Friday – House remix. 12/23/11. Red Hot Chili Peppers – Give it Away Now (Rob Nutek bootleg)

Friday’s child was generous to a fault,

Believe it or not, in the early 90’s, Anthony Kiedis was on the board for The Salvation Army, then just a fledgling 5 man operation based out of Dani, California. Intense competition for donated goods from the much larger & well funded NGO Higher Ground, forced The Salvo into some drastic restructuring after their Fortune Faded. Kiedis and the other members of the board came up with a new marketing slogan; give it away, give it away, give it away NOW. The Salvation Army is what it is today because of this stroke of marketing genius.

A year later, Kiedis was arraigned on charges of Cali-fornication against an LA based stewardess. She claimed he said to her “Tell Me Baby, how about you and me in the bathroom, I’ve got a rather large Soul To Squeeze, and then if your lucky you can Suck My Kiss (certain words may have been changed for public decency)” Feeling uncomfortable, she moved to the Otherside of the plane, to which Kiedis followed her to the food prep area. In an angry rage he threw a pot of coffee in her face that resulted in massive Scar Tissue damage.

Despite the case being dropped (most likely due to an out of court settlement), Kiedis had to leave the Salvation Army in shame. He took a trip Around The World, By The Way of the Coffee Shops of Amsterdam. After many innebriated nights in the red light district, he was last seen leaving down the main De Wallen Road Trippin on Zephyr. Kiedis was later found Under The Bridge in Hagelstamm with a baggie full of Snow in his possession. Claiming ‘I Can’t Stop, I’m nothing without My Friends’, Keidis had to find a way to turn his life around.

Arriving back home in Hollywood to Taste The Pain of defeat, he got in touch with local male model/bassist/natural healer Flea who suggested he go back to his altruistic ideals. After receiving permission from The Salvation Army, The Red Hot Chili Peppers were born with their first big single Give It Away.

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Now if your still reading after the exasperation of following the bullshit above, it’s because you know how iconic this song really is. It blends together funk and rap with strong blues guitar riffs in a way that had never been done outside of underground clubs.

Coincidentally on the 20th anniversary of the Chili’s first #1 single, the first real attempt to put this track on the dance floor has been accomplished by Briton – Rob Nutek. The instantly recognizable guitar riff has been implanted into a very bouncy bassline with some sublime tribal percussion that guides your ear to some phenomenal vocal sampling. Albeit a little faster than the original, Kiedis has a ridiculously fast tongue (ask the flight attendant) anyway, so it’s not over the top fast.

Nutek has shown great control over his choice and technical skill of his sampling as evidenced in his other free-to-download bootlegs, especially in his Roger Sanchez supported remix of Lily Allen’s I Could Say. If you get sucked in through his awesome remixes, you will spend even longer going through his original catalogue as there are many good things to come out of the Rob Nutek brand.

Free download on Soundcloud page


Thursday – Drum & Bass remix. 22/12/11. Metric – Gold, Guns, Girls (T-Trider remix)

Thursday’s child was g-g-grandiose,

100000 is a nice round number, it makes sense right, it ends in a few zeros and is easy to say. Now divide that by 12 and you have 8333.33, not as nice anymore huh, but it still has uniformity ending in 3’s, so hmmm divide that by 5280 and you now have 1.5782.

If the above makes no sense to you then congratulations, you probably live outside the USA. If you realize what I’m talking about, then you may not know I am pointing out the idiocy of still using a measuring system devised from your average Roman foot. In fact, the ancient empire actually had the smart idea of measuring their mile at 1000 paces, and with a pace equaling 5 feet, a nice round number of 5000 is returned. However as British farmers had concocted a Furlong of 660 ft which was mathematically and scientifically contrived to measure the distance at which their nag (mule) needed a nap. (Stop me when you are starting to realise you are using a stupid outdated system). Property deeds were measured in Furlongs and thus the original mile was bumped up to meet 8 furlongs at 5280 feet.

It is stated that Metric came up with their name as a reference to Canadian-Emily Haines & Brit-James Shaw’s musical precision. But if I had to g-g-guess, I would think it was a dig against the Yanks for their stupidly outdated system compared to the sensible metric system the rest of the world subscribes to. Americans love everything to sound bigger and better, 100 degrees Fahrenheit sounds hotter than 38 degrees celcius, just as 5280 feet sounds bigger than 1600 metres. Said the 14 inch to the 14 cm “At least you can fit in everywhere, and when I finally g-g-get in, I often pass out through lack of blood”.

