Saturday – Progressive House remix. 11/02/12. Florence & The Machine – What The Water Gave Me (Romeo Blanco remix)

Saturday’s child was drowning,

I’ve got a dig bick
You this read wrong,
You read that wrong too.

Dyslexia can make for some funny tripe, where DJ’s remix other songs electronically, dyslexic people can remix people’s songs vocally, without even trying, the bastard luckys. Like Lyme disease and the Muppet syndrome, Dyslexia at least sounds cool, it can be the basis for a battle rappers name ‘Diss-lexic’ or a DJ’s monikor ‘Disc-lexic’ or that new indie pop new wave hipster teen faux pa band ‘Anorexia Dyslexia and the Forever Bummer Summer’.

What the hell does this have to do with today’s song you ask? (did you really ask that?) Well, another weirdly funky name has been hitting the circuits more than Lyndsey Lohan’s electroshock therapist. Florence and the Machine, based out of foggy London town have exploded internationally since the release of Dog Days Are Over in 2008. Florence (I’m not a grape) Welch was initially diagnosed with Dyslexia (and Dyspraxia and Depression, the unsexy Triple D) which ultimately left her with a fascination of death and doooooom.

Upon hearing the 2011 single What The Water Gave Me from the group’s 2nd studio album Ceremonials, you might think you are being drawn into a poetic hymn of the life giving properties of water, but upon further inspection, you learn that Ms. Welch was inspired, yes inspired by .”all those people who’ve lost their lives in vain attempts to save their loved ones from drowning“.

Check out the video below for stages of the band’s recording from the infamous Abbey Road studios.

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I recently stumbled on to the Belgium producer Romeo Blanco who specializes in the art of seductive Progressive House music, and today’s remix is singlehandedly responsible for a spate of recent pregnancies within the Antwerp club scene.

His remix to What The Water Gave Me opens with dark rumbling bass like the onset of 1000 bulls as they are released through the streets of pamplona. The beasts disappear as it drops into a vacuum of repressed souls as Florence’s anything-but-machinelike vocals take shape with the original’s building bass guitar riff. Happy synths are introduced to make the listener aware of impending ‘plur’ity which doesn’t disappoint with an uplifting energetic drop of intoxicating synths and glitched vocals. The breakdown tick-tocks it’s way back into our consciousness as we enter round 2 for another battle for love with the White Romantic’s emperical Progressive House drop.

If you are experiencing a lull in your set tonight, this tune boasts a 10000 tonne hydraulic engine strong enough to pick up any crowd, and according to it’s warranty, it will never let them down.

Free download on Soundcloud page


Saturday – Progressive House remix. 04/02/12. Queen – I Want It All (Daniel Chord remix)

Saturday’s child died from mercury poisoning,

Queen was one of the reasons I wanted to get into music, with such layered diversity across their career of songs, what I loved best was noting that layered diversity within each song, from their ‘Best Song Of All Time’ awarded Bohemian Rhapsody, to their love of Fat Bottomed Girls in Bicycle race. Today we are highlighting their last big single before the unfortunate passing of Farrokh Bulsara, the slight sub-continent boy who Wanted It All and would have been happy with what became as Freddie Mercury.

Through the acceptance of the gay community that inherently followed Queen throughout their career, AIDs became more real than ever after the death of Mercury. It wasn’t til Easy-E was diagnosed did the disease become high profile across both gay and non gay lifestyles. There is no right way for a star musician to die, but there are a lot of wrong ways, at least he didn’t take the Cobain way out with a shotgun, or to overdose like Nowell. He knew it was coming and accepted his fate, it’s sad, but its a cruel disease. Through his passing, the 46664 foundation and the Freddie Mercury Tribute concert have raised millions of dollars towards AID’s research.

I Want It All is one of the last singles recorded by Mercury before his death in 1991 and unfortunately he never got to perform it live, so it’s nice to have this studio rendition on full screen to feel he got what he wanted in life. Check out a sweet Roger Taylor drum solo that no doubt gave inspiration to the later Blue Man Group.

