Tuesday – Tech House remix. 10/01/12. Gotye – Somebody That I Used To Know (Bastian Van Shield remix)

Tuesday’s child had deja vu,

The Daily Remix Blog followers will know that I have already written about Rishi‘s remix to Gotye‘s breakout single Somebody That I Used To Know a month back, but if you aren’t aware, I’ll give you 8 minutes to go and check and it out here (2 minutes to read, 4 minutes to listen & 2 minutes to gush about how good it is (the write-up, not the song, although thats pretty good too).

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Where Rishi brought us a beautifully deep soulful remix, Bastian Van Shield has delivered a club ready Christmas present 49 weeks early. The German remix machine has added his nuances to everyone from Michael Jackson, Red Hot Chili Peppers & John “I’ve-composed-every-movie-ever” Williams, and today releases a promotional Tech House bootleg of the highest quality.

The original and Rishi’s remix alike are wonderfully crafted songs, but outside of a chic lounge, there is no room for them in a DJ’s set. Van Shield has produced a dark resonating techy bassline to accentuate the deep chords and Gotye’s haunting vocals. What I love best is the prominence of the original xylophone notes that serve to swell and deepen the listener’s emotions to empathize with the inequitable fable of the ones you loved the most dwindling into complete strangers.

For those following over the past few days will know I have been writing emotionally charged pieces about emotionally powerful songs, and this track is no different. Expect a few more like this as I work through my own relationship inequities, music gives me reason, but writing is an outlet. I encourage every music fan to do the same and really listen to the message the artist is trying to convey, the best songs are composed from personal challenges and through their pain, beauty can arise, today’s song is about as beautiful as it can get.


Free download instructions are provided on Bastian Van Shield’s Soundcloud page


Sunday – Deep House. 27/11/11. Gotye – Somebody That I Used to Know (Rishi remix)

Sunday’s Child was drowning his sorrows.

Unlike the perfume designer Jean-Paul Gaultier (pronounced Goh-ti-yay), Gotye’s (pronounced Gore-Ti-Yeah) brand is nothing but classy. Wally De Backer, the Belgium-born/Australian/Savior-Of-Humanity/Singer/Songwriter/Gotham’s-Slightly-Lighter-Dark-Knight/Multi-Instrument/Multi-Band/ARIA-Winning-Artist has recently jumped into the international spotlight (a silly move as he will have to repay the damage caused) with his 2011 single Somebody That I Used To Know, featuring Kimbra’s sultry touch.

Unlike the musical artist Jean-Paul Gaultier (check it out for a laugh), Gotye’s lyrics are nothing but classy. Wally has toiled his way through the Australian Indie Music Scene for near on a decade with his Big Band inspired Soulful productions that exude the genuine feelings and experiences of their creator.

Unlike the clothes designer Jean-Paul Gaultier, Gotye has released a new music video for ‘Somebody‘ where it’s models are wearing nothing but class and what is classier than nothing. Gotye & the sexy Kiwi vocalist Kimbra, artfully take on the emotions of De Backer’s failed relationships through nothing more than tasteful (pity rather) body paint.

When the stems were released later in the year, fellow Australian Tim Walter (aka Rishi) was eager to add his input to this sorrowfully beautiful song. In keeping with the essence of the original, he has added a soul immersing bassline with stronger haunting percussive synths. Rishi’s Deep House remix will melt away all the sadness associated with the thought provoking lyrics and keep you wanting more & more to stave away the oncoming Monday blues.


Free Download Provided On His Page.

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