After toiling through the Indie Pop/New Wave revival scene for six years, Metric released today’s track as part of their 2009 international breakout album Fantasies. The energetic Scarface inspired Gold, Guns, Girls takes you on a ride through the empty streets of New York both visually and aurally. Riffs reminiscent to The White Stripes and the punk days of The Who, g-g-guide you smoothly and speedily to where you never knew you needed to go. The lyrics literally keep you asking for more as you question what is enough? A g-g-good lesson for this time of year, don’t ya think?

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Tiesto knew what promise Emily Haines’ smokey contrato vocals had for the Electronic Dance world. Metric can hold it’s own on the floor with its electropop stylings and energetic drumtrack, but it wasn’t until Tiesto’s 2009 release Knock You Out that we saw how powerful the spunky Canuck sounded. (On the subject of Canadians and Tiesto, did anyone else notice he had g-g-guest appearances on his Kaleidoscope album from Haines, Nelly Furtado & Tegan & Sara?). There have been countless remixes of Metric tracks, but this one today just fits right. It’s not a stretch to make this song fit as Drum & Bass, literally, too much of a tempo change can ruin the original vibe, and this one just sits pretty. Belorussian T-Trider released this rolling wubby bass remix as part of the Metric remix competition, I don’t know if he won, I can’t find it on Beatport, so I assume not (edit he received 5th place voting!). But I can tell you who could win, any ladies reading this, who in the best Howard Stern fashion, turns their subwoofer over and sits astride because this bass rolls soooo smooth, you may just g-g-get all g-g-giddy.

Free download on Soundcloud page

Saturday – Progressive House remix. 17/12/11. Robyn – Hang With Me (Avicii’s Exclusive Club mix)

Saturday’s Child was shopping at IKEA.

Sweden has a lot going for it, most people might stop at IKEA and beautiful women, but I would like to add their phenomenal music scene; starting out in the 70’s with ABBA, 80’s with Europe, 90’s with The Cardigans & 2000’s with the Hives… hmmm alright the whole phenomenal thing might be a little over the top, but as of last year, Sweden was the third highest music exporting country in the world behind the USA and the UK, so something good must be coming from there…

So lets take another look at this, Swedish House Mafia (Axwell, Ingrosso & Angello), Alesso, Avicii, John & Jesper Dahlback, Dada Life, AN21, Adam Beyer, Robyn, Eric Prydz (and thus Pryda & Cirez D), 1/2 of Pleasurekraft & Adrian Lux & this is just a list of DJ’s I have bought music from this year. The 2010’s are looking rosy for the Swedish dance scene, and its good to know that this Mafia knows how to live in harmony with the competition.

Today’s remix is a work that brings together two people from the above list. One is a 32 year old who has been recording tracks from 20 years and the other is a 22 year old who has been recording for only 3 years. One is somewhat attractive, single, with a killer voice, the other looks like the About A Boy kid all grown up and probably never has a had an empty bed (but that doesn’t mean he isn’t single), and has never sung a word on any of his tracks. Both are blonde and both are super rich, although the latter is probably better known with two number 1 tracks in the past year.

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Robyn released Hang With Me as an acoustic version on her Body Talk pt. 1 album in early 2010. It’s worth checking out for the vocal quality, not to mention a nice string arrangement, however it’s the electropop version that got the people moving. Body Talk pt. 2 saw a very club worthy lead single, a fairly simple 4×4 laid under a growing melody of upbeat synths that brought her lollipop vocals to life. It lies at an awkward speed between House & Moombahton and was begging to be remixed as one of them, the former won out in late 2010 with Avicii’s exclusive club mix. The young superstar, who had recently changed his moniker from Tim Berg, put the magical touches on Hang With Me that allowed DJ’s all over the world from having to work their pitch faders with this beautiful uplifting progressive house remix.