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Where Queen have changed styles more than Elton John’s clothes during the grammys, Daniel Chord has kept true to his style of Progressive House with Big Room drops full of sharp stabbing synths that layer over most of his songs. What does change though is the genres that he remixes from, from the soulful Pop of Adele to the cheesy R&B of Bruno Mars, the eclectic French House of Daft Punk and to the power Rock of Queen, it’s fascinating to hear his spin on these tracks, as no doubt you will want to be spinning them in your sets tonight.

Daniel takes the distinguishable chorus lines that you see at the start of I Want It All and repeats them with perfect timing throughout the track, glitching ever so slightly for added effect. The opening drop is reminiscent of Hardwell and creates a strong tone for the rest of the song. The middle provides some breathing room with a bippy melody full of spacey keys, although it would have been interesting to hear a bit more of Brian May’s guitar virtuosity, but it’s surprisingly not needed with Chords production skill. The vocals take back the room and lead to the main drop of the night that will give the crowd everything they wanted and more from this talented Italian DJ.

Free download on Soundcloud page

Saturday – Progressive Trance remix. 28/01/12. Greensleeves (Redwire remix)

Saturday’s child survived to tell the tale,

Today will be a fairly different write-up; instead of the light hearted bargaining I do with the devil on most posts, i’ll be channeling my inner Sensei, so apologies for any pomposity, but this music is important. After Hypster released his 2011 electro classical anthem The Uprising, I really wanted to find a good classical number to highlight for our Progressive Saturdays. To prepare yourselves for a big night ahead, I urge you to click on this Youtube video for a relaxing piano serenade of nature, then follow below for today’s remix.

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We all know the classic English hymn Greensleeves, you probably played it on the piano as a kid, or heard it in Turandot, or maybe the score to your own personal horror, but you have never heard it like this.

With an opening that turns your hands into those of a conductor, it’s eiree nature is so out of place in modern EDM. For a piano riff to have so much resonance from such a simple tune is quite brilliantly translated to the haunting driving nature of trance by this young up and comer producer DJ Redwire (Bryan Semanie) hailing from the Pacific NW.

Close your eyes and imagine the skies opening up as you feel the first drips of salvation burgeoning into a torrid monsoon of life as Redwires offbeat keys build faster and faster accompanied by a swinging LFO filter. The drop is so free flowing, it’s like the sand absorbing the downpour and giving the fans more solid ground on which to express their emotions. This is the perfect 5am track for any full moon party.

This track, as well as his Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – Dies Irae remix reminds me of a younger DJ Tiesto, one that wanted to be trance, wanted to represent this ambient energetic sound before he became simply Tiesto. The synths and plugins that Redwire have used, sound so simple that they obviously have had a lot of production time put into them, I’m looking forward to what he comes up with next.

I created The Daily Remix Blog partly to highlight the different aspects of Dance music as I grew up in a predominantly classical family. I’m looking forward to playing these tracks to my Opera singing father to firstly see the confused look on his face followed by the relaxed meditative state I’m sure will follow.

Free download on Soundcloud page

Free download on Soundcloud page

Saturday – Progressive House remix. 21/01/12. Adele – Someone Like You (Thomas Gold & Mark Mendes mix)

Saturday’s child had found their doppleganger,

Shit happens and you learn from it, for us normal people we just make sure to not date people with visable moles, because they are all cheating dicks; or stay away from people with less than 100 facebook friends in fear of committing social suicide, but for Adele, a two year emotional struggle has resulted in at least three singles and a cool $30 million dollars. If someone offered me to break up with my girlfriend for $30 I’d take it (it’s cool she doesnt read the blog, and if she does, she knows im kidding, it would take at least $100)

Someone Like You is the ‘Return of the Jedi’ to Rolling In The Deep‘s ‘A New Hope’ & Rumour Has It‘s ‘Empire Strikes Back’. The triumphant ending to her embittered heartbreak that she drags through the mud in her earlier singles. There is still pain involved, but it is reminiscent hurt, and it is nothing compared to what Star Wars fans endured upon hearing “Mesa cause one, two-y little bitty axadentes, huh? Yud say boom de gasser, den crashin der bosses heyblibber, den banished.

