Saturday – Progressive Trance remix. 28/01/12. Greensleeves (Redwire remix)

Saturday’s child survived to tell the tale,

Today will be a fairly different write-up; instead of the light hearted bargaining I do with the devil on most posts, i’ll be channeling my inner Sensei, so apologies for any pomposity, but this music is important. After Hypster released his 2011 electro classical anthem The Uprising, I really wanted to find a good classical number to highlight for our Progressive Saturdays. To prepare yourselves for a big night ahead, I urge you to click on this Youtube video for a relaxing piano serenade of nature, then follow below for today’s remix.

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We all know the classic English hymn Greensleeves, you probably played it on the piano as a kid, or heard it in Turandot, or maybe the score to your own personal horror, but you have never heard it like this.

With an opening that turns your hands into those of a conductor, it’s eiree nature is so out of place in modern EDM. For a piano riff to have so much resonance from such a simple tune is quite brilliantly translated to the haunting driving nature of trance by this young up and comer producer DJ Redwire (Bryan Semanie) hailing from the Pacific NW.

Close your eyes and imagine the skies opening up as you feel the first drips of salvation burgeoning into a torrid monsoon of life as Redwires offbeat keys build faster and faster accompanied by a swinging LFO filter. The drop is so free flowing, it’s like the sand absorbing the downpour and giving the fans more solid ground on which to express their emotions. This is the perfect 5am track for any full moon party.

This track, as well as his Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – Dies Irae remix reminds me of a younger DJ Tiesto, one that wanted to be trance, wanted to represent this ambient energetic sound before he became simply Tiesto. The synths and plugins that Redwire have used, sound so simple that they obviously have had a lot of production time put into them, I’m looking forward to what he comes up with next.

I created The Daily Remix Blog partly to highlight the different aspects of Dance music as I grew up in a predominantly classical family. I’m looking forward to playing these tracks to my Opera singing father to firstly see the confused look on his face followed by the relaxed meditative state I’m sure will follow.

Free download on Soundcloud page

Free download on Soundcloud page


Tuesday – Tech House remix. 24/01/12. Arty – Around The World (Tocadisco remix)

Tuesday’s child was running out of airmiles,

That all important snare, it can take a producer a long time to get that perfect high hat, that omnipotent sound every second beat. It seperates House from Trance, so maybe thats why Trance producers stick around, they can spend that time perfecting beautiful energetic mellifluous productions designed to accompany stimulants and feed your soul to the skies, at least thats what I felt when I first saw Arty.

Thank god ‘Arty’ is not in reference to Hipsters and their passion for stick figures with bowler hats. This Ruski has exploded onto the EDM world with a fury only Chernobyl can match. Arty knows how to make a hook strong enough to replace Buster Bluth’s hand should he lose it in a freak loose seal accident. If Daft Punk and the Swedish House Mafia took turns on Nicole Moudaber, then hired Armin Van Buuren as a nanny for the masked love child, this is the kind of music you might expect. Around The World is Arty’s piece de resistance, and quickly became one of the anthems of 2011.

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We here at The Daily Remix Blog, we can’t get enough of that High Hat, so in order to represent Arty today, we are looking at the best remix of Around The World. When you listen I can’t help but think you will agree but it’s worth checking out the other versions in the official Around The World EP. Me thinks that Arty realized this remix was too good to be included as part of a package and needs to be sold as a stand alone version, either that or he was jealous that this version sounded better.

Readers of this blog will be familiar with Tocadisco‘s take on Iggy Pop’s – I Wanna Be Your Dog, he is one of the more precise producers out there today. With today’s complextro world, it’s nice to be able to hear each and every input that an artist puts into their production. With the smallest of stabs to the solid kicks and flowing tom toms, this track utilizes the best of the original Around The World hook without overdoing it. If North Korea needs a new anthem of peace and uniformity to march on, this is it. Kudos to Arty and Tocadisco for helping produce such a good tune.

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Thursday – Drum & Bass remix. 12/01/12. Armin Van Buuren – In And Out Of Love (Invaders Of Nine remix)

Thursday’s child was vulnerable,

What do you do in life when something you believe you want so badly lets you down? Do you let ego take over and throw away your problems, or do you realize that some things are worth fighting for, some things are better dealt with and learnt from. People have their reasons for how they react, whether it be past experiences, what they went through with their parents, or what Justin Timberlake and Ashton Kutcher do in totally awesomely real romantic comedies. Is it that easy to fall in and out of love?

Much like a good song, I think it’s funny as a DJ when you perform and people only react to songs they have heard before, songs they love already. Bitch, you had never heard this song before you heard it the first time? Then it goes the other way and you drop a song that is guaranteed to make them panties wet, only to find everyone is tired of listening to the same crap everywhere they go, people fall out of love with everything (and everyone?).

Today’s track is from the legend that is Armin Van Buuren, the Dutch DJ/Producer that has stayed true to his Trance roots whilst seeing compatriot Tiesto move into the bigger money pool of House and Electro. If you ever see a gig advertised for this man, buy four tickets right now! The money spent is worth just as much as you would pay Ricky Gervais to personally insult you.

Trance is best heard outside the bedroom and his 2008 hit In & Out Of Love is the Anthem of popular club worthy tra… sorry I just had to stop typing for a second to realize what I saw was true, check out the video below to be one of the 111 MILLION people that have viewed it (thats in the sneezing baby panda range!). Sorry where was I.. oh right, This is THE anthem of popular trance, and it seems to be the perfect anthem for how my week is going.

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I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it every time, I bloody love remixes of good dance tunes that are given new life through a different genre. I might have fallen out of love with Buuren’s version over time, but damnit have I fallen in love with this new version.

Pay some attention to these guys, Danny Evo & Mark Sherwood, together they make up the Dragon Dancefloor Destroyers, or as these Welshmen prefer to be called, Invaders Of Nine. These boys have been kind enough to share with us their phenomenal remake of In & Out Of Love. I never knew that Trance could be so well represented in Drum & Bass. This feels like it would if George Bush worked as part of the 2016 Democratic Strategy team. It works, simply enough, it works so well that if you weren’t one of the 111 Million people that I know have listened, you might think this is the original. It reminds me of Kaskade’s earlier forays into the genre with beautiful results.

Sharon den Adel’s ethereal vocals are wrapped around subtle changes in tempo that reflect the songs undertones. You feel yourself drained of emotion and energy with the melancholy of Downtempo anesthesia, only to have it picked back up as you fall in love with the fervent driving percussion melted to happy electro synths. The Invaders have surely invaded my brain this week as they continue the confusion of emotions back and forth between subtle dubstep and excited drum & bass, that reflect not only my emotional state, but how I believe Armin intended the original to be interpreted.

Free download on Soundcloud page

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