Buy this track on Beatport

Friday – House remix. 16/12/11. Duck Sauce – Barbra Streisand (Fare Soldi remix)

Friday’s child was bone thin,

Life is pretty cyclical; tight jeans have made a comeback, plaid shirts are the rage and Warholian square glasses are all too prevalent, yes we know the Daily Remix Blog has made its feelings towards hipsters all too clear, but my point is what was cool once, sure will make it back into mainstream culture. We all wish mullets were hip once, because it would mean we might get a 30 year break from them, but as they were never cool enough, bloody bogans continued to take a bit-off-the-sides for the rest of their (hopefully short) lives.

In dance music we are experiencing a resurgence of classic rock and pop tunes remixed to brilliant results, hence why this blog was created. It’s great to see young and old alike dancing to the same song, both wondering how the other generation knows all the words.

There is a limit though right, if one song is too big, im talking top of the pops for weeks on end, when is it good to bring it back. Im sure there are just as many people who love it compared to those who are just sick of it. This is one of those tracks.

I don’t plan to still be writing this blog in 10 years, so its about time, one year on that I can face Ms Streisand again, but in order to do so, I needed to find a brand new sound for the giant disco house track. Firstly I want to say a little bit about Duck Sauce‘s version, it goes to show what a lot of digging and a little imagination can do. Take a listen to Boney M’s – Gotta Go Home from 1979 and see if you can spot any similarities.

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Assuming you have ears and a working cerebral cortex, you might notice that it’s pretty much the same damn song, all thats missing are the vocals and the sweet steel drums (a glaring omission if you asked me). It helps that A-Trak and Armand Van Helden are big enough to release anything and get instant listens, but just think for a moment, if your average joe was listening through his old disco records, then decided to put the loops through ableton a managed to produce something like Barbra Streisand, could this make you world famous?

Gimmicks are a plenty for Duck Sauce and this is part of their magic, I myself (and thousands of others) wore a duck bill at their Coachella concert earlier this year. A weird catchy name, an outdated celebrity and a catchy remake, if only Dr. Evil knew it was this easy to make billions. Check out their video below and spot all the cameos.

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So about that brand new sound; even though Italian duo Fare Soldi released this interesting remake over a year ago, incidentally before the Duck Sauce release, I can bet you it will sound fresh to the majority of clubbers around the world. The relaxing melodic build, reminiscent of the classiest porn movies from the 70’s, brings you to the money shot as it drops into a fun bassline full of Boney M’s orgasmic releases with subtle low creaking electro. Better still, in the secondary drop Soldi changes the time signature of the original hook to energize and refresh the waiting crowd. Even if you are sick of Duck Sauces version, this track blends the fun of the new with a disco feel of old. Well worth a listen and download.

Free download on Soundcloud page

Thursday – Dubstep remix. 15/12/11. Metallica – Seek & Destroy (Bassnectar remix)

Thursdays child loved napster.

It starts with your finger (as every good story should); you click play; next the inner gizmos (im no geeksquad) within your computer transmit the data to your soundcard; which in turns transmits it to audiowaves; your outer ear collects the sound and delivers it to your inner ear; which is then passed from air to liquid, as the soundwaves trigger nerve impulses from stimulated mechanoreceptors (hairs), that are then transported to your cerebral cortex to be processed & recognized in your brain. Finally your grey matter sends an emotional response down your spine that causes your muscles to contract and relax extremely quickly as you feel that wonderful shiver throughout your body.

Try it, click on the original track below and you will see what I mean. 1983 saw Metallica’s first album – Kill Em All and from that, their first big single, GwB’s personal mantra (without much of the seeking) is still the final song at all of their live performances. Just think, without Seek & Destroy; ripped jeans may never have been sold, black T-shirts might only be used in the work place, Mullets may have stopped in the 80’s, GM may never have needed a bailout as they would have failed years ago and racist hate crimes may have gone up as white boys would have less reasons to fight each other.

(blog continued below)

Remember that euphoric tingle you just experienced? Now connect your nipples up to a dead car battery (remembering to hook up the negatives to each other), play the song below, wait 15 seconds and try turning your car on. Don’t be too surprised if it starts first time as your shivers have been tranformed into brain melting bodily explosions (of the good kind) that would send enough energy through your body to power a fucking tank. Bassnectar, the current heavyweight champions of Dubstep have pollinated this metal flower and delivered such a bass heavy right hook that will keep no contender standing for long.

Free download on Soundcloud page

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