different write-up; instead of the light hearted bargaining I do with the devil on most posts, i’ll be channeling my inner Sensei, so apologies for any pomposity, but this music is important. After Hypster released his 2011 electro classical anthem The Uprising, I really wanted to find a good classical number to highlight for our Progressive Saturdays. To prepare yourselves for a big night ahead, I urge you to click on this Youtube video for a relaxing piano serenade of nature, then follow below for today’s remix.

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We all know the classic English hymn Greensleeves, you probably played it on the piano as a kid, or heard it in Turandot, or maybe the score to your own personal horror, but you have never heard it like this.

With an opening that turns your hands into those of a conductor, it’s eiree nature is so out of place in modern EDM. For a piano riff to have so much resonance from such a simple tune is quite brilliantly translated to the haunting driving nature of trance by this young up and comer producer DJ Redwire (Bryan Semanie) hailing from the Pacific NW.

Close your eyes and imagine the skies opening up as you feel the first drips of salvation burgeoning into a torrid monsoon of life as Redwires offbeat keys build faster and faster accompanied by a swinging LFO filter. The drop is so free flowing, it’s like the sand absorbing the downpour and giving the fans more solid ground on which to express their emotions. This is the perfect 5am track for any full moon party.

This track, as well as his Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – Dies Irae remix reminds me of a younger DJ Tiesto, one that wanted to be trance, wanted to represent this ambient energetic sound before he became simply Tiesto. The synths and plugins that Redwire have used, sound so simple that they obviously have had a lot of production time put into them, I’m looking forward to what he comes up with next.

I created The Daily Remix Blog partly to highlight the different aspects of Dance music as I grew up in a predominantly classical family. I’m looking forward to playing these tracks to my Opera singing father to firstly see the confused look on his face followed by the relaxed meditative state I’m sure will follow.

Free download on Soundcloud page

Free download on Soundcloud page

Thursday – Dubstep remix. 26/01/12. Daft Punk – Da Funk (Schoolboy Remix)

Thursday’s child was clouded in a mask of obscurity,

Last week on The Daily Remix Blog you might have seen an Around The World remix and held out the hope that I had finally included a Daft Punk remix, only to find out it was just Arty (oh Arty). See the stipulations of this blog are to find awesome remixes in different genres from the original, and while sometimes the masked Frenchmen are in a genre of their own, it’s hard to do Daft Punk justice considering their importance to the EDM world. Today we might have just found that remix.

I don’t need to talk much about the original as you have all heard it, but do yourself a favour and take a ride back in time and try and remember who! you were when you first followed Charles, the lonely lost lame dog through the streets of New York in Daft Punk’s 1996 acid embossed anthem Da Funk.

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If you are feeling sad for the wee mutt, check out this video below if you want to see the happier ending for a now healthy, in love Charles on the beaches of the best coast.

From the indie noise rock of Darlin’ to the Tron Legacy score, Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo have been continually retuning and refining their sound direction to the point where they haven’t released a single or toured in years, yet they still remain relevant in the upper echelon of EDM. French House was defined by their music and the complex audio/visual set ups we see today from the likes of Deadmau5, Skrillex & Richie Hawtin were inspired by their infamous pyramid. The French Government has even honored them with the rank of Chevalier, a modern day Knight.

Along their Journey, through many different sounds, the duo have never attempted Dubstep. To their loyal fans I’m sure they are thankful for that, but upon hearing today’s remix, and the fact that Daft Punk helped create a lot of the complex wobble electro that made Dubstep huge, it seems like it might be a natural fit.

Bangalter once stated in an interview that the original influences for Da Funk were from Hip Hop and Acid House, where the latter was evident, it was hard to envision the former. No more, no more, take a listen to Schoolboy‘s ‘Crushstep’ remix and you will see how appropriate the beat and groove is with some sweet rasta sampling. As if Daft Punk couldn’t get any more robot; the LA based educated kid has brought Decepticons to a Roomba fight and crushed this remix with heavy industrial filters that resonate the original, while delivering a gritty masterful electro sound that elevates Da Funk to another stratosphere.

Free download on Soundcloud page (limit has been reached, but there are directions to other links on page)

Tuesday – Tech House remix. 24/01/12. Arty – Around The World (Tocadisco remix)

Tuesday’s child was running out of airmiles,

That all important snare, it can take a producer a long time to get that perfect high hat, that omnipotent sound every second beat. It seperates House from Trance, so maybe thats why Trance producers stick around, they can spend that time perfecting beautiful energetic mellifluous productions designed to accompany stimulants and feed your soul to the skies, at least thats what I felt when I first saw Arty.