In yesterday’s post, I neglected to mention that one of George Benson’s favourite moment’s in his musical career was to be part of an 18 piece ensemble. While such grandiose can be visually & aurally stimulating, its heartening to know that so much can be created from just a piano and vocals in Someone Like You. Where a few thousand can purchase you a piano to successfully recreate the songs melody, no amount of money can replicate what Adele has to offer with a humbling contralto voice that leaves Amy Winehouse in her dust (well more likely under her dust right?).

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For the lady that has become remix gold, this is the second time a gold remix has stormed onto the EDM scene. Berlin resident Thomas Gold had earlier stuck his hand in Adele’s honey jar and pulled out a remix hot enough to Set Fire To The Rain. Following on from that nugget, Gold collaborates with Toronto native Mark Mendes to bring us today’s remix of Someone Like You.

Thomas Gold knows how to announce a song, whatever tension you have stored deep down is ready to be unleashed in a fury with a prescient drumroll strong enough to proclaim the end of the world. As the build comes to its crescendo, ready to drop, suddenly the world melts around you with a sullen piano riff and Adele’s brooding vocals. I get the feeling Dan Wilson, the producer of Adele’s 21 album, knew how much more commercial potential they would have if released at the right tempo for remixes.

Someone Like You is bereft of percussion, but as you will hear from this remix, the added drums appear very natural. Where a lot of remixes use the downloop technique (4,2,1,1/2,1/4..) to build into their drops to counter incongruities from the original, here you will find none, as it smoothly flows into the first chorus with confidence. The introductory drumroll is brought back to help us take care of the tension we built from the start as it drops with beautiful strength incorporating uplifting progressive synths and original piano samples. This is a perfect song for the middle of your Saturday night set.

A big thank you to fellow music blog for providing this exclusive Bootleg, as well as a fantastic write up to accompany.

Free download on Soundcloud page

Saturday – Progressive House remix. 14/01/12. Shiny Toy Guns – Major Tom (Adam K and Soha Radio edit)

Saturday’s child felt like running away,

Christmas as a kid is wonderful as you unwrap present after present, obligatorily accepting each gift with thanks but really not giving a hoot as you want to find the one you asked for, the one you made your bed for a whole two weeks for, that Shiny Toy Gun.

Growing older sucks, not only do you have to buy more and more presents, you have to get less and less, and pretend to be happy when someone sends you an iTunes giftcard or soap. fucking soap, what is this, a hint? Long are the days when you would set up your G.I. Joe’s and shoot them into the waste basket with your Shiny Toy Gun. The only pleasure you take in shooting things nowadays are the Seagulls from your balcony to prevent an abundance of shit. It’s no wonder that when kids run away, they ultimately come back as they know they have it good, but as adults, when we want to run away, it’s been nice knowing you, i’ll pretend we are still friends through facebook, im gone!

Today’s song follows an interesting path through its etymology. Instead of writing about it, i’ll show you through the almighty tube of you.

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The eccentric astronaut David Bowie, first sung to us of Major Tom in 1969 about an accident in space, obviously in a jealous rage that the Americans had made it to moon before the British. In 1983 German Peter Schilling, recreated the character as a liberator of Jewish Souls in the Holocaust (probably not). It is from there that Lincoln MKZ, an American based musician/motor vehicle, went into collaboration with our childhood present Shiny Toy Guns to release a stronger (and more in time, apparently Germans haven’t heard of a metronome, ironic considering German Motor Vehicle precision engineering) indie dance track with the beautiful Sisely Treasure and her ethereal spacey vocals fitting perfectly with the tracks intonations.

Adam K & Soha, both Toronto natives have heard enough of the preceding tracks to know it has to end here. And does it ever! Bowie wanted to transcend the boundaries of earth in 1969, and finally 40 years later, the music is firmly in orbit around this beautiful blue planet. For anyone looking for an escape from life, put this uplifting Progressive House remix on, close your eyes and imagine a weightless world where pressures have melted away, and anyone or anything you are trying to forget becomes so insignificant. The only problem is what to do when the track ends, do we keep hiding, or face reality.. I think I’ll just press repeat for now..

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Here is an added treat 🙂 Happy Weekend folks!

