Thursday – Breaks remix. 02/02/12. Busta Rhymes – Woo Hah (Cockney Nutjob remix)

Thursday’s child was suffering a brain hemorrhage,

Integral in the 90’s east coast rap scene, Busta Rhymes, the rasta scream (or scrasta) king, provides a somewhat lighter element to the death march of many of the top players, with his larger than life persona & colourful videos, it’s hard to take him seriously. I doubt Tupac would have had the crossover appeal (or desperate need for money) to appear in Tiesto & Diplo’s C’Mon (Catch’ em by Surprise). But then again, im pretty sure Trevor Tahiem Smith, Jr. is glad no one is pouring out a little liquor in tribute to him every Sept 13th.

Woo Hah is to date Busta’s biggest solo single, and still rocks an energetic crowd at 2am in the morning, but then again, so does Achy Breaky Heart if you are in the right (or wrong) clubs. Point being it’s catchy and recognizable, whether you can keep up with the lyrics matters none, as long as you Woo Hah to the Gods every 15 seconds. The rapper, named after a semi-well-known American Football player (seen here), is a gifted colloquialist and reads a thesaurus at an 8th grade level, but he still needed a little help for the title of this song, check out Sugarhill Gang – 8th Wonder and see if you can figure how he got his inspiration.

Believe it or not, Busta suffered a stroke at the end of the recording session whilst trying to deliver extra Woo Hah segments and hence the intelligible JAJA JAAAA JAJA. JAA JAJAAAA JA JA. The producer kept recording and the rest is history, along with his brain (evidence found in the 1998 single titled Iz They Wildin Wit Us?)

Check out the video if you have ever wanted to see what the entire Fubu range looks like through a Fish Eye lens. Actually it’s considered to be one of the better Rap videos of the 1990’s and I love how badass his boys are cruising in a Toyota ‘muthaflipping’ Camry.

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The UK based, Bournemouth starring Cockney Nutjob contacted me a couple of weeks ago asking me to feature his Fine Young Cockney track on this blog, while it is has fantastic production quality, it is prominantly a mashup of Fine Young Cannibals and …. and we only like to highlight remixes here, so we kept in touch and he has delivered this new ‘Ghettofunk’ remix for your Woo-Hahppy pleasure.

The percussion of this track is so laidback it feels like Questlove from The Roots is personally tickling your naughty bits with his afro. By the time you actually feel your balls tingling from the blaring sub bass, Busta’s master ‘stroke’ takes over and you find yourself siezuring along to the catchy bassline and rhythmic lyrics. Going from Hip Hop to breaks is a fairly easy transition, and whilst this is a relatively simple remix, The Cockney Nutjob has produced a great track that will have old school fans enjoying a new beat and new school fans will appreciating an old feel.

Free download on Soundcloud page


Monday – Electro Hop remix. 23/01/12. Notorious B.I.G. – Going Back to Cali (Viceroy “Jet Life” remix)

Monday’s child was homesick,

East vs. West, Beast vs. Best. It’s a fight that rolls on from the deaths of two instigators behind the feud. The modern day Robert E. Lee vs. Ulysses S. Grant; Tupac vs. Biggie were the tops of the rap game that started off Monopoly and ended up Cluedo.

What happened those similar fateful nights in the mid 90’s might never be fully revealed, and it’s probably better that it stays that way, sure the world loves to wax lyrical about a fight, but the resulting violence isn’t worth record sales.

If Wallace & Shakur were alive today, do you really think Soulja Boy would be allowed to sell albums? The Notorious B.I.G. would haved cranked a massive backhand to turn his swag off. What happened to rapping about things you cared about, what happened to sending a message? Today is all about bitches, booze and dollar dollar bills yo. Why don’t current artists know that with mo money comes mo problems?

The irony of Going Back To Cali is not lost as Biggie was gunned down in Los Angeles, two weeks before the scheduled release date of his final album Life After Death.

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Why couldn’t the Atlantic/Pacific debate be this friendly…

Or at least made to mind their own business..

Wouldn’t it have been great if they bred a little happiness with collaboration, like today’s remix? Austen Afridi, the Viceroy of the Left Coast, has taken this anthem from the Right Coast, about visiting the Best Coast (Im’ getting confused here) and followed the tradition of acceptance and happiness from the era of free love in the Bay Area. (check a recent blog about this movement here with a Jefferson Airplane remix).

If you can take these lyrics –

Frequently floss hoes at Roscoe’s
If I wanna squirt her, take her to Fatburger
Spend about a week on Venice Beach
Sippin Crist-o, with some freaks from Frisco

and turn them into my new summer anthem, you are doing right. Viceroy is that freak from Frisco and he knows what the people want to hear, and whilst California is getting dumped with much needed snow in the sierras, everything is alright on the coast. This track has a strong Calypso feel with steel drums, uplifting flute & organ synths with a happy bass guitar riff. The production is top notch with strong but not forceful percussion and the vocals fit tighter than tetris. This track is destined to be BIG, but it certainly isn’t Notorious. If Biggie and Tupac had ever managed to sort out their shit, can you imagine the kind of magic they could have created, I can, and it sounds like this.

Free download on Facebook page

Wednesday – Electro House remix. 4/1/12. Wu Tang Clan – Gravel Pit (Oliver Twizt bootleg)

Wednesday’s child was allergic to peanuts,

Isn’t it funny when you bring together white boys that don’t play instruments, they are labelled a boy band (or more accurately, fags) But when you bring together a collective of black guys that don’t play instruments, they are labelled the best rap group of all time. With a list of artists that resembles my 1 year old nephews attempts at spelling, Wu Tang Clan are amongst the greatest of collaborators never seen since the day that God, Allah & Buddha came together to make Apple Computers.

Over the past 20 years, you will have been influenced by the clan one way or another. Whether you have adorned Wu Wear, or enjoyed RZA’s score of Kill Bill, then again maybe you jived along with Method Man in How High or kicked ass in Wu Tang: Shaolin Style on PS2, there is no doubt you have smoked a shit load of weed listening to their music. You sure as hell know Kanye was influenced by this 1998 incident at the Grammys.

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Released in 2001 on The W, Gravel Pit plays like a chinese checkers game on crack, with all members playing in turn with stylistic rap that flows off the tongue and onto the red carpet. This track was huge internationally and received massive airplay due to its upbeat tempo, melodic string samples and lyrics that are devoid of any particular message. (although according to Urban Dictionary, the definition of Gravel Pit is when you make your partner eat peanuts or other assorted nut items for a week straight and then perform anal intercourse).

Check out one of the weirdest videos that I have ever seen, with a Flintstones-meets-an-Anti-PETA-rally theme, it just seems very out of place in the world of Wu (that is, until the Wu-Tang Ninjas appear at the end).

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Today’s remix is one I’ve been looking forward to highlighting as it is a regular in my electro sets. The best thing about playing to a knowledgeable EDM crowd looking to dance, is that you can play just about anything that sounds good. However if you really want the crowd to go nuts, try dropping Gravel Pit’s signature trumpet sample and watch the vibe grow along with the chorus that eventually loops and builds it’s way into a stupidly energetic buzzsaw electro drop. Even with the complete audible metamorphisis, it keeps a similar time signature to the familiar background synths of the original, with some sweet breakbeat percussion to drive your crowd into whatever coma they choose to succumb to.

The man who asked for more; Oliver Twizt, is now on the other hand with adoring fans asking for more and more. After hearing his remix of Gravel Pit you will understand why.

Free download on his Soundcloud page

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