Sunday – Deep House remix 2 for 1. 22/01/12. Sinc, Daniel Sanchez – New Day (Original mix). Nina Simone – Feeling Good (E-Gnat New Dawn remix)

Sunday’s child stopped watching Dr. Phil,

Hello my name is Demitria Guynes, I should have been a Gynacologist, but I was too hot for that, as a compromise I shaved my pubes and married Bruce Willis.

Hello my name is Eleanor Gow, I would have made a fantastic farmer, but I had ‘The Body’ to sell underwear so I cowered from from the Gow and became a model.

Hello my name is Caryn Johnson, I could have been a secretary, but comedy was in my blood, however being the only Black Jew, I didn’t feel I stood out enough.

Hello my name is Andrew Barrymore, I guess I was a dude, but Spielberg expressly wanted a baby sister for Elliot (there is no established proof behind this one, but as it’s a blog, I’m keeping it in).

Hello my name is Eunice Waymon, I was born to be in the Church Choir, but I had a good feeling that I had more to offer the world. So I prepared for a new day, changed my name to Nina Simone, released over 40 albums, took on a large role of the 1960’s civil rights movement and hid from the IRS in Barbados whilst having an affair with their Prime Minister. Good times, good times. (oh and I have already been blogged about here for a sweet tech house remix to Sinnerman).

You don’t need a pseudonym to approach life as a new day, it just takes a change in attitude. You know that bird you hit with your car last week and didn’t stop to check if it was alright? You know that cheeseburger you ordered yesterday when you know it will affect your IBS, but you didn’t give a shit (well you did technically for a couple of hours last night)? What about that hooker that you dined & dashed (is there a more appropriate hooker terminology for that, I feel that there is, please any ladies of the night reading this, let me know) from a month ago, you could have sworn you knew her and then looking at old photo albums you realize that you will never be able to go to a family reunion again. Sure there are a lot of shoulda/coulda/woulda’s in life, but if you wake up in the morning with a new ‘tude, let yourself feel as free as the birds, the trees, the stars.. Look I’m no hippy, just listen to the damn song.

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Upon listening to today’s remix of Nina Simone’s – Good Feeling, I can picture this version over practically any stylish gangster film. Close your eyes, press play (good luck doing that with your eyes closed) and then imagine the trailer for Oceans 11, Layer Cake, Snatch, Go, Bambi, In Bruges and others films that all impress a fast paced ostentatious atmosphere of the best things in life; guns, sex & money. Like Mia Wallace waking to find an adrenaline needle in her heart, we all know how the majority of these stories end though; with the realisation of a new day ahead, if they can only leave their old days behind.

Sinc & Daniel Sanchez have delivered this steamy release to accompany our Chianti fueled Sunday afternoons. This Deep House mix is essential listening for anyone with an educated ear who can appreciate the intuitiveness of the selective sampling to modernize the classy Jazz clubs of old, mixed with a hip uptempo percussion that invokes the message behind the original. They certainly have brought about good feelings for a new day, giving new life to the legendary soul soothing Simone.

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Just when I thought I was done for the day, I came upon this remix by the poetically named E-Gnat (I guess if the poem was about electronic insects). The intro gives the song a feeling about a new day for all mankind (think 2001 – A Space Odyssey opening), with the soulful deep feminine voice of god letting the surviving monkeys know this is the way life will be for all.

I feel like I should be meditating to this remix with it’s beautiful saxophone harmony, filtered vocals & relaxing percussion that sends you into such a trance-like state that you will feel begin to feel like Derek Zoolander, but instead of wanting to kill the Malaysian Prime Minister, you want to show him how grand love can be sandwiched between two Finnish dwarves and a Maori tribesman.

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Tuesday – Tech House remix. 22/11/11. Sean Miller, Daniel Dubb – Sinnerman (Original mix)

Tuesdays Child was in a state of repent.

Unlike The Real Housewives of New Jersey, there is an older lass that young men around the world won’t feel violated after having spent a night playing with her stuff. Nina Simone is the audio equivalent of a cougar and her sultry blues vocals are being aurally copulated by a new generation of the willing.

The 1965 version of Sinnerman was a house track in waiting, for all the haters that say EDM is too repetitive, please take a listen to this beautiful song that only needs four piano keys to send its listeners rushing to confess their sins for idolizing a new god(dess).

The peerlessly named Felix Da Housecat is one of my favourite DJ’s and his 2003 remix has gotten me through some tough times (and sets), so its really in Honour of his brilliance for bringing Sinnerman to the sweaty forefront of the PLUR scene that I write today about Sean Miller & Daniel Dubb with their 2011 Tech House remix of the R&B classic.

Where Da Housecat brought the element of surprise and beauty to us, these guys have refined and perfected a rhythmic balance that will keep loungers lounging and dancers dancing. Never have cougars had a better pick up “I see you’re liking this track, you know I used to fuck to the original”.

Your Welcome.

Sean Miller, Daniel Dubb – Sinnerman (Original mix)

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