Thank god ‘Arty’ is not in reference to Hipsters and their passion for stick figures with bowler hats. This Ruski has exploded onto the EDM world with a fury only Chernobyl can match. Arty knows how to make a hook strong enough to replace Buster Bluth’s hand should he lose it in a freak loose seal accident. If Daft Punk and the Swedish House Mafia took turns on Nicole Moudaber, then hired Armin Van Buuren as a nanny for the masked love child, this is the kind of music you might expect. Around The World is Arty’s piece de resistance, and quickly became one of the anthems of 2011.

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We here at The Daily Remix Blog, we can’t get enough of that High Hat, so in order to represent Arty today, we are looking at the best remix of Around The World. When you listen I can’t help but think you will agree but it’s worth checking out the other versions in the official Around The World EP. Me thinks that Arty realized this remix was too good to be included as part of a package and needs to be sold as a stand alone version, either that or he was jealous that this version sounded better.

Readers of this blog will be familiar with Tocadisco‘s take on Iggy Pop’s – I Wanna Be Your Dog, he is one of the more precise producers out there today. With today’s complextro world, it’s nice to be able to hear each and every input that an artist puts into their production. With the smallest of stabs to the solid kicks and flowing tom toms, this track utilizes the best of the original Around The World hook without overdoing it. If North Korea needs a new anthem of peace and uniformity to march on, this is it. Kudos to Arty and Tocadisco for helping produce such a good tune.

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Saturday – Progressive House remix. 21/01/12. Adele – Someone Like You (Thomas Gold & Mark Mendes mix)

Saturday’s child had found their doppleganger,

Shit happens and you learn from it, for us normal people we just make sure to not date people with visable moles, because they are all cheating dicks; or stay away from people with less than 100 facebook friends in fear of committing social suicide, but for Adele, a two year emotional struggle has resulted in at least three singles and a cool $30 million dollars. If someone offered me to break up with my girlfriend for $30 I’d take it (it’s cool she doesnt read the blog, and if she does, she knows im kidding, it would take at least $100)

Someone Like You is the ‘Return of the Jedi’ to Rolling In The Deep‘s ‘A New Hope’ & Rumour Has It‘s ‘Empire Strikes Back’. The triumphant ending to her embittered heartbreak that she drags through the mud in her earlier singles. There is still pain involved, but it is reminiscent hurt, and it is nothing compared to what Star Wars fans endured upon hearing “Mesa cause one, two-y little bitty axadentes, huh? Yud say boom de gasser, den crashin der bosses heyblibber, den banished.

In yesterday’s post, I neglected to mention that one of George Benson’s favourite moment’s in his musical career was to be part of an 18 piece ensemble. While such grandiose can be visually & aurally stimulating, its heartening to know that so much can be created from just a piano and vocals in Someone Like You. Where a few thousand can purchase you a piano to successfully recreate the songs melody, no amount of money can replicate what Adele has to offer with a humbling contralto voice that leaves Amy Winehouse in her dust (well more likely under her dust right?).

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For the lady that has become remix gold, this is the second time a gold remix has stormed onto the EDM scene. Berlin resident Thomas Gold had earlier stuck his hand in Adele’s honey jar and pulled out a remix hot enough to Set Fire To The Rain. Following on from that nugget, Gold collaborates with Toronto native Mark Mendes to bring us today’s remix of Someone Like You.

Thomas Gold knows how to announce a song, whatever tension you have stored deep down is ready to be unleashed in a fury with a prescient drumroll strong enough to proclaim the end of the world. As the build comes to its crescendo, ready to drop, suddenly the world melts around you with a sullen piano riff and Adele’s brooding vocals. I get the feeling Dan Wilson, the producer of Adele’s 21 album, knew how much more commercial potential they would have if released at the right tempo for remixes.

Someone Like You is bereft of percussion, but as you will hear from this remix, the added drums appear very natural. Where a lot of remixes use the downloop technique (4,2,1,1/2,1/4..) to build into their drops to counter incongruities from the original, here you will find none, as it smoothly flows into the first chorus with confidence. The introductory drumroll is brought back to help us take care of the tension we built from the start as it drops with beautiful strength incorporating uplifting progressive synths and original piano samples. This is a perfect song for the middle of your Saturday night set.

A big thank you to fellow music blog for providing this exclusive Bootleg, as well as a fantastic write up to accompany.

Free download on Soundcloud page

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