Saturday – Progressive House remix 2 for 1. 7/1/11. PNAU – The Truth (Sam La More remix) & (Chris Lake remix)

Saturday’s child lost his lover,

Pnau, that sound you make when shooting your fake finger gun (go ahead try it now, Pnau.. Pnau.. Pnau, & your dead), are an Australian duo made up of Nick Littlemore (of Empire of the Sun fame) & Peter Mayes. With multiple directions from acid tech to indie pop, Pnau have established themselves as a respected leader of the chameleon environment that is the Australian EDM scene. Today we are checking out their emotionally charged indie dance hit.

Everyone has their song, that aural vibe they need to get over heartache & heartbreak. For me this is that song, a song that vindicates, a song that predicates and communicates, a song that authenticates how good love can feel and why it has to feel so bad in return. The Truth is dedicated to those forlorn, to those who need words when they have nothing to speak, to those who need comfort knowing we aren’t alone in our feelings. Damn do I need this song right now.

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Keeping it in the family, the big brother of Nick Littlemore has produced a brilliant progressive house remix of The Truth. Sam La More, a respected producer in his own right has added the perfect uplifting resonance to get over your heartbreak. With a layered chorus of soothing hymns and hearty wooden percussive synths that bring out the best of his lil bro’s crafted vocals, even if you have to cry yourself to sleep, this is the track you want to wake up to.

Download this track on his Soundcloud page

Englishman Chris Lake, the man who knows how to command the main room, has dropped his influence on Pnau’s 2011 track with an energetic meltdown of subtle electro and proggy synths that strips the original of it’s poppy undertones whilst adding a decisive kick (to your groin) big enough to make this a certain festival approved smash.

Where La More’s track helps you get over your pain, Lakes remix gives you the drive to move forward, backwards and a lot of up and down.

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Saturday (NYE) – Progressive House remix. 31/12/11. Example – Midnight Run (Funkagenda remix)

Saturday’s child was counting down,

University was a fun time, whenever the term ‘midnight run’ was uttered, it was generally followed up by a trip to McDonalds, an exploration to find an all night liquor store, streaking through the campus or sprinting to the bathroom to expell whatever bad mexican you ingested a couple of hours ago.

The days of the fun midnight run have been replaced by necessary trips to the store to make sure you have milk for the kids breakfast, or to the hospital to check why the left side of your face isn’t responding, and well, still sprinting for the bathroom to expell whatever bad sushi you ingested a few hours ago.

However there is one example of a midnight run that will always stay true no matter your age, the countdown run to the New Year. If you are old enough to count from 10-1 and young enough to remember what comes before the number 8, the gratifying en masse drunken celebration as the streamers are popped and the poppers are huffed is like no other collective experience. To have a million people around you belting out Sinatra as the confetti rains down amongst frozen sleet at a Times Sq New Years Eve party is one of the most surreal experiences of my life.

Speaking of examples, Elliot Greave, the man behind Example has been a bit of a phenom in recent years. With vocals straight out of Ali G – In Da House, the white rapper has found an amazing balance between Hip Hop, Pop & Electronic Dance Music. If you were to check out his new album Playing In The Shadows, you would see a veritable who’s who of British EDM producers from Chase & Status, Funkagenda, Scream, Faithless, Michael Woods, Feed Me to Laidback Luke (Holland) & Dirty South (Australia). It is these collaborations that is bringing a lot of love and respect from both the Rap and Dance collectives. Today’s song is the Feed Me produced Midnight Run.

The original brings a fine balance between grimy vocal rap, progressive uplifting synths and smooth electro that never pushes too hard. In fine Feed Me form, Midnight Run transitions into dark industrial Dubstep and then back into the light of 4×4 effortlessly.

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Funkagenda has worked with Example as a producer for three of his tracks, but it was his official remix of Midnight Run that caught my attention. It takes the uplifting poppy piano vocal build of the original with an added emphasis from some huge progressive synths that build into a frenzy of driving energetic bass with stabs sharper than a 1980’s Eddie Murphy comedy special.

As soon as the Hugs have been hugged and Kisses have been politely turned down, raise your tankard to Auld Lang Syne, then smash your glass on your neighbour’s head as you expel all of your 2011 demons to this remix of Midnight Run.

Example – Midnight Run (Funkagenda remix – Live on Pete Tong’s Essential Selection)

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